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day 171: "switch" ready player-2

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. 「零碎的」 ⠀ 潮濕、密閉,還帶點生肉與海鮮的腥味, 所有傳統市場聞起來的味道都是差不多的, 有些人會覺得那代表著髒亂、不衛生, 不過我每每都覺得相當親切。 ⠀ 租屋處的附近剛好就有個早市, 週末要買早餐的話總要進去穿梭一下, 擦身而過的,可能是騎著電動車的阿伯、 拖著菜籃的阿桑,或是買的大袋小袋的移工, 在那過程中,長長的市場像成了時光隧道, 也從酸酸的池子裡勾出一些東西。 ⠀ 記憶拉的越長,形狀也就越變調, 從完整的空間,化成片斷,最後成了物品, 只記得阿嬤的頭巾、她的背影和那台菜籃車、 視線只有四層階梯的自己、同樣昏黃的燈光, 和嘴裡咬著的紅目粿的味道。 ⠀ 記憶這檔事到底能維持多久呢? 對於無法證明過去真的存在的我們來說, 所謂活過會不會全是一種幻想呢? 或許只有登出那天才會知道的吧。 ⠀ ⠀ #konica #hexar #hexaraf #konicahexaraf #film #filmcamera #filmphotography #35mm #135mm #35mmfilm #35mmphotography #菲林 #底片 #柯達 #kodak #kodakportra160 #portra160 #portra #streetphotography #streetogs

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Sport? Sport. (3/3)

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I love Thúy-Lan and Gabe’s anniversary session! She wore her mom’s Áo dài, a traditional Vietnamese dress worn for weddings. She had her own hand made for the tea ceremony at their wedding, but since the sun had already set, we didn’t get as many photos in it! I’m so glad they did this, and I also lovvvve how the colors of her dress look on film. #erinstubblefieldweddings . . . . . #erinstubblefield #filmisnotdead #aodai #anniversarysession #stylemepretty #smpweddings #indiefilmlab #contax645 #filmsupplyclub #film #filmphotography #mediumformat #kodakportra #portra400 #portra #kodakfilm #longlivefilm #stlbride #stlouisbride #stlouisweddingphotographer #soloverly #fineartweddingphotography #oncewed #trendybride #modernwedding #marthastewartweddings #huffpostweddings #theknotweddings #greenweddingshoes

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I’ll walk you to the Estacion 🚎- Santander 2019

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Första filmrullen Svedmyraskogen Canon AE-1 Portra 400

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Rollei 35 Classic / Kodak Portra 160

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Chrissie Laing’s hands and her heritage rye and oat seeds. ——— Cianalas is a Gaelic word meaning "A deep seated sense of belonging to the place where your roots lie. Normally attributed to the Outer Hebrides. There is no sadness or melancholy in cianalas, only the realisation of what is truly important in life." I am happy to be able to finally start sharing my new work-in-progress „Cianalas - A Sense of Belonging“ a work about crofters and their connection to the land. With the Industrial and Agricultural Revolution, land became a valuable asset and changed from being a commonly used area for grazing and arable open fields that supported its residents to an asset that could bring financial profit to whoever owns it. This resulted in a displacement of farmers to the Highland coasts and the Scottish Lowlands. Since good land was scarce in those areas and the crofts that emerged as a result of the clearances could not support the needs of its new inhabitants, it resulted in landlords restricting the size of arable land to just a few acres surrounded by a shared grazing area. Crofters strong connection to their land comes from their way of practicing small-scale farming paired with a continuous aim to not disturb any wildlife. Methods such as: using heritage seeds and collecting seaweed as fertilizer ensures the production of not only ecological produce but also enriches an environment that future generations can inherit and cherish. In 1976 crofters were given the right to buy their croft but this also opened up the market for others to buy crofting land as well. Many people drawn by the idea of living in an area surrounded by nature started buying up houses, which initialy had been part of a croft, just to use them as holiday houses and with no intention to work the land. This move took away essential and very much needed housing for crofters. New uncertainty about essential subsidies that may be removed after a UK exit from the European Union adds to the weight already placed on the younger generation by holiday gentrification. The transfer of knowledge and culture developed over centuries is now under threat of being forever lost.

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From the archive / Parigi

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촬영한 사진량은 적지 않은데, 잘 안열어보는 경향... 어떤 필름을 사용했는지 모르겠다. 바깥날씨 흐림... 다행이다. 온라인교육 강제수강모드... 열공

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“You look so wonderful in your dress I love your hair like that The way it falls on the side of your neck Down your shoulders and back.” - Ed Sheeran

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Hair Wash 🚿 | Olympus OM1, Portra 160

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Rollei 35 Classic / Kodak Portra 160

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_____ ⬜️ Olive 📸 Contax G2 🎞 Portra 160

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Mom & Dad at Babylonstoren, April. These two homies just had their 30th anniversary, wow ! And I get to see them today, wow x2!

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Rollei 35 Classic / Kodak Portra 160

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Started drawing dis on like the flight back frm japan cuz I was annoyed lmao like there was sm dude sitting behind me who kept intensely tapping the screen it shook my chair so much I couldn’t sleep haiz #drawing #art #artist #autodesksketchbook #digital #digitalart #instaart #artistsoninstagram #art_share #animedoodle #anime #kyoufeature #seerlightfeature #art_collective #shiranou #sasucchi_support #draw #artshare #sketchbookapp #art_spotlight #sketchbook #illustration #illustrationnow #artwork #sketch #portra #doodle

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