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A new friend and an older friend #35mm

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November 2018

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Curl, 2013

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There are many ways of looking at life at the many possibilities that it offers. But one that sticks to me of this; 2 options in life: ~ Pain of discipline. ~ Pain of Regret. As your atoms shift in this constantly flowing moment, you have many choices to make. You can go for a walk, sit by a campfire, eat some beautifully ripe mangos, etc... Endless possibilities are at you avail and sometimes it gets confusing trying to decide what will serve you or "bring you happiness" One thing that keeps me grounded is picturing myself at the human age of 90, immobile, and looking back at my life. Will I regret not tasting that ice cream? Not meeting up with a friend a week before he ending his life? Or putting all my money into something that I believe in and not pursuing the "normal" path in life. Seeing myself in this retrospective way has allowed me to let go of the ego for just long enough that I make a "rash" decision and do the thing that I was so doubtful of. It may not work for you, but try this practise and live today as if you were going to die tomorrow ❤️ • ~ • #film #35mm #illgrammers #portra #portra400 #vscocom #35mmfilm #dublin #selfie #filmisnotdead #lomography #photoassignments #35mmphotography #dublinbible #visitdublin #streetselect #drogheda #urbonondstreet #streetmobs #way2ill #citycaptured #fujifilm #pictures_of_ireland #michaeljanik #polishboy

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90s One Can Never Have To Many Cats 👕:XL 💲10 *Clean, ready to be worn.

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Somewhere in the antiques - It’s always interesting going back to Fairbanks and seeing everything that has changed #alaska #portra #kodak #120mm

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Tuva after surfing!

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Rolleiflex 3.5f, 75mm Planar, Kodak Portra 400

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F-14 at Reagan Library. There is some cool stuff at this museum although unsurprisingly they remember Regan very positively.

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It’s snowing in Little Rock! Grab your sweetie and stay warm loves.

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Kodak Portra 400 @kodak

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Wisst ihr noch, dass ich vor kurzem große Sorge hatte, ob sich Johanna wohl von Papa ins Bett bringen lassen würde? Die Mama (hey, das bin ich 😱🙋🏻‍♀️) hat nämlich das #Schreibcamp geleitet (drittes Jahr in Folge 💚) und abends war sie deshalb lieber mit den anderen Autoren Grünkohl und gebackenen Schafskäse essen als das Baby ins Bett zu bringen 🤷🏻‍♀️ Bisher hätte es nicht weniger dramatisch sein können, als wenn wir sie einfach in einem Korb über Nacht an die windige Hausecke gestellt hätten (was, angeblich, die Torfstecher im Moor früher mit Neugeborenen gemacht haben, so als Test, ob das Baby hart im Nehmen ist). ANYWAYS, jedenfalls hat sich herausgestellt, dass Johanna und Papa das neue Sleepdreamteam sind. . Ciao, lange Abende zu Hause, in denen ich ans Kinderbett gefesselt bin - und hello, neue #Freiheit 😁 . Ach ja, ich schreibe diesen Text gerade von zu Hause aus. My home is irgendwie doch my castle 😅 . Aber gut zu wissen: Sie kann zumindest von Papa ins Bett gebracht werden. Ob das wohl auch mit Oma geht? #Challengeaccepted ! . #parenting #einschlafen #Insbettbringen #babyschlaf #portra #painting #Moor #10months #toddler #Kleinkind #papaundbaby #daddysturn #sleepingbeauty

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My 6 year-old daughter and I were having a fight about whether or not she was going to apologize to someone she’d been rude to. In the middle of it she yelled “I’m not going to say I’m sorry because no one in the world ever says sorry to me!” and threw herself to the floor. Her foot landed in this weird rainbow bouncing in from the bathroom. We both saw it and paused, I said ‘hold it, hold it’ and then took this picture. ⠀ ⠀ /////⠀ ⠀ #film #35mm #portra

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Pike Place Market

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94’ University Of Alabama 👕:XXL 💲20 *Clean, ready to be worn.

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v chill

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80s Join The Reserves 👕:M 💲20 *Clean, ready to be worn.

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Thanks @lensculture for selecting this shot as a finalist image for the 2018 Lensculture Portrait Awards a few months back. . The picture is part of a body of work dealing with a contentious area on the fringe of Cape Town known as “The Kraal”. It depicts a Zimbabwean refugee holding a hammer he was using to rebuild his shelter that had just been ransacked by South African police. . http://www.lensculture.com/2018-lensculture-portrait-award-winners . . . #documentaryphotography #travel #6x7 #portra #landscape #analog #palmfeatures #newtopographics #theheavycollective #unseen #streetstyle #street #photography #broadmag #film #travel #southafrica #capetown #taintedmag #hurtlamb #collecmag #portraitphotography #mamiyarz67 #thisaintartschool #dazedandconfused #flakphoto #style #24hrchurch #somewheremagazine #adolescentcontent