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1 year ago

I dont know what i was doing with the hair, im still figuring out how to shade hair. ~ this chibi was drawn on popjam and the background was done on ibis paint x. ~ this took about two hours. ~ I like it except for the hair and they eyes and the mouth. ~ this was so fun to do, i might do more. ~ ~ ~ #art #digitalart #ibispaintx #popjam #popjamart #chibi #galaxy

1 year ago

Apparently today is red nose day so Happy Red Nose Day. ~ we dont have this in Ireland (or my area does) so I dont know much about it but I do know that it is all for charity. ~ drawn on Popjam. ~ rushed because of low battery. ~ ~ ~ #art #cartoon #popjam #popjamart #rednoseday #red #rednose