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4 hours ago

I have teamed up with Elio of Urban Planting Cleveland [[the human behind my next story 👏🏼]] to bring you an amazing GIVEAWAY! 🌱🌵🍃 ENTER TO WIN A $25 GIFT CARD to @urbanplantingcleveland by following the steps below: 🌸Follow @urbanplantingcleveland & @alinderellastory 🌿Like this photo 🌼Tag a plant loving friend + tell us one thing you have done to help yourself grow as a human this year — **Each tag is a new entry! Winner will be chosen on Thursday at 5pm 🔥 ➡️ be on the lookout for Elio’s story dropping on my website later this week!

9 hours ago

We are about to be in plant heaven this weekend at our East Hollywood market! #plantsfordays

18 hours ago

Happy Tuesday! Gosh, it's a chilly one out there today. It's crept up on me a bit and I didn't really realise how cold it'd be so quickly, I sent Ada off to nursery today in a thick cardigan and her coat because none of her hats and gloves from last year fit her 🙈 An A/W shop is in order! I'm combining today and yesterday's #myhousethismonth for this one, something beginning with A, and insta reality - the only way I can get a tidy house for a few minutes and take a picture after putting away all the toys! @myhousethismonth

21 hours ago

Trying to figure out ideas for landscaping. We are going to need A L O T of plants and lawn and pavers and I know for a while it will be just lots of sand while we prioritise the internal house stuff but we do need to start planning the front and back gardens. I know I definitely want a cherry blossom tree in the front and different fruit trees in the back garden. Maybe a succulent garden/feature somewhere. . Who can I follow for all my landscaping inspiration? . 📷 Pic from our weekend by the pool at @seashellsmandurah @seashellsgroup

1 day ago

Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year 🌿

1 day ago

These plants might remind you of crocuses but in fact they are not. Auntum crocus or Colchicum sp. are fall flowering geophytes and are members of the Colchicaceae, while Crocus flower in spring and are members of the Iridaceae (iris family). Colchicum species are native across Europe, into western Asia, and down the East African coast to the Western Cape and enjoy well draining moist soils. Since these plants are geophytes which mean that they undergo lengthy dormancy throughout much of the year they have adapted storage organs for there live fast and persist life stratagy. This storage organ is called a corm, which is a modified stem surrounded by scales. Both Crocus and Colchicum have this structure, but Colchicum corms are irregular in shape in contrast to the flattened ball of the Crocus corms. Happy Autumn! #colchicum #colchicaceae #meadowcrocus #autumncrocus #autumn #botanizing #bbg #nyc #geophyte #botany #botanizing #botanical #scicomm #flowerporn #plantsfordays #getoutside #explore #nature #naturephotography #plantportrait #flower #plantsplantsplants #gayoutdoors #plantphotography #flora #ephemeral #adaptation #monocot

2 days ago

Happy Sunday! When I shipped my baby FLF, it lost all its leaves under my aunt's care. I had thought the plant died, especially because its stalk was pretty dry. I took a chance by keeping it and I'm glad I did! A tiny little leaf is emerging!!! 🌱 Just when I thought I've lost this little guy. There's always hope! . . . . #ithoughtitwasdead #flf #fiddleleaffig #plantsave #plantsmakepeoplehappy #thisgirloves #houseplantsofinstagram #plantenabler #plantsfordays #plantstagram #pottedjungle #urbanjungle #urbanjunglebloggers #indoorjungle #ihavethisthingwithplants #plantlady #plantmom #crazyplantlady #sundayfunday #hope

2 days ago

I got another #hoya so that makes 3! I only have 2 types of plants that are actually duplicates. . My #antherium and my #monsteradeliciosa every other plant is it's own type. . I have 3 #snakeplants but they're different types of #sansevieria or I have 5 #pothos but they are all different. . I really enjoy my #plants so here's to my 63 plants and the ones I'll have in the future! . . . . . . . #hoyapubicalyx #hoyaplant #hoya #hoyamygosh #plantsofinstagram #plantobsession #plantsfordays #plamtmom #plantsplantsplants #plantslover #indoorplant #indoorplantsofinstagram #realhouseplantsofinstagram #houseplantsofinstagram #succulent #houseplants #indoorjungle

4 days ago

Balls for days.

4 days ago

Oh, hey! Apparently taking week long breaks from Instagram is my thing now (or ten days, in this times case). It was my brother's wedding last weekend so I got a bit distracted getting organised for it all and then having the best. day. ever, followed by a bit of a comedown. But hey, here I am again, with my new macrame piece I pinched from the wedding (with the permission of the bride of course, love you @lorenamsanchez ) Day 21 #myhousethismonth : wood @myhousethismonth