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6 months ago

One of my favorite winter snacks are clementines!🍊 I eat a lot of them, so I won't share them with anyone. Not even the OG pokemon starters🍊 冬にたくさんみかんを食べます #Julekalender2018 #ChristmasCalendar2018 #pichu0123 #Clementines #Bulbasaur #Charmander #Squirtle #Pokemon #フシギダネ #ヒトカゲ #ゼニガメ #ポケモン #みかん 19. December - What is your favorite Christmas snack? (PS. Sharing is caring)

7 months ago

This is a sloppy drawing, but my friend thought it was funny so leggo! Here is a twist on a Christmas tradition in Norway called "Mandel i grøten". Usually we drop a peeled almond in a pot of porridge, and the person who finds it wins a marzipan pig. Here you can see the marzipan pigs looking for me in their porridge, and the prize is a premium almond 🥜 #Julekalender2018 #ChristmasCalendar2018 #pichu0123 #Grøt #MandelIGrøten #Marsipangris 11. December - Do you like sweet or salty porridge?

7 months ago

Today's drawing is a collab with my friend @natchan_00_ 🎉 I drew her in my style and she drew me in her style. The drawing is inspired by Norwegian "nisser". They stood out to her because they have big noses and most of their faces are hidden underneath big hats and full beards. I really like her drawings, please do check them out! 🙆‍♂️ 今日のクリスマスの絵は @natchan_00_ とコラボしたんです!僕を描いてくれて、ありがとう!ノルウェーには Nisseというサンタみたいな小人がいます。鼻がでかくて、帽子とヒゲは顔を隠してます🎅 ぜひ @natchan_00_ の絵を見てください! #Julekalender2018 #ChristmasCalendar2018 #pichu0123 #Nisse #コラボ #クリスマス 5. December - Are there any special Christmas characters where you're from?

7 months ago

Growing up, my elementary school teachers always lit a candle every week for the Sundays before Christmas. A total of four. We call it adventlys. PS. My teachers never lit the candles with flamethrowers and I do not own one 🙃 #Julekalender2018 #ChristmasCalendar2018 #pichu0123 #Flamethrower 2. December - Do you light candles in December?

7 months ago

The first drawing of my Christmas calendar 2018! I will upload one drawing every day until Christmas, in total 24 drawings/sketches. Some drawings might be a bit late, but I promise I'll upload a total of 24 drawings :) I hope you'll enjoy them! 🎄🎁 PS. I'm from Norway, so Norwegian words might pop up in some drawings. Or Japanese... #Julekalender2018 #pichu0123 #ChristmasCalendar2018 1. December - What Christmas tradition do you enjoy?