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Sonra gece olur...🌑 İyi geceler olsun 🙏

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“ Seks heryerdeydi. Çok da bir anlamı yoktu. Bulunması zor olan aşktı. Bulsanız da, tam orda gözünüzün önünde dursa bile, etrafta bu kadar seks varken nasıl yaşayabilirdiniz.” ❣️ Gia. #giamariacarangi

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I was overwhelmed with social media and needed a break! ⠀ ⠀ I’ve worked hard to grow a small presence, make connections and provide value. But last week I grew tired of it and needed a break! So I took one! ⠀ ⠀ You don’t have to plough the always on mantra! It’s unsustainable and frankly it grows tiring. Shake it up with change and don’t feel guilty! You’ll come back better for it!⠀ ⠀ #socialmediabreak #pause #burnout

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Simplemente ya no tiene sentido pensar en Flor de Lis sin Tasting Room y qué sería Tasting Room sin las raíces místicas de Flor de Lis. Si me preguntan Tasting Room es la caverna oculta de Zona 4, es el autentico Bar de Xibalba. Cuentan que el camino para llegar a el es por el descenso de unas escaleras inclinadas, que se abren después en un cruce de 4 caminos. El camino a seguir es hacia La Casa de las degustaciones (Flor de Lis), donde las pruebas de los Señores de Xibalbá serán efectuadas antes de poder llegar al Bar del inframundo 🌙🍸 @gttastingroom @flordelisrestaurante

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Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be 💋

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@amazon : On behalf of my lady tribe, it’s not that we don’t like puppies...but have a suggestion. 🔥 Thank me later. 😘

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Whale hello there.

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What’s your favorite make up brand? ✨✨

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I didn’t bond with you instantly. I didn’t feel connected to you or that I was even your mother for about 6 months. When you were born, I was at a very low point in my life. Psychologically broken and spiritually damaged beyond repair in my own mind. But looking back, you’d never guess my soul was so incredibly shattered. I was forced to weigh the odds of if I could even take care of you to the extent you deserved. Why am I admitting this on Instagram? This platform has plenty of fashion models, fitness icons, talented artists and beauty moguls. The stress of trying to compete with that audience is just not something I am passionate about. While I love yoga, music, photography, etc. I want more than anything to be relatable. If sharing how broken my past is can inspire change in others’ lives – then I am sticking to the path God chose for me. Not too long ago, He took everything away. Everything from my appetite to my career. I was an empty vessel walking around, playing the role of wife/mother/friend and trying to hide behind my makeup and forced smile• . When you hit rock bottom like I had, you have no choice but to look to a Higher Power. He knows how stubborn we can be, He knows how we might have grown up needing to be self-sufficient because we had no one else to rely on. The pain from our past shapes us, but does not define us• . If you are in a place of fear, loneliness, anxiety, sadness – you name it – anything that causes you inner conflict – He can and will show you how to overcome it. He will show up in your life in a big way and once you let Him, He will transform you. The love He has for us is unlike anything we will ever experience here. I was in a place of catastrophic brokenness and He fixed me like no one else had been able to. See my scripture story. It reveals the verses and before/after photo of how He transformed me from the inside out🙏🏻 . . . . . . #love #transformation #fitmama #beforeandafter #spiritualist #godisgood #yogainspiration #yogini #christianity #relationshipgoals #god #photooftheday #photography #jesus #yogalife #godslove #inspiration #motivation #peaceofmind #encourager #goodvibesonly #arizona #selflove

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2D tasarladığımız kentlere bir de 3D bakmak gerekmez mi ? Kentler gelişiyor,genişliyor... Yeşil alanlar bu ilerlemeye cevap verebilecek mi ?? Yeşilsiz bir kent düşünülebilir mi ??🙊 •Dünya örneklerine şöyle bi göz atabiliriz... 🌳

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Sun’s getting real low ⛅️🌼✨ #goldenhour

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| doмιngo pop | Siempre tuve mucha debilidad por las expresiones artísticas que encuentro en las calles. Éste llamado #arteurbano o #streetart que se realiza en la vía pública tiene como finalidad estética o comunicativa expresar ideas, sentimientos y emociones, logrando transmitir en si mismo la suma de arte, amor y pensamiento. Es parte de la cultura que refleja a la sociedad, la política, la economía y los valores de cada lugar. Hoy mientras paseábamos con Jero encontramos este mural de geometrías explosivas by #Nasepop en ‘Plaza Brasil’, pegado al nuevo centro de convenciones y Facultad de Derecho. Av. Figueroa Alcorta y Av. Pueyrredón. 💟🔝🖤✨ . . . . . . . . . . #urbanart #streetartistry #streetart #art #arte #graffiti #style #streetstyle #artoftheday #color #fashionblogger #totalblack #black #photography #look #trends #fashion #photoart #photooftheday #puhlblacklover #sunday #domingo #buenosaires #ig_buenosaires #igers #bsas #pop #argentina

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"He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo. Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic. Nothing is more sublime." ~ Victor Hugo ~ ° 🎊✨🎉Parce qu'on aura passé une superbe soirée de 14 Juillet 😄 🎊✨🎉. Et on a eu beaucoup de chance de pouvoir être invité au concert de Paris, ce qui nous a permis de pouvoir assister de près à ce sublime feu d'artifice aux pieds de la Tour Eiffel 💜💜💜😊👌. Surtout que l'année prochaine il n'aura pas lieu sur la Tour Eiffel car ils vont lui refaire une beauté (on va lui enlever toute la peinture qu'elle avait et ensuite la repeindre). J'ai donc hâte de voir à quoi elle ressemblera 😀. Je vous souhaite de passer une bonne fin de week-end 😘. ° ° ° #photography #photooftheday #picoftheday #instapic #instagram #paris #toureiffel #eiffeltower #feudartifice #france #instago #pic #firework #amazing #fabulous #incredible #light #colors #beauty #photographylovers #instalove #youtuber #influencer #influenceuse #youtubeuse #bloggeuse #blogueuse #frenchblogger #parisienne

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“ I demand you remember who you are “🌊

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