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So my Instagram got disabled y’all!! @_tayllor._ Help me get my followers back....! But Man Boi Boi Boi I’m weak... that hoe mad and pressed for what... that’s my sloppy seconds boo... I been there and done that multiple times bbg... you don’t like me but ain’t gone do shit about it hun... ask him if he ever gone stop loving me... he’ll never put no other bitch before me💯... you big mad while I’m big glad hoe... I made him fall In love and he don kno how to act girl 😂😘... he with you but begging to be my fuck buddy don’t let him feed you lies hun that’s still gone be there when i want it😂🤷🏽‍♀️... at the end of the day , y’all can all go send what I post to other ppl & run yalls dicksucker but that shit don’t hurt my feelings I post that shit for a reason & u doing a perfect job by sending it to the person I want to see it 😅. He just embarrassing his self by being with your yuck mouth ass!! #viral #repostandtagme #petty #repost #funny #pettyquotes #explore

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If this ain’t me!! Lawd! Them clasped hands mean I’m trying everything in my spirit to refrain from firing on his ass 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m a work in progress. Jesus knows my heart. Need y’all #MILFS to pray for me. . . . . #mfnmilf #twinflame #wastehistime #relationships #situationships #savage #instadaily #datingadvice #inspiration #motivation #niggasbelike #selfcare #relax #Energy #positivevibes #life #instagood #petty #explore #mentalwellness #happymonday #bestlife #bitchesbelike #relationships #funnymemes #nochill #love #funny #mood

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@lilduval might got some comp out here 👀

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. All this negativity Where the hell is gravity? so judgy behind those stupid little screens of yours, Why you Such a pussy? Say it to my face rather, Say it to my ass, It can hear better than you speak. Face me in the eye And Tell me whatever you say Isn’t your own mend up insecurity You think you’re friendly Oh better yet you’re just bitchy Criticise me all day Do you get paid for it? If you do,i think i am worth it You Call me So skinny So fat Wheres her face Wheres her ass She is too much to handle She has no personality God damn girl Am i a product to you ? Should i put a 360degree display around me? Actually Wait a moment I am just confused? Are you pissed or just obsessed? You think you are savage shit Lemme me make a little adjustment there You’re just “sewage shit” The one that smells you got it yet? Oh your daddy gave you money honey Get all the manies-peddies you want Do they even clean your heart? Or atleast flush that waste from your brain? Do they?I didn’t think so -true girl

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P R E T T Y G I R L 😍

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