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1 day ago

Goodnight, Austin.

1 day ago

The switch up. 👉

3 days ago

Diversified vibes ♾ The result of a 4 month haircut hiatus. Cut and styled. || spots for the week are available if needed.

4 days ago

Went to Pennybacker bridge so I could cross it.... off my bucket list 📝 The views did not disappoint 🤩

4 days ago

Do anything you want but let it create joy💛 —- Warning: don’t do pull-ups on tree branches if you’re not sure it can support your weight😜! —— Seriously though, that’s why I’m laughing, I thought the damn thing was going to snap🙄😂! —- Happy Sunday Y’all 🤠! Get outside and enjoy your day. Play. Explore. Be grateful. And don’t forget to kiss your spouse or significant other if you have one, because if they are anything like mine, they deserve a big kiss 💋for putting up with such craziness 😂😬!! @ranhazmat . . #austin #pennybackerbridge #pullups #hiking #fitcouples #liveyourbestlife #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitlife #fitover50 #healthylife #getoutside #personaltrainer #onlinetrainer #strongfit #strongwomen #happyandhealthy #over50fitness

6 days ago

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” MP

1 week ago

The Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas, is a through-arch bridge across Lake Austin which connects the northern and southern sections of the Loop 360 highway, also known as the "Capital of Texas Highway." The road is widely considered one of the most scenic urban drives in Texas, in large part due to this arched weathering-steel bridge and the rolling hills that flank the road. The bridge is named for Percy V. Pennybacker Jr., who designed bridges for the Texas Highway Department and was a pioneer in the technology of welded structures. Это место считается одним из самых живописных в городе, а сам Pennybacker Bridge является одной из главных достопримечательностей Остина.  Мост стал домом для целых полчищ летучих мышей, облюбовавших его высокие сводчатые арки. Говорят, что в окрестностях моста проживает более полутора миллионов этих ночных созданий. В темное время суток они покидают свое убежище и огромной стаей отправляются на поиски пропитания. Полюбоваться этим зрелищем собираются жители Остина и туристы.  Что касается самого моста, более известного в Остине, как "360 Bridge", то на момент его строительства он был вторым мостом в мире подобной конструкции. Благодаря оригинальному инженерному решению, мост сконструирован таким образом, что ни одна его часть не касается воды. Длина его составляет 351 метр, протяженность центрального арочного пролета — 183 метра. Он имеет четыре полосы движения для автомобилей, а также велосипедные и пешеходные дорожки. Чтобы в полной мере насладиться прекрасным пейзажем, частью которого является Pennybacker Bridge, стоит взобраться на один из близлежащих холмов. Лучшего обрамления для облаков, чем этот мост не найти, кмк... #Austin #Texas #TX #atx #austintx #texaslife #ШтатОдинокойЗвезды #USA #поамерике #coloradoriver #PennybackerBridge #pennybackerbridgeaustin #bridge #360bridge #lakeaustin #360overlook #travel #travelpic #instatravel #travelphoto #bluearoundme #подорогесоблаками #цветнастроениясиний #витаявоблакахзаписываювпечатления #километрыдорог #кедынепоседы #путешествиедлиноювжизнь #путешествоватьэтокруто

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One of my mentors once taught me to “figure out what they want and give it to them.” 🎯 Temporary, natural enhancement was used!

1 week ago

🖐 Raise your hand if you have an “angry scalp”? 🖐 Detangle My Hair Leave-In Spray contains yarrow to soothe your scalp, and pear extract to hydrate your hair! I only shampoo once a week, but I’ll spray my front hairline and rub it into my scalp every day, and it’s really helped control my dandruff/itching/painful scalp.

1 week ago

tiny moon & high up views 〰️ truly two of my favorite things because of the feelings they invoke. the same kind of feeling when you stand on the edge of an ocean & feel small, knowing life is so much bigger & intricate than we could every fathom ✨

1 week ago

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view. Vacation mode is officially active 😎 my next 10 days | A U S -> N Y C 🗽 -> P U E R T O R I C O 🇵🇷

1 week ago

Baby, you’re my northern lights.

1 week ago

AUSTIN LOCATION in the works🌉 Landmark location just across the 360 Bridge🙌🏽 So excited to bring our Blushing Brides Something Borrowed (Same Designers from the Frisco Store) and Something (or two or three or four) NEW🙌🏽 Listen up ... Austin is a different Vibe & we want to bring ALL the Unique & One of a Kind Designers to this Magical Place✨✨✨ Well get ready Central & South Texans ... because the Blushing Bride Austin is about to happen👏🏽 #beablushingbride #blushingbrideboutique #blushingbrideaustin

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Crafting my own recipe for a tailored audience... Are you ready to be a part of that audience?

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Barber and Client cohesion makes for a great haircut 💭|| Thanks to all my clients you need a haircut this week, take 2 minutes to schedule your appointment for the week if you haven’t already. See ya then!

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Don’t be slow to schedule your appointment for the week. Act fast if you need it. ✅ || Appointments for the week have been released.

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So fresh and So clean. 🧼💧

2 weeks ago

Spotted in ATX! I'm excited to share my new @toms shoes from the fall collection! The best part? With every TOMS purchase, you create change! Since 2006, TOMS has given shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 88 million people. With such a simple purchase of shoes, you join this movement to create a better tomorrow! I have been buying TOMS shoes since high school and I have always been a proud owner! I can't wait to parade my leopard Toms around the world! . . Use code FALLTOMS for 15% off your purchase! #falltoms #toms #sponsored . . . . . #365thingsaustin #visitaustin #austin360 #atxlife #igaustintexas #austinite #atxlifestyle #stayandwander #starttheadventure #wearetravelgirls #citizenfemme #postcardplaces #wanderoften #sidewalkerdaily #girlvsglobe #allaboutadventures #360bridge #pennybackerbridge #texas #iamtb #gltlove

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📍Austin View’ s⛰