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Asdfghjkl. Here. Take my trash please. Angry Todd is like. My life force. Neil gets to be McNamara because yellow and truly caring. Travis gets to be Duke because he'd take over being a bitch for Todd. Chug gets to be Martha because it works with the rest. Ash as Kurt (even though in her solo doodle she fucking looks like Lisa a bit. OOF.) Maple as Ram. Larry Dean and Sal Sawyer out here looking like they wanna die. Oops. . . . . . #pencildrawing #pencil #pencilsketch #sketch #sketches #sketching #sketchbook #pencilart #pencildrawing #pencildrawings #traditionalart #traditionalartist #femaleartist #crossover #crossovers #heatherscrossover #sallyface #sallyfacefanart #fanart #fanartfriday #hexgirl_heirofhope_art

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Arch mage character sketch

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Jakob Ferdinando Voet, Ritratto della principessa Laura Caterina Altieri.

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#2 Surinder Koli . Surinder Koli took full advantage of the fact that these children were unimportant in the eyes of authorities in Nithari. While their parents searched high and low, and begged the police for help and investigation in their their daughters and sons disappearances, they were ignored time and again. Police accused the parents of lying about their children’s ages, claiming that the children were in fact adults who had simply moved out after fighting with their parents. They were repeatedly dismissed by police until the residents of Koli’s neighborhood discovered the remains of two children in the water tank behind his residence. At this point, the police decided that the repeated claims of suspicion of Koli were worth investigating, and what they found was appalling. Skulls and bones were found in and around his home. Decomposing body parts were dug up from the surrounding area and sewers. He and his boss, businessman Moninder Singh Pandher, were brought in for questioning, and Koli confessed to raping, murdering and, in some cases, eating 17 children under the age of 10 and one woman, although he is suspected of killing up to 31 children. . - Portraits from Twisted - A Profile of Indian Serial Killers Volume - 1 An Non-fiction by @shirish.thorat & @earthgirlnoble explaining on how India's most dreaded Serial Killers lived & Operated. The Title will be released soon by @vishwakarmapublications . All the Portraits are done for the Above book. . #twisted #book #bookstagram #portrait #criminalminds #criminal #serialkiller #pencil #bookofthemonth #upcomingartist #india

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Happy Birthday, @twisted_pantiess ! I hope you had a great one! Here's your birthday sloth. lol sorry it took so long. I hope you like it! 😘💕

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😅my try.. For majhi metro art in motion painting competition @mumbaimetro .