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11 minutes ago

MANDARIN RIZOGALO - I just heard today was the coldest day in 5 months in Sydney...and yep I believe it as it’s not even 8pm and I’ve got my bed socks and ugg boots on, the heater’s on and I’m under my nanna blanket!! In line with the winter warmer theme, the recipe for one of my fave dishes is live on the site! Give this mandarin rizogalo a go, I’m sure you’ll love it! H xx #mummascountrykitchen #mandarinrizogalo #greekfood #seasonaleating #paddocktoplate #farmtotable #moderntwist

29 minutes ago

Wow!! The homegrown produce on offer this morning was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a success. Don't forget, we run our free Produce Swap on the third Sunday of every month. We look forward to seeing you again next month!

1 hour ago

~ Thank You ~ . Ending the week with a touch of gratitude. We constantly talk about encouraging people to buy local and direct from farmers where possible. It is our responsibility as farmers to help educate people (& ourselves) on how best to do this. We’ve had a busy week and some great conversations with people who are really starting to think about where their food comes from. And for that...we thank you! . We know it would be far easier to head down to the supermarket & pick up your groceries on the way home from work. So thank you for choosing us & other farmers, for allowing us to do what we love. Thank you to our new customers and to the ones who have been there from the beginning. Thank you to all our friends & family for your support too. This farm certainly wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. . Have a great week!! #freerangebeef #local #toowoomba #brisbane #farmersmarket #directfromthefarm #runninggullymeats #yourfoodourfuture #everyfamilyneedsafarmer #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #buylocal #supportlocal #paddocktoplate #farmtofork #farmdirect #keepyourfarmersclose #knowyourfarmer #australianbeef

1 hour ago

When you’ve got more parsley that you can handle, it's time to make parsley butter. Keep it in the fridge to slather on barbecued fish, corn on the cob or on a fresh loaf of piping hot sourdough. This recipe is another star in our new book  #slowdownandgrowsomething Photography by @photopalmer // Styling by @emmatknowles

1 hour ago

On Wednesday night we opened a pub, poured beers and a meat-raffle was drawn. Special thanks to Adelaide City Council Lord Mayor @martinhaese for being the ‘master of meat tray ceremonies’, our local farmer/meat supplier @richgunner of Richard Gunner Fine Meats for donating such a fine array of delicious cuts, and all who came along to celebrate the occasion with us. All money raised went to our cause of the month; the farmers doing it tough in the drought! Cheers! 🍻🍷🍾

2 hours ago

I have seen loads of zebra before and we all get to see them from the side on and just see “stripes on stripes” - is it a black zebra with white stripes??? Until my daughter @jerzy_ab hunted this one I had never realised just how intricate the stripe designs were on their backs... zebra is now on my list for my next hunt in Africa!!

2 hours ago

Cabbage Bouquet 💐

3 hours ago

Anyone else love a snack plate? #sunday

3 hours ago

OPA!!!! I present sunday nights with Baaaarack Obaaaama #paddocktoplate

3 hours ago

This is smiths salt and vinegar chips with blue cheese and pickle 🌟 paired with iron man ✨ #sundays

3 hours ago

The Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival is only just around the corner and visitors of all ages will head to Redcliffe Parade to enjoy seaside relaxation with plenty to see, do and eat! 8-9 September 2018. From free cooking demonstrations and chef’s tables to ticketed dining experiences, live music from DJ’s and bands; local producers to discover and products to taste-test; kids cookie making workshops and food trucks there will be something for everyone! Discover Redcliffe was at the Media Launch for the Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival on Friday where the festivals foodie Ambassador @_paul_west_ from @rivercottageaus got everyone excited turning out some delicious char grilled Moreton Bay Bugs followed by a 5 course degustation matched with scrumptious wines, it was a delicious array of seasonal, local produce and was simply Devine! What a treat! Special thanks to @monkomohotel Head Chef 👨🏽‍🍳 @cheftimstanton for putting the luncheon together! You have outdone yourself! Absolutely next level! Tickets are selling fast so jump online tonight to secure your seats at QLD’s newest and best Food & Wine Festival and see you there! @moretonbayfoodandwine

4 hours ago

Tried a second planting of several different kinds of kale in June. All seeds germinated, but the growth was very slow, almost stunted due to the very hot days where I live. We left on July 25th for 3 weeks in Ecuador, not returning until August 15th. I had planned on cleaning out all three large vegepods when we returned, and leaving them fallow until September. Here is what we returned to. Vegepods rock!!! 😳😳😳😁😁😁 Reposting a Neville Gazer on Vegepod Owners FB page. . Large pods on stands, Okeechobee, Florida 🇺🇸 🤙💦

4 hours ago

Broome Cupping it in style and winning in the race and 2 up! 🏆 🐎 💰

5 hours ago

Okay guys.... so it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve got food on my mind 🦐 .... our beautiful Redcliffe region sure does have an abundance of delicious locally sourced ingredients to pick from ... the BIG question is .... what will you choose? 🍳 #matchingwine #moretonbayregion #foodie #foodphotography #moretonbayfoodandwine #localdelights #locallysourced #ingredients #tastesofredcliffe #redcliffetastes #localcuisine #redcliffefoodandwine #localtastesbetter #sustainableliving #sustainablefood #paddocktoplate #eats

6 hours ago

Fresh and delicious lunch inspiration. How do you use your Cobram Estate? Regram @karaivy.

8 hours ago

Keeping warm today by topping up the wood shed.

9 hours ago

The Tiny Teddy Shop is ready for business Monday morning! Bring on “Paddock to Plate” 🙌🐮🌾🍽 #paddocktoplate #kindylife

9 hours ago

🥑🥑I picked up these beauties out west from the Gold Coast. Straight from a farmer. I put my $$$$ in a box and took home a dozen farm fresh avos. Who else loves buying straight from the farmer? 🥑🥑👩🏼‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾

11 hours ago

Check out these beauties straight from the farm ❤️ so delicious, so juicy, in season now! The question now is what to do next??? Thanks @redbellycitrus #stunning

12 hours ago

Carrot crèche. Little cuties. 🥕 Reminder - we are closed this evening for our Farm, Forage and Fish function. 👩‍🌾🌾🐠 If you need a Tallwood fix, we’ve still got a few tables left for Chef’s choice on Monday night.

23 hours ago

When you have premium local produce like @avocadotom you have to use it as the hero on a dish right!! Avo with seeds.. Fermented mustard, sunflower puree, sprouted radish Cumquat pickle Tomato dust Wood sorrel, wild cress Smoked mustard oil Smoked salt #avonotjustbreakfast

1 day ago

We don’t know about you, but on Saturdays? We like our burgers nestled into freshly baked brioche buns, our onions caramelised, and our cheddar cheese perfectly melted atop of our burgers. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ … don’t forget the sauce! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Saturday night perfection, if you ask us.

1 day ago

Cant even look at it🤙 great day with the lads☀️🍬🙌 . . Thanks Mick for the wettie, fish coming your way @melaniekatecreates

1 day ago

It was such a great day in Lismore at Art vs science festival. My focus was the war on waste and food smart program. @wipe.out.waste Today I shared simple tips with the community and we discussed how to avoid waste, how to store food correctly, and making conscious decisions to buy from local farmers and turn our leftovers yummy foods We made : 1. Excess citrus - homemade lemon(add honey ice, mint, citrus peel, sodawater) 2.Leftover vegetable - vegetable stock(carrot, onion celery leak, bayleaf, thyme, garlic, ginger scraps) 3.Herbs - blending into a salsa Verde(herb sauce, parsley, chives, lemon, oliveoil salt and pepper) 4. Cooked rice (nimbin brown rice salad with leftover vegetables and pickles) 5. Avocados- avocado chocolate mousse (avocado, cacao, coconut milk and honey) Love your leftover and follow me on the campain to love your leftovers and reduce waste and lead to a more sustainable planet. Eat well, love your leftovers, bee nourished 🐝🐝🐝🐝

1 day ago

The weather outside has turned too feral even for these hardy old chicks. They’ve decided to make themselves a new (windproof) home just outside the kitchen door. I’m confident if I opened the door they’d actually just come inside and make themselves comfortable. It’s just a hypothesis, not a theory that I’m looking to prove in a hurry 😂

1 day ago

Congratulations to our Farmers Market producers and organizers - Wow best farmers market in Australia award @deliciousaus - we are delighted and proud to feature the market produce as part of our Gather and Feast student run monthly events... we always knew you were the best !

1 day ago

This pig is enjoying the only touch of kindness that it has probably ever experienced, this man knows that he can't save her life and is crushed with pain. Please look within, please open your eyes to the torture your meat endures before you consume it. Putting your head in the sand is not the answer. Stand up for those who can't speak for themselves, the world will be a much better place, you will feel lighter in your soul and happier in yourself. Win win. #ffsgovegan #vegan #havecompassion #crueltyfree #changeyourlife #awaken #befree #meatismurder #paddocktoplate #bacon #ham #animalsfeelpain #stopthetorture #youarewhatyoueat #youareeatingtheirstressandfear

1 day ago

This is an old milk tin used by David’s grandfather in the First World War to deliver milk by horse and cart from Highton to Geelong.

1 day ago

Room with a View 🥕🥦🍊🙏 Late Winter occasional boxes waiting for collection this morning🍽 They will be sharing their goodness around tables in our ‘hood this week.🏡Spring is coming 🌻 & we slipped into the boxes our very first pick of new season green garlic & some young radicchio & mustard leaves all begging to be sautéed together in evoo & tossed through pasta with a smidge of cracked pepper & parmesan😋Thank you farmgate friends for supporting tiny local growers like us & have fun creating with your paddock to plate produce #eatlocal #paddocktoplate #farmstand #grownintheartisanhills #homegrown #winterveggies #neighbourhood #freshpicked #harvest #share #healthyeating #eatmoreveggies #urbanfarmsofmelbourne #urbanfarming #hurstbridgefarmgate

1 day ago

Burgers - everyone's favourite, any night of the week. We've got you and your burger-loving squad covered (with or without the pineapple tho?!)

1 day ago

Weekends are for Farmers Markets, not possible for everyone but if there is one near you make the effort and get to it! A place where you can try before you buy, chat to the producers and find out more about the food your buying and also find out what’s happening in your community! Grab yourself a coffee and make a morning of it, remember to take your shopping bags with you #plasticfree #supportlocal #farmersmarket #farmtofork #paddocktoplate #sauerkraut