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4 hours ago

QUINOA STUFFED CAPSICUMS - The other day, I was thrilled to find these not too big red capsicums at my local green grocer. All I wanted was to make them yemista (Greek for “stuffed”) however didn’t realise I was out of arborio rice till after I was home!! I then thought to substitute the rice for quinoa and, I tell you, it was really delicious...and I mean delicious to the point of I know I’ll be making these time and time again in the coming months! Combined with a bundle of fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil, it’s a simple dish to make even on a weekday and also perfect for #mealprep purposes! Let me know if you would like the recipe and I’ll pop it on the website in the coming days!! H xx #mummascountrykitchen #yemista #seasonaleating #glutenfree #southernhighlands

6 hours ago

We’re curious? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you prefer our tasty minute steaks pre-marinated, or no marinade at all? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let us know in the comments below.

6 hours ago

Yummy what an exciting day today! Seeing our delectable dishes heading out the door! Here’s a peak into our salad bar today! So colourful! And what a colourful day we had in cloudy Tarwin! We had kids, dogs and all the lovable locals enjoying our new space & garden. The support from our amazing neighbors at IGA, our actual neighbors in Walkerville, and the community has been so fulfilling it’s made us even more excited to be - the Kitchen in South! . . . . . . #southgippsland #organic #makers #bakers #sustainable #farming #supportyourlocal #oliveoil #venusbay #walkerville #tarwinlower #veganfriendly #vegeterian #sustainablemeat #pies #coffee #kombucha #wine #bread #smallscale #dowhatyoucan #plants #presents #flowers #florist #candles #beachlife #farmlife #farmtotable #paddocktoplate

6 hours ago

I truly adore my goats - honestly I do ... having said that, they are like naughty children who are more often than not in the spot where they’re not supposed to be doing something they shouldn’t ... right here, the family are about to venture into my just planted vege garden ... all I want is a simple life - these gorgeous creatures are making that simple life I yearn for a little more complicated than I hope for ... - #swanbayfarm #goats #farmanimals #womenwhofarm #organicfood #realfood #growyourfood #oermaculture #sustainable #sustainability #keepitsimple #countrylife #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #oceangrove #bellarine #countryvictoria #paddocktoplate #mothernaturerocks #queenscliff #geelong #getoutdoors

7 hours ago

We’re crazy for our carrots. We’ve got Rainbow Carrots, Amsterdam Carrots and Paris Carrots available for order. Did someone say carrot cake? 🥕

7 hours ago

Local beef produce

9 hours ago

Get excited Cygnet! Our resident rooster Gordon is eager to announce.. We’ve got a new menu and starting tomorrow we’ll be open 8-4 Thursday - Tuesday! So come in and taste some of our amazing new Summer dishes ☀️🐓

10 hours ago

🥩 Quote Starts: “Creamy yellow fat, rich, deep red meat and perfect muscle conformity. These are attributes we have come to expect from O’Connor Beef and they never, ever let us down. Stunning pasture fed beef in anyone's eyes. Does Australia produce some of, if not the best beef in the world? We think yes!!" Quote Ends. 🏆🥇 Thank you @victor.churchill - Does Australia have some of the best Butchers in the world. We say Yes!

10 hours ago

Free To Roam... 🐔🥚🌿

10 hours ago

Is it too soon to start thinking about your Christmas table?... Not if you want a Pialligo ham, we sell out every year! Pre-orders for hams & hampers now available - link in bio ^^ . . . . . . #pialligoestatesmokehouse #pialligofarm #bbq #barbeque #smokehouse #bbqlife #lowandslow #unitedbyflame #christmasham #pialligoham #local #pialligoestate #pialligo #farmtotable #paddocktoplate #visitcanberra #cbr #canberra #tastecanberra #canberrafoodie #seeaustralia #canberralocals #localfood #knowyourfarmer

10 hours ago

Today's haul from the veggie patch. The recent rain and humid weather has made the plants grow like crazy! No excuses for not eating our greens tonight 🥬😋

10 hours ago

Scotch fillet steak 🥩👌

11 hours ago

Fantastic morning drive down to a GC local farm on the Tweed. James and the crew are building a great sustainable food hub on our doorstep.

12 hours ago

Nothing but dust 🌾

12 hours ago

I often wonder what the long term effects will be on our sambar herds with the constant pressure applied to males with age and great antler formation. If we are constantly targeting the animals with the best genetics then what is left to do the breeding? There are those that are able to make it through and then it’s the younger animals and/or deer with poorer genetics that people choose to not shoot that are breeding hinds. I hunt sambar for protein, I shoot both males and females, I shoot older age class stags when I can but I also go out of my way to shoot malforms or poorer genetic animals with weaker antler traits. If these malformed animals are left alone they are often mating hinds and the cycle of poorer genetics can potentially continue. I hung these antlers in a tree to collect on a future backpack hunt but loaded the pack up with meat for the big hike out the next day. Looking at all the malforms in our herds I’d say 80-90% can be attributed to genetics, 5-10% are injured or poor health and less then 5% would be old animals past their prime with deteriorating antler formation due to old age. They aren’t malforms, they are stags in their last few years of life and superb trophies in their own right. I’ve got plenty of malform sambar in the shed and will certainly keep putting the crosshairs on them whenever I can, and I encourage others to do the same. This deer fell to the Sako .30/06 a rifle that fits like a glove and for these longer range hunts the indestructible @brakenwear fleece hood is always warm and comfy, its an essential piece of clothing always in the gear kit and priced very affordable. •Note these awesome hoodies in the older pattern are currently on sale for $47 (aud) link in bio above for purchase. Perfect for the bush, Christmas hamper or that next fishing trip. Get on it guys. ☝🏻 . . #hunting #sambar #sambarstag #deerhunting #outdoors #adventure #rifle #shooting #sako #backpackhunting #solohntr #antlers #huntingaustralia #deerhunter #fieldtofork #paddocktoplate #venison

13 hours ago

Muffins sweet or savoury?

16 hours ago

Rosy cosy afternoons... 🌹🍷♥️

17 hours ago

We know how much farmers ❤️ getting feedback from their customers. We also know how much people ❤️ to know the story behind their food and clothes. So let's grow a little ❤️! Hit the call button above for a fee consultation. 🌱💚👍 . . #growloveproject #letitgrow #growlove #growwell #farmproduce #paddocktoplate #feildtofork #shareaplate #storytelling #growthelove #producer #chef #butcher #baker #grower #permaculture #regenerativeagriculture #ag #farmersmarket #farmersonly #farmers #pastureraised #boxed #veggiebox #freahvegetables

18 hours ago

Their kitchen is full of character and country charm. I love how spaces can represent an emotional pull of someone’s soul. In this case, I think it represents the beauty of The Sims Family.

22 hours ago

Walking the streets and port of St Martin 💕 this beautiful fortified city

23 hours ago

Loved strolling the old seaside town of La Flotte, followed by Moules Roquefort avec Pomme Frittes 💕

1 day ago

@jerzy_ab with and monster scrub bulls and on of our trackers from our buffalo outfit. Looking a little sunburnt on the last day of the hunt. Such a unique experience to hunt on traditional lands - we are blessed to have this access!

1 day ago

Congrats to @handmadecanberra and @murrumbatemanfielddays for celebrating their birthdays this weekend - we never like to miss out on a party so you can find us at both of these awesome markets this Saturday and Sunday 👍🍺

1 day ago

I love this photo (taken in the 80’s) of my Dad, Gary, changing a wheel on the scarifier. Some of my favourite times as a kid were when I was 'helping' Dad fix farm machinery. It was the best childhood. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Aussies currently doing it tough on the land because of drought. As Aussies, we always try to help our mates. If you’re looking for gifts for friends or family, and you want your gifts to ‘give twice’, consider gifting one (or a few) of these amazing cookbooks from ‘Farmer is a wonderful, inspiring example of how people can pull together in tough times. We have enlisted the help of some of Australia’s most talented chefs, foodies, recipe writers, photographers, stylists, designers and editors, who are generously donating their time to bring this stunning book together. All funds raised from the sale of the book will go directly to Rural Aid. Our talented team of photographers and writers of the food industry, travelled all over Australia interviewing farmers and producers about their love, the land. With each yarn we dug deeper, building lasting friendships and walked away changed; empowered with knowledge of the farmer's place, their land and with recipes that have been hoarded for generations. Food celebrities have jumped at the chance to do their part and give something back to the farmers. Every single person who has contributed to this book has done so for free so that all proceeds from book sales can will directly benefit farming families in need.’

1 day ago

the last few days of rain saw our creek overflow into the paddocks 🌧 following this our dams are at 100% (YASSS 🙌🏼🙌🏼) and our cows are waiting patiently in their higher paddocks for the water to subside and dry out a little before we let them back out onto the flats 🐮

1 day ago

The bees knees - - - “The custard tart is a homage of sorts to a farmer called Greg. Greg is an extraordinary fellow, originally from Detroit, he was a science teacher for NATO. Somehow he ended up in Oxfordshire running a biodynamic farm that specialises in different varieties of pumpkins and squash. Greg is obsessed with pumpkins. He also makes raw honey from bees that feed on his pumpkin blossoms. And he grows apples which he uses to make cider and cider vinegar. The tart is made from his raw honey and is served with a cider vinegar caramel and a sorbet made from his pumpkins, all from Greg’s farm.” - @merlin_johnson

1 day ago

… and in no particular order ;)

1 day ago

Christmas Party Time!! We’ve got some awesome packages ready to go // contact us to book your event. We are also offering a limited number of custom Street Food parties!! We will come to you and bring all the good vibes and cuisine, themed to your liking. Contact details in bio.

1 day ago

Early morning drink for our latest potato crop. Its amazing that as the sun rises you can see each individual water droplet fall onto our potato plants. Pemberton Fresh potatoes are available #airfrieghtfresh @coldstoragesg. We have 4 varieties to choose from. They are: #trueblues #flavourfulcreams #premiumred #greatwhites Follow @pembertonfresh to see our journey from #paddocktoplate ! #singapore 🇸🇬 #singaporefoodie #Singapore #singaporeliving #Singaporeans #singaporeexpat #singaporefoodlovers #singaporeexpats #singaporefood #singaporefoodies #singaporelife #singaporefresh #singaporeexpatwives #australianfresh #australianpotatoes #export #australianproduce

1 day ago

Grower Shane 🤠 is eager about what's being picked this week! Kumbia's ah-mazing white nectarines & yellow & white peaches🍑. . Who's excited😁?! . .

1 day ago

Oh hey there. It was good while it lasted but now we must part ways. I’m looking for something with a bit more Spring in its step. 😘 _ One last look at these sexy brassica (broccoli cauli family) before they go out of season 🥦 _ Buying produce that’s in season guarantees you’re buying locally grown goodness. And reducing food miles is one of the easiest ways to reduce your eco-footprint 👍 . . . #seasonalproduce #farmersmarkets #locallygrown #eatlocal #eatseasonal #victorianfarmers #slowfood #gourmetfood #cauliflower #brusselsprouts #brocoli #vegetarianrecipes #cauliflowersteak #melbournechef #foodevents #sharedtable #paddocktoplate #sustainablefood #sustainableliving

1 day ago

We are excited to be partnering with @myattsfield_vineyards for this weekends Spring Table event in the Perth Hills! Owner and winemaker will be on hand to talk through the 20 year story of this stunning Perth Hills vineyard and winery. Trying to choose which wines to stock at our event was challenge, so had to settle at "All of them"!

1 day ago

“Button” Squash

1 day ago

Today I watch this chickpea flour bread rise!!! People that know me know I don’t sit down much so today this was nice.... to sit here in the sunny window with fingers and toes crossed hoping it will all work out😃 . . Have you cooked bread with chickpea flour or Lentil flour ? . Will it work out or will it be a flop?? I like to make it up as I could be a wast of time!! But a nice time to reflect on what we have achieved so far with all our products. . . . #rupanyuplivingbrownies #wimmera #locallymade #chickpeabrownies #chickpeaflour #bread #breadmaking #playingwithflour