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The campsite from my last post was just 15 minutes away from here, but when your bare feet step onto the dunes for the first time, you feel like you're in a completely different world.

18 minutes ago

Golden hour trails🌲

8 hours ago

Still one of the best jumps I’ve done! “Chutes and Ladders”!

10 hours ago

Getting excited for backpacking season!! We already have permits for one trip that’s been on my list for awhile now! Also, just bought a new super lightweight backpacking tent to fit two dogs instead of one:) 📸 @christianwinward #backpacking #summeradventures

10 hours ago

What a lousy month. Been sick for a week and not on here at all. But my car is fixed and I'm leaving for the desert Tuesday night (finally!) and beaming with excitement. ... Tale of 2 winters. First shot is Blanca from the northwest taken in late January of this year. 2nd is a repost of the same massif (from the south) from March of 2016 around the normal annual peak for snow depth.

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13 hours ago

Got a late start for a short walk this morning with @1stnamebennett to see what things are looking like before this next storm cycle. By the sounds of our whining on the skin track you would've thought it was a 20 mile day, and not just 2 miles. 🤷‍♂️ Sometimes the 💪 just isn't there, but it's always nice to get out! . . . . . . . . . . #vail #colorado #hiking #optoutside #goatworthy #nature #instagood #viewcolorado #visitcolorado #outtherecolorado #travelstoke #ourwild #skiing #gnarbox #live4snow #in2nature #coloradotography #teamcanon #canonfanphoto #mountains #getoutside #outdoors #outside #yourshotphotographer

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Really craving a good road trip 🚘

13 hours ago

I finally had a free weekend to take the best prescription there is, some time in the mountains. Spring snow melt is in full effect, but they’re supposed to get up to 12” of snow up there in the next couple days! The spray from the falls froze to everything close by. The falls are nice now but they’ll be really raging in 2-3 weeks! . . . #rockymountains #colorado #mountains #nature #naturelovers #natural_colorado #viewcolorado #viewsfromcolorado #coloradoactivities #visitcolorado #outtherecolorado #coloradotography #wayupcolorado #majestic #spring #mountain_world #sunrise #mountainstotravel #ice #findyourpark #nationalpark #moody #moodygrams #coloradopure #rmnp #wildbasin #rockymountainnationalpark #waterfall

14 hours ago

We have been dealing with a lot of winter weather lately. It’s had its ups and downs. Just yesterday we had planned to bike up the east side of Independence Pass from Twin Lakes, CO to watch the elite racers of the Ride for the Pass coming up from the Aspen side. Unfortunately we had to abandon that plan, because the road on east side was covered with icy slush. When we got back into cell phone service, we found out the whole race had been cancelled. However, because we didn’t ride Indy Pass, we got to spend 20 minutes watching a group of seven bighorn sheep who had come out to lick the road near the winter gate. And seeing bighorn sheep beats watching sinewy dudes in Lycra any day! 🐏>🚴🏼‍♂️ Plus waking up to snow on the aspens and lodgepoles is really beautiful. We are just learning to take this unpredictable spring weather as it comes. . . . . . #mountainshotz #mountainplanet #rideforthepass #independencepass #indypass #colorado #colorado_creative #coloradotagraphy #coloradolive #livelifeoutsideco #colorado_travel #outtherecolorado #viewsfromcolorado #viewcolorado #moodynaturelandscapes #moodygrams #camperlifestyle #campinghiking #hikingtheglobe #twinlakes #trekkingtoes #aspen #optoutside #liveyouradventure #doyououtdoors #bighorn #bighornsheep #wildlife #wildlifephotography #rockymountains

14 hours ago

Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening in the mountains, than around a campfire under a full moon 🌕⭐️🌲🏔 #rockymountainhigh #colorado

15 hours ago

This is a yearling gray wolf in Wyoming. Wolves currently reside in many western and midwestern states in the US, but outside of the western half of the country, my home state of North Carolina is the only state with a known population of wolves. The conversation of reintroducing wolves in Colorado seems to be gaining some traction right now, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on whether or not you feel that bringing wolves back to Colorado in an official capacity makes sense. New Mexico and Arizona have worked hard to bring back the Mexican gray wolf and the gray wolf has made a real comeback in the northern Rockies. Knowing all of that, what are your thoughts on reintroducing wolves onto the Colorado landscape? Do wolves belong in Colorado? 🐺

15 hours ago

Arches National Park . Tag a friend that would enjoy this! . Via @forestbarkdollweil . 👉Follow us: @coloradoproud1876 for more Dope content 😊😊 🙏Use #coloradoproud our tag to be featured ✅ Turn Post Notification On 📣 ✅ Follow, Like, Share and Comment 📝 👥 🙏DoubleTap & Tag Your Friends Below⤵ . ・・・ #coloradooutdoors #ouraycolorado #travelcolorado #visitcolorado #coloradotography #natural_colorado #lovelivingincolorado #coloradomusic #steamboatspringscolorado #bouldercolorado #coloradogrammers #igcolorado #andcolorado #coloradoblogger #coloradolive #boulderco #coloradolifestyle #outtherecolorado #littletoncolorado #beautifulcolorado

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It's a grey and chilly May day, but rain or shine, the ride must go on! #sundayfundays

16 hours ago

RIGHT ON THE TRAIL!!! I have had the best morning ever. 😍

16 hours ago

Tiny, American bad ass bitch. 👊👍

17 hours ago

Finally! Another species to check off of my photography list. I was about a half mile away when I spotted them in the valley. They had already seen me, and the bulls began to form a wall around the cows. What a beautiful display to witness! It's still very early in the year, so unfortunately only little furry nubs are visible. ___________________________________________ #look303 #coloradotography #onlyincoloradousa #naturalcolorado #colorado_fame #viewsfromcolorado #outtherecolorado #visitCOS #colorado_creative #coloradountamed #wayupcolorado #coloradocameraclub #stayandwander #bull #wanderlust #outdoors #Natureaddict #moodygrams #elk #cow #naturegram #nature_hippys #hiking #naturephotography #Wildernessculture #landscapephotography #Keepitwild #collectivelycreate #Adventure #travel

17 hours ago

#Repost @benstraussphotography with @make_repost ・・・ Not too long ago, on my way home from a sunrise shoot in RMNP, I happened to notice a section of the Thompson Canyon that has never caught my eye before. I don’t know if it was due to my brain being in “composition searching” mode from earlier that morning, but this scene immediately stood out. The window of opportunity to spot this composition while driving down the canyon is extremely thin, maybe a second or so, as it is only visible temporarily before it is blocked by a row of pines. Either way, I am happy to have spotted it. I immediately pulled off the road, stepped out of my car, and began scouting the area. Once I had the perfect perspective, I took a couple of practice shots and returned to my car, at which point I marked the location on the map. A few weeks later, I returned to capture the scene during sunrise, and that brings us to the image above! . . Camera Settings: - ISO: 100 - f/11 - focal length: 16 mm - shutter speed: base 0.3 sec three shot bracket, one stop . . . #outtherecolorado #viewcolorado #coloradotography #visitcolorado #wayupcolorado #naturalcolorado #ColoradoOutdoors #ColoradoStateParks #wb_water_brilliance #longexpoelite #longexposure_shots #long_exposure #longexpo_addiction #wonderful_places #planet_earth_shots #earthofficial #travel #conciousadventurist #moodygrams #nature #naturegramy #awesome_earthpix

17 hours ago

#Repost @benstraussphotography with @make_repost ・・・ The story behind this one, while I wouldn’t say is necessarily interesting, is definitely a bit different than most all of my sunrise shoots. A couple of weekends ago, I accompanied my good friends @lukewagnerphoto and @wmorleyphotography for a sunrise in, you guessed it, RMNP! To my surprise, despite having lived here for many years, Wes has never been to Dream Lake before! Therefore, Luke and I figured we had to take him here for some photography. Having myself been to Dream Lake dozens and dozens of times, I decided to take the opportunity to shoot with zero pressure of coming away with any “hero” shot. Instead, I wanted to search for something I’ve never shot before, and honestly didn’t really care if I walked away with nothing. I ended up finding this neat natural frame made from interweaving tree branches, and it happened to perfectly encompass Hallett Peak. One very tricky problem however; it was about 8 feet from the ground and was directly over a steep rocky slope leading down to the lake. In order to get the shot, I had to stand on my utmost tippy toes with my camera stretched into the air. Once again, I found myself shooting somewhat blind as I could not see my LCD screen from this angle. Trail and error! Also, due to the relatively low light in the shade, my ISO was cranked up to 500 for a handheld shot. To add complexity to the whole thing, I also shot multiple images for focus stacking, while blind, stretched out in an uncomfortable position, and ten other photographers at the lake’s shore staring at me thinking “what the heck is that noob doing?!” But check this photo out, not so much a noob after all now am I? 🧐. . . Camera Settings: - ISO: 500 - f/11 - focal length: 20 mm - shutter speed: base 1/50 sec - Focus stacked, two images. . . . #outtherecolorado #viewcolorado #coloradotography #visitcolorado #wayupcolorado #RMNP #Nationalparkgeek #nationalparkservice #findyourpark #nationalparkspartnership #weareparks #encuentratuparque #beyondthelands #earthpix #ourplanetdaily #ig_shotz #ShotzDelight #earthofficial #fatalframes #awesomeearth #igbest_shotz #depthsofearth

19 hours ago

Solitude My preferred way to shoot in the winter is on snowshoes. The access is un-matched and the footprint is low.

20 hours ago

“The amazing thing about Colorado is you can go to the same spot 10 times and see something different every time.” 🌲 My mom told me this once when we first started vacationing in Colorado, and it’s stuck with me ever since. Jaden and I try to seek out new adventures each time we go out exploring, but sometimes revisiting the same spot will amaze you just as much the fifth time as it did the first time.

20 hours ago

First and foremost, #MahaloKeAkua thank you God! Yesterday I had the privilege to go to YOS in Pueblo with a team from our church and speak with over 100 offenders. Nothing like getting up and speaking to a 100 + inmates and to share with them the power of God. It was an honor and thank you guys for asking me to come back. After that I got to go camping in which everyone was looking at me like I was an idiot saying it was going to rain. I responded with not where I’m going. I got this spend the night next to a campfire all by myself in peace and spent time reading stricture. I needed it. And I got it all done before 10am today so now I’m actually going to church, which I said I wasn’t lol. Anyways, I’m just saying if you never try you’ll never know. Wait till you guys see the sunrise above the clouds from the #DevilsLookOut posts coming later, and of course, if you’re not down with that... I got 2 words for ya!!! #Colorado #ColoradoPhotography #DGenerationX #DJI #DJIMavicAir #Drone #Aerial #DronesOfEarth #DroneOfTheDay #Twenty4SevenDrones #OutThereColorado #Colorado_Travel #ViewsFromColorado #WildAndCo #ColoradoShared #ViewColorado #NowThisIsColorado #DroneAndThings #Hike #Epic #Mountains #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay #Epic #Adventure #Nature #Love

20 hours ago

I spy Arapahoe Peak and Longs Peak! Psyched for summer! ☀️

21 hours ago

In recent days, 2 of my IG friends have pointed to the same issue in their posts, and it’s important enough that I thought I’d pick up on it. @steve_u8 , a fellow hunter in Australia, and @marusic303 , who takes amazing photos of our beautiful Colorado, have both pointed to an issue all of us outdoor enthusiasts encounter on a regular basis...and apparently all over the world. Trash!!! Folks: if you bring it in, pack it out! All of it! In the mountains, by or on the water, and in the plains. It’s a very simple concept and very easy to do. I have a feeling that most people who read this are probably the ones already living by this rule, but #leavenotrace is not old news and as important as ever! * And while you’re at it, check out the pages for these 2 fine nature loving gentlemen mentioned above. I’m sure you’ll love their feed! 😉 * * #colorado #conserveandprotect #environment #archery #bowhunting #hunting #huntingseason #elkseason #deerseason #backcountry #themountainsarecalling #coloradohighcountry #outdooradventure #outdoorwoman #hoyt #camogirl #outdoorsy #getoutdoors #girlswhohunt #girlswhoshootbows #ihunt #letsgosomewhere #whatgetsyououtdoors #huntinglife #nature #coloradoinstagram #outtherecolorado #choosemountains

21 hours ago

Find a way and make your own trail...🏂⛷

22 hours ago

Denver Aquarium, Colorado

1 month ago

What if I said, "we don't deserve anything, and our lives are our responsibility? What would you say to me? I find that more and more our generation radiates the energy and carries the attitude of entitlement -- you know what I mean, the belief and attitude of " I DESERVE". Which I have found to be a way our generation attempts to escape responsibility because one does not have to take responsibility for their lives when they believe "THEY DESERVE" a good relationship/marriage, a fulfilling career, good health, etc etc. You see when someone feels entitled to something they forfeit the responsibility that they have to do the character work necessary to have a good and healthy marriage/relationship because its beneath them to be responsible for their behavior, weaknesses, and growth due to the fact that they believe they are entitled to a good/healthy relationship. The same goes for a career, health and anything else in their lives. Don't get me wrong, we all have a struggle with minor entitlement, but when one's entire identity is wrapped up in how "special" and "deserving" they are, entitlement is no longer a minor thing to be cautious of but a character poison that leads down a road of destruction. As we go into the weekend, I just want to remind each of us that our lives are our responsibility. Our happiness is not the responsibility of a friend, sibling, parent or partner, it is ours. Our dreams are our responsibility, our destiny is our responsibility, our health is our responsibility, our mental state is our responsibility, our boundaries are our responsibility, our growth is our responsibility, our healing is our responsibility, our financial freedom is our responsibility, our success is our responsibility, our failures, weakness, and mistakes are our responsibility, our present situation is our responsibility, our struggles/addictions are our responsibility, and the moment we forfeit our responsibility for our lives is the moment we choose to be powerless, small, and empty. Remember, entitlement fuels the fool who waits for someone or something else outside of himself to take responsibility for that which belongs to him. Responsibility = power

2 years ago

No matter where I wander, I always listen for your voice in the distance. Speak to me, beloved, in the language of sacred love, teach me, lead me, I'm mindfully present and actively listening. I will never stop needing you. Sincerely, -T💋

2 years ago

Today I sat upon this rock, looked out into the vastness of creation, breathed deep into my belly, eyes closed and exhaled softly into a traveling mind. Images scattered themselves, like carved wooden letters on a scrabble board, and my conscious mind chattered about several topics until it halted itself at the topic of you. That moment deserved a focused and controlled breath in, an exhale of self-willed forgiveness, and a silent prayer of release and love. I prayed for you today, because prayer is the purest thing I can offer you. I prayed that you would be protected from being used by lower vibrational entities to hurt yourself and hurt others. I prayed that you would have a sound mind, a secure identity in light, and that you would find the strength and courage to let go of what you cannot control. I prayed that your heart would heal and be fully capable of authentically loving, embracing and accepting yourself and others. I prayed that your suffering be met with a tribe that would help you carry the weight of your suffering. I prayed that you would be brave enough to drop the pretenses that have greatly inflicted your life with pain, and that you would find your feet on the path that soothes you with grace, saturates you in love and purifies you with fire. I prayed that your self-esteem would be restored, so that you no longer frantically chase after or demand an output of love from a well that does not desire or love you in the same way. I prayed for your healing, for your freedom, for your journey, and prayed that you would always be protected from being used for the enemy of our soul's crafty devices. Be brave, let go and be free. This was my offering. Sincerely, -T💋