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5 minutes ago

Day 1 Starting from the beach in St kilda and making my way through the suburbs was rather like walking in tunnel. After 2 weeks in the city i just wanted to get out of the city and enjoy nature. Well, it was still road walking but getting into the Yarra valley was pretty awesome. Winery and rolling hills everywhere and a happy teddy with a grape belly. Oh gosh i love grapes! Also found some delicious apples and pears, so fruits fruits fruits all day. :) I’m now super excited to get on the Bnt today and back in the high country. #coasttocoast

16 minutes ago

Tänään talven valo ei juuri poikennut kesän valosta☀️

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21 minutes ago

On the route of Base Brown - Green Gable - Great Gable 🏔🏔🏔 Seathwaite Fell and Great end in the distance ☀️😎

22 minutes ago

How wild it was, to let it be ✌🏼💚 So many times I consider myself alone on the river bank but nah nah nah, we are never truly alone. Get outside. Wander. Never Stop Exploring. _______________________________________________ #pacificnorthwest #pnwonderland #pnwcollective #oregon #oregoncoast #treefrog #naturephotography #naturelover #pnwlife #wildchild #hippieheart #wanderlust #oregonexplored #seekadventure #offthetrail #pnwfishing #itiswellwithmysoul #amphibians #feelingfroggy #ithinkitslove #ribbitribbit #hikeoregon #outdoorlife #outdoorwomen

23 minutes ago

This was the start of our weekend adventure, really don’t think we realised how crazy we were 😂 Loading a 4 metre long Kayak onto a car that only just squeezes us in, then carrying it, along with all our camping gear, down a crazy mountain path and paddling the 3 tonne of weight on what turned out to be a very windy day to an island to set up camp for the night. If that’s not an adventure we don’t know what is! 😶

25 minutes ago

You can pitch your tent on a campground and enjoy the noise of the traffic, listen to barking dogs at night and if you are lucky you have to move your tent after midnight due to water that slowly runs from somewhere down to the campsite. (happened on an official campground) Or you can pitch your tent for free next to a quiet dirtroad with stunning views to the mountains. (a wild campsite a few days later) Which one do you prefer? . . . Man kann das Zelt auf einem Campingplatz aufstellen und nachts dem Verkehr und bellenden Hunden lauschen. Und wenn du Glück hast, dann kannst du mitten in der Nacht das Zelt umstellen, weil von irgendwoher Wasser läuft und langsam die kleine Wiese überflutet. (geschehen auf einem Campingplatz) Oder du kannst dein Zelt gratis neben einem ruhigen Weg aufstellen und die großartige Aussicht auf die Berge genießen. (ein wilder Zeltplatz einige Tage später) Was bevorzugst du?

26 minutes ago

If you don’t have this amazing piece of literature then you are missing out. Steven Rinella has a lot of unique recipes simply laid out within this book, creativity flows out from the pages, this is his best published piece yet. Anyone else at the MeatEater live podcast last night in Kalamazoo!? Thanks to the @meateaterpodcast and @stevenrinella for a great show! #beyondthepursuit

27 minutes ago

For en fantastisk flott dag!🙏🏼😍 Ble helomvending i helgeplanene, så da ble det tid til en hyttetur likevel🙌🏻😊 Passet bra at de første påskeliljene var kjøpt inn, for her har det vært skikkelig påskestemning☀❄💛 'sveip↪😉' Nyyyt kvelden der du er😘 __________________ #hytta #hyttelivet #nydeligdag #påskeliljer #uteliv #hyttekos #basse #tibbegutt #nyter #hytteoguteliv #stedervielsker #hyttervielsker #hytteroglandsted_inspirasjon #hytteliv #hyttemagasinet #hyttermedsjel #123hytteinspirasjon #cabin #cabinlife #mountainlodge #winter #beautifulday #flowers #dogsofinstagram #springfeeling #eastermood #outdoorlife #cabinlove #norway

28 minutes ago

It was blowing a hoolie on the summit so they had to be picked up for our summit selfie 😊🐶

31 minutes ago

I pulled this lovely photo from the archives. I am hearing his hoot's as I type which means he is near. This picture was taken at our pond in June of 2017. I have my hopes high and praying that he stops by for a drink. If I were an Owl I would spend substantial time down by the water ;) It is a glorious sunshiney day! Let us rejoice and be glad in it. #outdoors #nature #naturephotography #naturelover #owl #photography #wildlifephotography #wildlife #bird_lovers #birdsofinstagram #outdoorlife #mood #landscape #gottalove_a #fingerprintofgod

1 hour ago

wind and skate ⚡︎

1 hour ago

fishing in the forest 😎