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7 hours ago

Sometime in August, 2047 - Terra Nova Biodome, Western Lands Eureka! My time machine finally works! The year seems to be 2047, but no one is quite sure. Somehow I achieved the terrifying task of surviving two nights in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of what used to be Vancouver. That is a story for another time. The utter and complete devastation wrought upon the Western Lands by climate change has rendered the former city of Vancouver as almost unrecognizable. I shudder to think of what happened to the millions who once called this home. The few survivors have collected in this rugged biodome. They are suspicious of me, but the scientists working at the biodome have reluctantly agreed to protect me. I fear they are conspiring to locate my time machine for some dark purpose. I must never let them find out where I have hidden the machine. #vancouver #bc #canada #yvr #vancity #nature #biodome #biodomes #terranova #scifi #sciencefiction #orisit #survive #survival #apocalypse #postapocalyptic #time #timetravel #timetraveler #timetravelers

8 hours ago

Sneak peek at what the Mini is becoming. Got the new seats and @rennline race mats in. A few other parts to be installed soon. Loving the look so far!

14 hours ago

Day2:BBQ2 This £8 foldable BBQ from @aldiuk has already paid for itself twice over #NotAnAd #orisit Hashtagmystery

20 hours ago

Just a girl going through her red hair phase 😜🔥

1 day ago

Bitch is it summer yet ☀️☀️☀️ × × × × × In the middle of a CRISIS × × #me #orisit

1 day ago

We are who we want to be... . . And sometimes that’s a rockstar. It may look like I was in for a wild night, but the truth is I’m happier putting on my pjs and slipping between clean sheets than out galavanting at a dress up party. Nonetheless, it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and do something different. So that’s my quota filled for a while. Back to pjs and slippers for me! PS I actually do own most of the outfit so that must mean something. . #rockstar #impersonator #rockerchick #dressup #dressupparty #nottherealme #orisit #comfortzone #nosweatpants

1 day ago

Debatable 🥃

1 day ago

if you know me in person, you'll see me often being blown away at the magic in life. i strongly believe in the magic of serendipity. but i'm posting this to remind you to be careful with those amazong moments. sometimes when amazing magic is happening it doesn't always mean you're supposed to sign that contract! it's not always a sign to pursue that path, as much as it might just be a sign that you're in the right place at the time. this deal turned out to be a pretty bad offer that i ended up not signing. the company actually went down (twice, i believe, under two different names!). so i could've freaked out that my friend was at their house, and assumed that's a good sign. but it was only just a good day ;) . . . #serendipity #nocontracts #notsigningshit #hardtoget #independentforlife #trustyourinstincts #andyourlawyer #buttrustyourlawyermore #itsasign #orisit #canyoureadthese ? #mrnext #thenextlife

1 day ago

So wake me up when it's all over.. when I'm wiser and older. ps. yes that aint a polaroid camera ..shush now maybe ?

2 days ago

It’s O V E R . . . | #OrIsIt ?

2 days ago

Daisy Jeffery doesn't believe democracy has her back. The youth activist from School Strikes 4 Climate is one half of the FOR panel at our next debate hitting Sydney's Town Hall next Tuesday, 27th August. Democracy is failing the people. Do you agree? Two speakers will argue for, two against. Hear both sides of a conversation that really matters. Don't miss it. Get your ticket now 🎟 #IQ2Oz #sydneytownhall #liveevents #conversationsthatmatter #debate #democracyisfailing #orisit #dontmissout #liveinsydney

2 days ago

@mamasparky_ “When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. This misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth. Just like you did.” -Jill Blakeway #nonviolent #protest #parents #parenting #peacefulprotest #advocatelikeamother #terrorists #pharmaceuticals #questioneverything #safety #liability #legislators #conspiracytheory #orisit #medicalfreedom #freedomfighter #makepharmaliableagain #wakeupamerica #coercionisnotconsent

3 days ago

You know it’s been a rough day when the owner is drinking beer for lunch. #itskombucha #orisit

3 days ago

Christianshavn & the infamous Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen.

3 days ago

Happy Birthday Ron-Dawg!!! Nothing brings me as much joy as being a total pain in your arse and the apple of your eye all at the same time. Love you always ❤️🥳 #cutephoto #orisit ? #dadsgirl

3 days ago

Ik post de laatste tijd wat vaker 'activistische' rants over de (naar de knoppen gaande) wereld, feminisme, etc etc. Ik snap als sommigen van jullie hier snel doorheen skippen want het is iets wat in de wereld gaande is maar vooral iets wat ík op zo'n moment voel en kwijt wil. Als ik daar ook maar 1 iemand mee motiveer om na te denken/ keuzes te maken is dat geweldig, zo niet dan niet. Het geeft mij in ieder geval het gevoel dat ik iets doe. Ik snap die klimaatdepressie als nieuw fenomeen onder jongvolwassenen heel goed. #linksgekkie #speakup #milieudefensie #rantover #orisit

4 days ago

😂🤣❤️🖤💁🏼‍♀️ #orisit

4 days ago

If you want to get your facts straight, you go to the source. Well, in this week’s episode, we spoke with living swing legend Sylvia Sykes to learn more about her experience, her perspective, and the history of swing. She chatted with us about how she got into swing dancing as a teenager, how she ended up on the television show Shebang, and how she met famous lindy hopper Dean Collins. She shared what if felt like to dance with Dean, what he taught her about swing and following, and what he was like as a person. We asked her about Balboa, SoCal Swing, and how West Coast Swing fits into the family of swing dances (or doesn't). We discussed her partnership with Ramiro Gonzalez, their famous win at the US Open, and of course, we asked Sylvia what makes swing "swing." There's a lot to learn in this rich and informative discussion. #knowyourhistory #thenakedtruthwcs #westcoastswing #itsallswing #orisit