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8 months ago

Ceibo’s Magical Moringa Tinctures available at Organico. You can find them behind the checkout counter. Locally foraged and charged with crystal singing bowls under the "Super Moon" energy. Concocted with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The Moringa is a miracle tree that produces “super foods” through its leaves, seeds and flowers. Nature’s multivitamin. It’s nutrients are so rich in vitamins and minerals that it can support the well being and healing of human bodies. Moringa has more Vit C than oranges, 25% more iron than spinach, 17% more calcium than milk, 4% more protein than eggs, 15% more potassium than bananas and 10% more vitamin A than carrots. It thrives in climates in Africa and India in poverty stricken areas. A medicine for the people. We can be so grateful it grows in abundance here in Costa Rica. Only a few left at Organico. The perfect rainy season plant medicine. Private message me with any questions or dosage recommendations. ☝🏾❤️🦉 #moringa #plantmedicine #organicomarket #miracletree #medicineforthepeople #consciousliving #localforage #permaculture #crystaltones #biodynamics #fruitsofthespirit