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When In Rome. Right? I miss being there, it was so much fun to see how cultures and lifestyles can be the same and different even if we all stand on the same ground. Treat yourself, Ik I’m due for another trip #liveandletlive #oneworld #onelove #dontbeanasshole

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Orangután en mi cuarto.

35 minutes ago

You could be forgiven for believing that everything the revolutionary forces did in Cuba was good. Especially if you go by what the museums tell you. . The Revolution Museum in Havana is housed in the old palace and walks you through (in great detail) how they won the war. Perhaps more interestingly is the palace hasn't been 100% restored so you can see the bullet holes in the walls. . Cuba isn't all about the revolution, there is a much richer history to it then that but as the impact of the revolution has such a hold over day to day life still it is impossible to get away from it. . . . #havana #cuba #revolution #flagsoftheworld #history #oneworld #travelblogger #lookforward

41 minutes ago

Manchester Ice village were they made a puffin out of ice

45 minutes ago

Music of the heart 🙌💚🌎🙏🌞 "We are free and bound in the same breath, the breath of the One breathes in us. It’s OK to be messed up, to feel small and sad and hurt with no hope of ever seeing a good day. It’s OK to forget, to be forgotten, to be left behind. It’s OK to be betrayed, strung out on everything that everyone has ever done to us and we can’t ever forgive. Because the breath of the One breathes in us. Breathes us. Even when we don’t know. Where is this One? How can we find that One? The Saints say that the One is hidden in the Name. The Divine Name. The name of Love. And that by constant repetition, gradually but INEVITABLY the Presence that is hidden in the Name reveals itself! Where? In our own hearts! The medicine of the Name hidden in the sugar syrup of music begins to cure us of our sadness; begins to cure us of our fascination with STUFF; to cure us of thinking that happiness will come to us from the outside; that if we have just one more hit; a better car; a more beautiful lover, or more beautiful lovers; a good relationship; a better relationship; ANY! relationship; it will be enough. When the Buddha came out of the jungle after His Enlightenment, he said, “YO! Monks…guess what? Stuff doesn’t make you happy. The nature of stuff is that it will be NEVER be enough! Or something like that…" #musicoftheheart #heart #breathe #breathing #pranayama #prana #buddha #soul #soulfood #peace #oneworld #world #happiness #letgo #love #compassion #respect #empathy #hanuman #moon #moondance #sita #lordrama #srirama #yoga #krishnadas #music #goodvibes #highvibration

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LESEN 🙏❤️: Was wollt Ihr mit der Marke ALLIN erreichen? Es gibt doch so viele Stars die ihre eigene Marke präsentieren, ihr habt doch keine Chance!!! Im Business muss man ein dickes Fell haben, es wird einem immer erklärt wieso etwas nicht funktioniert. Als ich vor 5 Jahren mit dem Fitness angefangen habe, waren ungefähr 2 Fitnessmarken voll im Trend, meiner Meinung nach brutal überteuerte Preise!!! Ich machte mir früh Gedanken, wenn ich eine Marke habe, will ich es zu einen angemessenem PREIS verkaufen. Von Anfang an, haben wir uns entschieden, wir wollen nicht nur Sportler ansprechen, sondern ALLE die sich mit der Marke identifizieren können. (SPORT/BUSINESS SAME WAY!! GO ALLIN Wenn ich von Leuten höre, eure SHIRTS sind ja so billig, werde ich immer die gleiche Antwort geben: Unsere Produkte sind nicht billig, sondern GÜNSTIG!!! (BIG DIFFERENCE) WIESO, weil die MEHRHEIT unserer Abonnenten zwischen 15-30 Jahre ist und in diesem Alter nicht besonders interessiert ist sehr viel Geld für Kleidet auszugeben. KLAR jeder kennt die Papa und Mama zahlt LV Tasche und PhIlip Plein Shirt aber solche Leute wollen wir nicht ansprechen. So kam die Idee, ich möchte unbedingt irgendwann eine eigene Kleidermarke entwerfen. Schnell konnte ich meine drei Freunde überzeugen, etwas gemeinsam auf die Beine zu stellen. Oft hören wir: Ist es eine Fitness oder Fashionmarke? Für uns ist es eine Lifestylemarke.SPRICH wir werden in Zukunft noch einiges für Sportler bringen aber auch Produkte, welche man im Ausgang oder zu Hause anziehen kann. ALLIN steht für JEDEN, der gewillt ist seinen Weg zu gehen. Klar, es ist nicht der einfachste Weg, aber das SCHLIMMSTE ist es die Hoffnung zu verlieren. NEVER GIVE UP MENTALITY. Hätten die Menschen nicht so überdimensionale Leistungen erbracht, könnte ich den Text nicht auf Instagram so mal schnell posten. #oneworld #TRUE #TEAMALLIN #naturalbodybuilding #POWER #FITNESS #EUROPE #GERMANY #FASHION #SWITZERLAND #USA #ALBANIAN #WORLDWIDE

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@alphabetrockers just released a new music video with greats like @sesamestreet ’s   @luissesamestreet as the grandfather, and 9-year old youth activist Sophie Cruz, along with artists @evaskat , @yosirey , and @juliosalgado83.  Music by @chief_xcel of @blackalicious This video moves me to my core! Watch with your family & don’t stop the LOVE! #Walls #RiseShineWoke #CantStoptheLove #KeepFamiliesTogether #NoOneIsIllegal #NoWallNoBan #EveryoneIsWelcomeHere #Unite #OneWorld

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~ Albert Einstein . . . Life is crazy; I know I’m not the only one who’s been having a hard time lately. Try to take a deep breath and accept things as they are, for struggles are only temporary and mostly what we make of them. With the powers of love and compassion growing ever so strongly in today’s world... 𝓦𝓮’𝓿𝓮 𝓰𝓸𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼! Live for this moment, focus on what makes you happy and allows you to grow. As we continue to work on ourselves, as well as hold each other up, I think we’ll be amazed with the outcome. . We are all in this together. I am here for each and every one of you. Juno is a pretty good listener too, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love you all 🙏💞🐾 . #thestruggleisreal #wevegotthis #together #oneworld #junietunes #ayurveda #iloveyou

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A big thank you to Anna Harenius expert Ethologist (animal behaviour) at the Animal Rights Organisation in Stockholm, for taking time to see me and answer some questions. 😊❤️🌍🕊 Djurens Rätt is the leading animal rights organisation in Scandinavia with more than 40000 memberr Being Vegan and having walked through countries in the EU I’ve had opportunities to ask questions regarding animal rights. Here are some of the questions that I like to know in more depth in each country: -The Fur Industry, what’s allowed and what’s banned. -The Pet Industry, are puppy mills regulated? Do people register as a business? -The leather Industry, where do they get their supply from? -Wool, Silk and Down regulations, what is ‘ethically’ sourced and how they get their certification? -The meat and dairy Industry, does government subsidies farmers? ‘Humane slaughter’ ‘Halal’ TV advertisers and increase or decrease in sales? -Circus with Animals, what’s the law around that? -Animal testing, is it banned? What about sending products to be tested in other countries that test on them? -Zoos and Aquariums, dolphins and Orcas in captivity for show? -Import and export laws on animals, rare species and ‘trophy hunts’ -Hunting for ‘sport’and wild animal population ‘control’ -Fishing commercially and as a ‘sport’ -Animal shelters -Stray dogs and cats and how they deal with the issue? -Vegan consumer availability? The organisation was founded in 1882 with the mission to end painful animal experiments, since the 1970s they deal with other issues including farm animals, fur farming and animal friendly consumer guidance. Their goal is a society where all animals are respected as individuals and where they are not exploited to satisfy human wants. They work on: +Opinion formation, reaching hundreds of thousands of people through social media & local branches in about 100 municipalities in Sweden +Political advocacy, actively engage with politicians and groups to influence decision making to bring about change at National and EU level. +Consumer influence, Inspire people to consume Vegan products and expand a List of Fur and Cruelty free companies. www.Djurensrä

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Today is #WorldKindnessDay ♥️ We are proud to partner with @hustlekindness. Hustle Kindness celebrates children through art and attempts to bring together individuals, families and supports through shared experiences. Their core teachings include being selfless and sharing talents while affirming the positive effects of acting with kindness and living a purposeful life 🎨 ❤️ ❤️ #hustle #kindness #onelove #puravida #puravidabracelets #loveoneanother #bekind #men #women #fashion #jewlery #handmade #costarica #nayarit #mexico #bahiadebanderas #rep #denver #colorado #oneworld #worldwide #giveback #art #children #repost #instagood #instakind 👧🏼👦🏾 Link & discount code in bio

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“People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach”. - Marguerite de Navarre ❤️💬 People have both infuriated me and disappointed me today as well as inspired me and heartened me. Oh human race you are a strange thing. #globalpeople #livejoyfully #happinessis #oneworld #sharedhumanity #thoughtoftheday #motivation #bethechange #quoteoftheday #wordstoliveby #bepositive #bebetter #aimhigh #workhard #lifegoals #riseagain #ig_quote #motivationalquote #bevulnerable #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayquotes

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Pan’s Demonia details 2 🌎👁✍️

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Knowledge will give you power!!! Character will give you Respect!! Respect for each other is what the world needs 🧘‍♀️🤝 Japan knows how to roll 🇯🇵✌🏻 #japan #school #welldone #theworldneedsthis #knowledge #manners #respect The system needs to change we need to free the minds of these children so they understand what they want and need!!! System is outdated #timeforchange #educationsystemfail #education #hipocrisy Yes it’s a crazy society we live in But change is on the way.. follow me 👉🏼 @misredsociety But First Follow your dam self 🧘‍♀️🤟🏼 #misredsociety #seedofthestars #changeplease #newworld #earth #focus #your #energy #peace #love #freedom #awakening #oneworld #onelove #oneheart 💕

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. . When someone asks me what religion I am, I always say back.....I see all religions & people as equal. I accept that everyone has their own faith and beliefs. Reading this I feel this is true to my heart and beliefs....accept all, believe all and go towards all with acceptance and kindness. No one is more superior than the other, we are all here for each other, we should all work with each each and never against. we all lay under the same beautiful sky 🌌, we all bleed the same blood. It’s World Kindness Day, spread love and kindness not only today but everyday! . . #WorldKindnessDay #weneedtodobetter #oneworld #onelove #loveforall #spiritualmind #truthfultuesday #beautifulheart #verydeepthoughts #openyourmind #behappy #beinspired #inspire #equality #qotd #mybeliefs #beliefsaremyown #giveback #acceptance #peace #love #light #laughter #live ✌🏼❤️🔮

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*Werbung* Während meiner Single Zeit habe ich gelernt wirklich zu lieben. Gewöhnliche Liebe ist ständiges Fordern, wirkliche Liebe ist reines Geben.Liebe finde ich überall.Viele verwechseln Liebe mit der sexuellen Anziehung.Wirkliche Liebe gibt es nicht nur zwischen Frau & Mann. Oder Mann & Mann oder Frau & Frau 😅 Bedingungslose Liebe erfahre ich z. B. in meiner Familie.Bin glücklich mit mir und meinem Leben. Das kann ich wirklich aus tiefsten Herzen so sagen Lovelys. Jeder hat die Kraft, das Licht, diese Liebe in sich um sich sein gewünschtes Leben zu kreieren. Bin vollkommen zufrieden was ich habe.Bin Dankbar für alles in meinem Leben.Ich sage immer, Kreativität kann aus einem nur fließen, wenn man glücklich ist.Schöpferisch bin ich nur, wenn es mir und meiner Seele gut geht. Ich strebe immer nach dem Glück, feier mich, mein Leben, das ich ganz Allein in der Hand hab. Bin für mich und mein Lebensglück Allein verantwortlich! Mein Glück spüre ich in jedem Moment, ich bin mir selbst genug! ❤ Glücklich sein steckt an.Liebe dich selbst und euer Glück fängt an auf eure Mitmenschen überzufließen.So schaffen wir gemeinsam eine bessere Welt🙏🏼🤗Eure Denkweise bestimmt über Glück & Unglück! Seit Bewusst in allem was ihr tut. Ich freue mich auf alles was kommt, halte meine Augen offen, vielleicht darf ich meine neu gewonnene Liebe mit diesem "Einen Mann" mal teilen oder besser gesagt zum wachsen bringen. I don't know😂Egal Wie, Was, Wann.. und Überhaupt.. unser Leben ist ein Geschenk. Und mein Leben teile ich nicht mit dem Falschen👆 Kein Platz für Unfug! Keine Zeit für Unfug! Also feiert euer Leben, egal in welcher Konstellation ihr euch auch befindet❤️😘und verschwendet keine Sekunde mit Selbstmitleid oder Trübsal blasen👆 Hugs & Kisses 😘 #selflove #selfie #me #happy #single #love #passion #oneworld #beyou #beautiful #life #positivevibes #motivation #mindset #healthy #lifestyle #fitness #fitfam #familylove #mementomori #earlybird #carpediem #independentwoman #shine #foodlover #inkedgirl #0711stgtcty #keepgoing #dankbarkeit

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❄️line coming low down the mountains on the Ruta J, Tierra Del Fuego, had many snowflakes throughout the 4 days camping

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“Why are you trying to make fun of me? You think it's funny? What the fuck you think it's doing to me? You take your turn lashing out at me. I want you crying when you're dirty in the front of me! All of my hate cannot be found. I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming. So you can try to tear me down! Beat me to the ground! I will see you screaming...” #korn #numetal #alternativemetal #metal #noh8 #peopleempowerment #womenempowerment #veteranempowerment #abusesurvivor #bodypositive #spreadlove #redhead #eyes #metalhead #canadianmodel #gorgeous #bootybootybooty #inked #selflove #confidence #veteranwomen #takeastand #weallhurtsometimes #beyourself #oneworld #weallshit #metallica #jealousyisugly #wereallmadhere #inspire

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Pan’s Demonia details 👁✍️🌎

1 day ago

Row three onboard Sri Lankan Airlines’ Airbus A321neo

2 days ago

Peekaboo ✈️

4 days ago

Cheese Omelette for breakfast served with a dodgy looking lamb sausage

4 days ago

No Sleep. Shades On. 😎

4 days ago

Seat 1F recliner seat on my A321neo to Jakarta

4 days ago

4R-ANE Airbus A321-251Neo taking me from Colombo to Jakarta

4 days ago

Tea? Coffee? Hard Liquor?

4 days ago

Prawn Masala and Garlic Bread 🤔

5 days ago

Cheers to being left alone for a few hours with no phone signal 🥂

5 days ago

Seat 2A fully flat bed for the short hop from the Emirates to Sri Lanka 🇦🇪✈️🇱🇰

5 days ago

A beautiful Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A330-300 taking me from Dubai to Colombo