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“What you seek is seeking you”

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New dawn

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Shot from derby day when the Swannies stomped the Giants away. Waiting for football season again. Olympus XA - Cinestill 800 Tungsten.

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Hobson St, Auckland | Kodak Pro Image 100

18 hours ago

Baxter & Cat, Tongariro National Park | Kodak Ektar 100 - That time 7 years ago Baxter made friends with a street cat. 🐱

18 hours ago

The obligatory london shot, *from the london trip.

19 hours ago

I was walking to Four Barrel Coffee on Valencia & saw these Supreme posters. I geniunely thought this was straight when I took this photo. 2018. Taken with Olympus XA & Kodak Portra 400. #thedarkroomlab #35mm #madewithkodak

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Five Words in Green Neon

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In transit

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Ever feel like, fuck why am I busting my ass posting work on IG? My engagement with the “film community” diminishes every day and at this point I’ve been ostracized by most of them anyways. You can be banned/blocked by film collectives for simply not using their hashtags, happens all the time. Or for pointing out how unbalanced and miserable that entire pay to play process operates. Transactional likes & comments are nauseating, or should be for any artist on here. Damn the whole “that’s just the way it is” bullshit. My engagement and participation alters every week and isn’t improving any time soon. So what happened? It’s not as if my work suddenly became terrible. It’s good, I’ve worked hard enough to be able to say that confidently. Mostly though, this place disappoints and is exhausting. Fuck it, I started out here with a few likes per photo , if it goes back to that then fine. Playing the IG politics and transaction game isn’t worth the stress and horseshit. Unfollow accordingly, please, if you cannot understand any of this. #ektar100 #olympusxa #35mm