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9 minutes ago

This is why I don't watch anime boys👇😂 ➡️Follow @slimg0d for more memes!⬅️ . ⛔Follow @slimg0d for more memes!⛔

57 minutes ago

Matt is the thanos of wii sports

2 hours ago

Who else heading to area 51 to help?👇🤔 ➡️Follow @slimg0d for more memes!⬅️ . ⛔Follow @slimg0d for more memes!⛔

3 hours ago

Who else can relate? 👻

3 hours ago

Shoutout to the Suez Canal Crisis though

5 hours ago

I very much like the message behind this. However, vodka was originally Polish, (first written mention of "wódka" as a drink was in 1405 in Polish court documents, where it first became a beverage. Before the drink became popular, the word "wódka" referred to chemical compounds such as medicines and cosmetics' cleansers) brought to Russia in the 1500's. Real industrial production of vodka began in Kresy, Poland at the end of the 18th century, but it was controlled by the Russian Empire at the time, leading to the common misconception that vodka originated in Russia. Research help from the wiki page titled "Vodka". Hope y'all enjoyed this little history lesson, lemme know if anything here is inaccurate. If ya drink, drink safely and give your car keys to someone sober. . . . #vodka #russianhistory #polishhistory #cykablyat #wódka #meme #oldmeme