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3 weeks ago

Все имена, которые вы написали нам в комментариях под постами в Фейсбуке и Инстаграм и которые вы нам отправили в ЛС. А также все письма, которые писали евреи Украины для Реббе - были возложены на могиле Реббе. Уверены, что Реббе будет просить для нас у Вс-вышнего все что нам необходимо для хорошего и сладкого года. И наш добрый приговор о занесении в "Книгу Жизни", будет скреплён подписью и печатью. . . . . . #rebbe #chabad #ohel #ohelchabadlubavitch #lubavitch #jew #jewish #mitzvomobileUA #mitzvatank #jewishukraine #еврей #евреи #мицвамобиль

3 weeks ago

Shavua Tov! Reminder: Pre Selichot farbrengen & inspiration at Chabad of FHN 12AM, leaving Chabad 12:20AM to Ohel of the Rebbe for Selichot prayers & dancing, returning home at 1:30AM. If you would like a ride please text the Rabbi now at 347-423-1528. Selichot with English free PDF download here: http://download.hebrewbooks.org/downloadhandler.ashx?req=15946. #selichot #teshuva #elul #ohelchabadlubavitch #rebbe #ChabadofFHN

3 weeks ago

This Moitzei Shabbat/Saturday Night Selichot Schedule for Men & Women: 12AM come to Chabad of FHN to get inspired & uplifted with Rabbi Mendy prior to Selichot at the Ohel of the Rebbe in Queens. 12:20AM rides leaving Chabad of FHN to Ohel of the Rebbe for inspiring Selichot & Dancing. 1:30AM leaving back home & drop off at your location. May all our prayers be answered for a happy & sweet new year! Shabbat Shalom! #selichot #ohelchabadlubavitch #ChabadofFHN

3 months ago

Picture of the day: Rabbi Mendy & community member Eran Maor seen Saturday night, after just coming out of the Rebbe's Ohel from the most inspiring Shabbat of a lifetime, with close to 10,000 people from all walks of life present, commemorating the 25th Yartzeit Anniversary of the Rebbe OBM! #therebbe #Rebbe #gimmeltaamuz25 #ohelchabadlubavitch #ChabadofFHN

3 months ago

At the Ohel with my family today, to commemorate the 3rd Yahrtzeit of my father.

4 months ago

$2.00 to where Rashbi, too, is present. . *included in the $2.00 symbolic fee: . • Cold bottle of water. . • Chayenu Booklet . • Reisman’s brownie bars . • Special Lag B’omer video presentation. . All happening every half hour throughout the day of Lag B’omer. #OhelChabadLubavitch #Rashbi #LagBaomer

5 months ago

I had never been here before, it was less than 15 minutes from my office! I stood with many others at his gravesite who were saying tehillim (psalms) and I asked the late Lubavitcher Rebbe for mechila (forgiveness), lit candles for and asked that he daven (pray) for friends and family members that I've been both davening and making mi-sheberachs (may the One who blessed) for in order that they should have a refuah sheleimah (complete recovery) from all their illnesses, they should all be well! #ohelchabad #ohelchabadlubavitch

2 years ago

Samen met mijn zoon Meirke op weg naar de Ohel (begraafplaats) van de Rebbe in New York i.v.m. zijn jaartijd (overlijdensdatum.). Wilt u dat ik een brief voor u leest bij de Ohel, stuur me even een bericht. Ik ben bij de Ohel vannacht rond 2:00 uur Nederlandse tijd. Volgende week dinsdag ben ik er weer. #ohelchabadlubavitch

2 years ago

Wow! At the Lubavitcher Rebbe's grave! I hope HaShem answers all my prayers!

3 years ago

#Repost @emunahphotography with @repostapp Wife of the Lubavitcher Rebe - Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka had no children of her own, yet when a child visiting her at home asked her, "where are your children?" she answered that the Chasidim were her children. Thousands of little girls around the world pray and write letters - kvitelach - to Rabetzin asking for blessing. #chabad #chabaddotorg #chabadlubavitch #chabad_house #ohelchabadlubavitch #jewishphotographer #jewishphotography #jew #kosher #jewishlife #jewishfamily #lubavitch #chabaddotorg #photojournalism #polishjews @chabadorg @chayaparypa