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3 weeks ago

Je n’aurais jamais pensé, entre mes pieds boudin et ma reprise de cinq kilos sur, entre autres, mes genoux déjà lourds et mes longues jambes qui ne le paraissent plus du tout, pouvoir 1) rentrer dans ces merveilleuses chaussures de Cendrillon 2) trouver que le résultat est ravissant 3) marcher confortablement d’un pas aérien avec... Ça me réconcilie, certes toujours plus jamais avec les stiletto vertigineux de mes trente ans, mais avec le petit talon designé à la perfection XXXX #shoesaddicted #nudepower #goldenlaces #cinderella #feminine #legs #happyfeet @unsibeaupas

1 month ago

In vista delle vacanze abbiamo iniziato a mostrarvi i prodotti che vi consigliamo da mettere in valigia come l'acqua idratante. È il turno del fondotinta ed abbiamo scelto questo di @maccosmeticsitalia a base d'acqua e con spf 30. La texture è molto liquida e leggera la coprenza è modulabile a seconda della quantità di prodotto e del metodo di applicazione. Secondo noi è un fondo molto adatto all'estate grazie alla formula idratante e al fattore protezione che lo rende adatto anche per il giorno. Il packaging è ben fatto: di vetro resistente con un dosatore a pipetta ed è disponibile in 23 tonalità. Lo potete acquistare in negozio o online ed in tutti i rivenditori al prezzo di 36€ per 30ml e ve lo consigliamo anche per i viaggi in aereo perché è facile da travasare. Il nostro voto è di 9/10 perché dà un effetto naturale, non si ossida e resiste a lungo. Voi quali fondi usate in estate? L'avete mai provato? #beautyaddict #makeuppassion #cosmetic #makeupoftheday #lookoftheday #coolbook #coolpic #cooldiary #picoftheday #moodoftheday #instapic #reviewtime #review #recensioni #recensione #maccosmetics #foundation #moodoftheday #summervibes #naturalbeauty #nudepower

2 months ago

Buenas tardes 🥰 Aquí una foto sin filtros de 💄In love with Olivia de los Hot Lips 2 + perfilador Supersize Me de @ctilburymakeup. Es un nude cálido hidratante de la fórmula K.I.S.S.I.N.G Ya os enseñaré de cerquita mis dos Hot Lips 2 con swatches incluídos. Feliz sábado 🥰 . . I show you in this picture my new acquisition by @ctilburymakeup : In love with Olivia #hotlips2 with the lip pencil Super Size me. Nude power for Saturday. Enjoy the weekend🥰 . . . #hotlips2 #inlovewitholivia #charlottetilbury #charlottetilburymakeup #lips #nude #nudepower #makeuplover

2 months ago

About two days ago I decided to delete all my social Media after hitting another fucking brick wall in my life, I can’t even tell you how many of these I have seen and moved through but this time was different. Instead of carrying on the way I usually would, I decided to be more introspective as to why these things happen? What am I doing wrong? Yes life is life and so on but there must be some way that I can change this cycle? A very dear friend to me called me out on my bullshit with a few things and this is one of the things he pointed out to me : “Al, your social media is not you, it is so fake, it’s not the Al we all know, love and adore.” He was so right, I tried SO HARD on my previous social media accounts, for what? To be loved? Adored? Respected? Yet non of these things were happening so fuck it, let’s Get real! This new account is my journey into healing, self exploration, my vulnerability, my truth and the process of how I am going to reach my goals and aspirations for ultimate self love & self respect. The next couple of images you are going to see me post, let’s call it “Khaki Fever” were taken by a man that came into my life and swept me off my feet, I felt so relieved after meeting him that my long, painful journey into finding a soul mate was finally over, it was him! Unfortunately when you place all your faith into another persons hands to love you unconditionally and to fill voids that you should fill yourself, you end up attracting people just as empty as you are and the only way forward is a path of serious heartache and destruction, so yeah the universe saw that and she took him out of my life just as quickly as he came into it. It was an experience though and really one I will never forget, anyway back to the images, we were in a stunning field with grass taller than I am, just after sunset, and after a couple of hours day drinking I stripped down and posed for the camera, something I would NEVER usually do because my naked body is something I could never accept. This is the beginning of my healing though, to love and accept my body for she has carried me through it all, I am making a promise to love, accept and honour her just as..

5 months ago

setelah 2x jahit renda lantaran kurang, tinggal sejengkal lagi dong, kurang. bongkar bongkar, ulangi lagi, dipotong lagi itu tulle, dijahit ulang. lanjut pasang mote satu-satu. berhubung kugatau caranya pasang mote, kujahit mati satu satu 😊 mayan, pegel leher pegel pundak. tapi hasilnya, memuaskan! bikin lagi aaaaah. ___ pict by @selmagia ___ #diy #diytop #kondanganoutfit #hootd #ootd #tulletop #nudepower #nude #creamychocolate #kebayatulle #kebayamodern #kebayaindonesia #batikindonesia #bukantukangjahit #tapisukajahit #hemat !

7 months ago

Hejka!! Kiedy byłam na zakupach zobaczyłam te dwie pomadki od miss sporty i pomyślałam że je przetestuję. Myślałam że będą takie sobie a są świetne! Po pierwsze super nawilżają a po drugie na ustach wyglądają pięknie! Kosztowały mnie one ok. 7zł za 1. Ja posiadam tylko 2 kolory jaśniejszy 100 Barely Amazing i ciemniejszy 101 Nude Power. Wiem że są są inne kolory np. Czerwony lub ciemny róż. Ich cena to ok. 7zl ———————————————————————— #lipstick #poland #misssporty #mat #wondersmooth #barelyamazing #nudepower #polish #kosmetyki @misssportypl

11 months ago

Simplemente asombroso! 💋💖💄💎 Este labial nos tiene locas a todas... . Ya están llegando todos los pedidos que han hecho 📦.. y si que son muchos!!!! Tenés muchos colores para elegir. . 💋 Colores intenso 💋 Duradero 💋 No se corre 💋 Mínima transferencia durante el transcurso de tu día. 💋 Contiene cera de abejas, Vitamina E y aceite de palta . Querés el tuyo, comentá 👇😘 . Envio a más de 50 países 📦 . Pagos con tarjeta de crédito 💳, depósito bancario 🏦 o efectivo 💵💶 . #vitaminae #aceitedepalta #aceitedeaguacate #avocadooil #beeswax #ceradeabejas #labialmate #colores #lapizlabial 💄 #scienceandnature #beautyandhealth #argentina #pinkpower #nudepower #redpower #roar #powerlipsfluid #makeup #beauty #caolin #maquillaje #beeswax #ceradeabejas #NUSKIN #labialdeutralargaduracion #PowerlipsFluid #ultralonglastinglipcolor #richcolour #qualitycolour