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45 minutes ago

minecraft has way too big of an impact on me, I dreamt I was on an adventure with my minecraft bird Phoenix and I was lost so I followed some shepherds but when they saw me they went ultra sicko mode and pulled out gold glowing, almost like flaming swords (because apparently that's how minecraft swords would look in real life) so I pulled out my sword and they literally freaked the fuck out because I had a bronze glowing sword and they were yelling stuff like "she's one of them" and then the girl "shepherd" who was with them also pulled out a bronze glowing sword and she was legit trying to kill me but I was more like no stop I'm innocent, and they finally believed me and I walked a couple steps with them towards their village and they started explaining how they were a village of enchanters (which was illegal in this world) and they had to hide themselves and that's why they got so scared when they saw me, and I explained to them how everybody thinks all the enchanters are gone but they didn't believe me. But then I remembered Phoenix. Phoenix wasn't following me anymore. So I walked back a couple of steps because normally when I lost him I was out of his teleportation range, but he still didn't come, so I walked back more and then I saw him. Laying on the ground. He was wounded. The girl had accidentally hit him during the fight. I picked him up and he looked at me with sadness in his eyes. The girl said to let him go, he was dying. But I couldn't. And then he closed his eyes. Phoenix was dead. And I literally woke up crying. . . . . . #dankmemes #dankmeme #dank #dankshit #memes #meme #funnymemes #funnymeems #normiememe #normiememes #edgymeme #edgymemes #edgy #wholesomememes #funnytext #lol #freevbucks #shrek #memesdaily #pokemon #cute #relatable #lemon #lemonmemes #haha #lmao #yeahlemons

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Fuck we lost him😭😭😭😭😭Comment F to pay respects πŸ˜“

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Second slide is a W?

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