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When Daddy buys Mommy 🍕 #nomnomnom ☺ . .

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Dinner with my girl

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Italian "sub" keto wrap for my face hole #yum

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Cheers to the weekend with a passionfruit margarita thanks to @tocayaorganica 💛😚

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It’s the simple pleasures that make my world go round. Like grabbing the last quart of local strawberries at the co-op, plus my favorite Idaho sheep cheese, and a lovely baguette and calling it dinner. And enjoying that dinner out on a farm in the middle of Boise, listening to the birds chirp and watching the bees and the dragonflies enjoy their feast. And the whole time I’m enjoying this perfect Friday night, I’m replaying one of my favorite scenes from Ratatouille 🍓🧀🎇 if you know, you know💖 . • . #dinner #eatlocal #localfood #farmfresh #sheepcheese #cheese #bread #fruit #strawberries #nomnomnom #tgif #friday #vacation

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wild red snapper and halibut from my most recent omakase tasting 📍: Wako 📆: july 2019

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𝕁𝕆𝔹 𝔸𝕃𝔼ℝ𝕋: ℕ𝕐ℂ 🍨🔥🍦🌡☀️ Santina is the a coastal Italian restaurant created by @MajorFoodGroup. #RichTorrisi & #MarioCarbone are looking for talented and passionate LINE COOKS to join their kitchen team. #NotJustJobs #ConnectingtheIndustry 📸: @majorfoodgroup • 🍍 • 𝔸𝔹𝕆𝕌𝕋 ℂ𝕌𝕃𝕀ℕ𝔸ℝ𝕐 𝔸𝔾𝔼ℕ𝕋𝕊 Focused on our mission to help talent succeed in their careers within the hospitality industry, Culinary Agents is a website to find career-related information about the hospitality industry. The platform empowers aspiring and existing talent to easily discover and apply to the best jobs. Culinary Agents also provides job marketing, recruiting and employer branding solutions to help businesses hire the best talent.

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1) My favorite things about this Di Polpo Salad are the octopus and the egg lemon dressing. The octopus is crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. The egg lemon dressing is creamy with a hint of tart and sweetness. ⁣ 2) Il Palco Cioppino, the seafood is fresh and cooked to perfection. ⁣ 📍Il Palco is located at The Source OC in Buena Park 📍

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Tour de France Week Three begins today, showcasing the region of Provence. Our Traditional French Bouillabaisse Soup is a highlight from the menu. What makes a Bouillabaisse different from other fish soups is the selection of Provençal herbs and spices in the broth; the use of bony local Mediterranean fish; the way the fish are added one at a time, and brought to a boil; and the method of serving. To reserve your spot and experience this magnificent delicacy, visit the link in our bio. #BistroMosman #TourdeFranceMenu

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This is tofu king good

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Oh I love everything I ordered! Especially the green curry and mango sticky rice😍😍😍

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Black tea soft serve with bubbles? Dream come true. The bubbles here are slightly more jelly-like than typical Boba tea, which is a perfect compliment to the soft serve! Give me all the cold food right now, I'm thoroughly melting in this heat. Stay hydrated, everyone! . . #food #foodie #foodphotography #foodporn #dessert #dessertporn #yummy #yum #sweet #sweettooth #dessertstagram #delicious #nomnomnom #instagood #foodstagram #lovefood #eeeeeats #wanderlust #icecream #softserve #newyork #chinatown #boba #blacktea #summer #eeeeeats #weekend #bobalife #bobatea #bobalove #bubbletealover

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Hoy es viernes y la Trifulca lo sabe 😎 es por eso que te ofrecemos las mejores promos para que te vaciles tú #viernes con tus panas 🍻 ¡Pide 4 cervezas Corona por 10$! 🤘🏼 • • • • Estamos ubicados detrás del Garzocentro 2000, diagonal a la pista de patinaje. Horario de atención: Martes a Sábado desde las 17hrs • • • • • • • • La Trifulca espera tu visita. Puedes hacer una reservación a través de nuestras redes o llámanos a nuestros números. 0996429916 0996267068

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Just what I needed to wash away the week 🍦😋❤️

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Sesekali sarapan nasi hangat dengan sambel ini. 😇 Alhamdulillah, nikmat. Dulunya teman saya biasa masak telur orak arik. Dari kebiasaannya itu saya variasikan lagi 😁 Bahannya ini ya Mom.. 2 biji telur ayam 1/4 ons ikan teri, dibersihkan/kupas menjadi dua. Digoreng 1/4 ons cabe merah 5 buah cabe rawit 3 buah bawang merah 2 buah bawang putih Tambahan penyedap (saya pakai garam, gula, dan ajinomoto) Minyak untuk tumis Caranya : 1. Haluskan bawang merah, bawang putih, cabe rawit, dan cabe merah. 2. Goreng telur sambil diorak-arik hingga pecah. Lalu angkat. 3. Panaskan minyak, tumis bumbu yang sudah dihaluskan. Masukkan garam, gula, dan ajinomoto sesuai selera. 4. Setelah bumbu matang, masukkan ikan teri dan telur. Aduk hingga sambal merata. Angkat Mudah saja kan ? 🤗 @prilaga #morning #instafood #tryit #instalike #happy #yumyum #nomnomnom #lifestyle #goodenergy #energy #food #eat #sweetfood #eating #yummy #monsterenergy #foodforfoodies #hot #energyboost #sweet #prilaga #tastyfood #tasty

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so there’re other dishes from last night like raw ox tongues and stuffs and I didn’t manage to get them photogenic instagram pictures, what a shame!

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Wishing for one of these mochi donuts right now. Great Las Vegas stop for authentic island food and these mochi donuts for sure!!

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Creative dessert and playful presentation. BANANA. White chocolate shell stuffed with chiffon cake and mashed banana - MD rating: 8/10 📍: Jungsik, Seoul

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44 Farms NY Strip, rare plus, garlic mashed potatoes, stellar mac & cheese and some bacon green beans. Love this place. #nomnomnom #foodporn

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Beef short rib. Tasted like many other good beef short ribs. Meh. - MD rating: 7.5/10 📍: Jungsik, Seoul

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Gimbap. Very satisfying dish. Crispy seaweed stuffed with truffled rice with truffle mayo - MD rating: 8.5/10 📍: Jungsik, Seoul

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Blueberry Muffin

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Weekend’s off to a good start. Might be a wee bit biased, but pretty sure this is the best turkey burger on the Coast #nomnomnom

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Exquisite 👌

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Adventure continues with #whattoeatwithivy . Im sorry Queen Bandung, but I think I might have found your match....maybe even beter. Lets face it: if you’re to choose between smaller portion + higher price point and bigger portion + lower price point + tastes just as good (or slightly better); which will you choose? Not that I think Queen Resto is bad... it’s just... you’re 150km away moreover! A plus point where they really stuffed the dish with so many ingredients. Usually what I got; in general: almost every restaurant; was more gravy, less ingredients. I came to a restaurant to eat, not gone fishing 🤬 Great gravy consistency, not salty, anddd... no sore throat aftermath. I point to all the restaurant that always put MSG eventhough was asked not to. No matter what kind the powder is, it’s still MSG! 🤯 but, the last pork dish was in 2005.... but hey, i dont mind at all, planning for my next visit already! #foodporn #livetoeat #eattoreview #dontlietome #nomsgplease #nomnomnom #icanlivewithoutporksometimes #realcooking

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Squid was super tender and crispy on the outside. Served with a chorizo sauce. Was good but nothing exciting - MD rating: 8/10 📍: Jungsik, Seoul

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Sipped on a cup of American and matcha latte from over breakfast buffet. Food tasted better when I'm with @eeexuan and @weishengrocks ! . On the side note, seriously loving the shot taken with my Nikon D3300 and the 50mm f/1.8G from @nikonsg ! Considering to get the lens on my own now. . #food52 #foodiegram #foodielife #photooftheday #photo #singapore #sgig #instasg #foodpics #nomnomnom #eat #nom #vscocam #vsco #nikonsg #nikon #nikond3300 #foodphotography #instafood #foodgasm #foodiesg #sgfood #sgfoodie #foodporn #yum #yummy #foodie #onthetable #onthetablesg #foodstagram

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A Pizza slice a day keeps Sadness away. . . Mumbai’s street food can turn your food experience into unforgettable memories. So this was the one which I can’t never forget.❤️ . . ✅In frame :: Vegtable Pizza 🍕. ✅Where :: Azad maidan near CSTM ❤️ ✅Price :: let’s guess and do comment in comment section .😜 ✅Taste :: 💛💛💛💛💛. . . This was worth the price or you can say much better than expected..❤️ . . . Keep supporting @foodiot_mh31 🔥 . . #pizza #indianstreetfood #mumbaistreetfood #mumbaifoodblogger #mumbai #grubzone #curlytales #indianfood #foodpics #foodies #foodporn #nagpurbased #nagpurfoodies #nagpurphotography #nagpurblogger #punefoodie #delhistreetfood #delhifoodbloggers #delhifoodies #nomnomnom #insiderfood #foodtalkindia #thegreatindianfoodie #food #puneblogger #viral #curlytales

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I'm sittin' u hooman - now gimme that cookie!!!

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📍B-Side Brunch @the_alice_collective (Oakland, California) - - brunchin with @oinker.eats 😋 brunch is one of my favorite meals of the day and I really enjoyed the B-Side Brunch @the_alice_collective !! The food, the interior design, the vibes, everything about this place was so cool!! Thanks for having me!

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If you love Rich Farm please head over to OC Weekly and nominate us for their “Best Of” list for 2019! The nomination period runs til 8/23. After that, the top nominations move to the voting phase. We need all the support we can get! Head to the link in our bio to nominate! 🍦😄 #ocweekly #icecream #richfarm #food #instafoodies #foodies #delicious #yum #dairy #cows #dessert #iloveeating #feedyoursoul #eatinggood #lovefood #nomnomnom #sweet #sweettooth #yummy #junkfood #desserttable #instafood #winnersgetsprinkles

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Posted @withrepost @colleenfotsch Chef Sam coming through with another epic final workout for our last simulation 💥 • For Time: 3 Pegboard 6 Alt DB Squat Snatches @ 100# 90ft yoke carry @ 450# • Every day of training with @coachsamsmith has pushed me, challenged me, and taught me to be stronger both physically and mentally. Not everyday was perfect but I can honestly say I had so much fun training this season. Taper time then off to the Games 🧀 #cookbookcomingsoon #nomnomnom #gamestraining #crossfit #dumbellworkout #mbslingshot #lovewhatyoudo

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super moist and flaky salmon, shrimp, scallop, and beef green onion roll | hong kong

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I made short rib chili, and then I made Frito pie with it. 🔥😅

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Irresistible Chicken Savarin Bites! Beautiful and tasty! New fingerfood from #homecook Tamar in Glendale. Available starting Monday!

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dinner tonight: raw zoodles (spiralized zucchini noodles) 🥒 with homemade spinach 🌱 & basil 🍃 pesto.

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SABÍAS QUE?... La CAIPIRINHA es una bebida de origen brasileño clasificada como un cóctel. Su ingrediente principal es la •cachaça•, y se acompaña de lima, azúcar y hielo. Su presentación con sorbete se debe a que el secreto de la caipiriña está en beber el líquido de la parte inferior del recipiente, pues todo el jugo de la lima y el azúcar se sitúa al fondo, mezclándose poco a poco con la cachaça. ➖ ✖️PEDÍ TU PRESUPUESTO PERSONALIZADO✖️ - B A R R A L I B R E - #MarsalEventos

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24-KARAT GOLD LEAF STEAK BURGER™ 1/2-lb fresh steak burger, topped with 24-karat edible gold leaf, served with cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce, vine-ripened tomato and red onion.

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Afternoon tea

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Aloo matar Poha. 💛💚 Slight variation to the traditional Kanda Poha. Good way to add more veggies and less Poha. . . Do try it out today. 😄 . ✔️ Follow @mad.over.f00d for more such recipes 😋