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Some of you will probably remember me saying "I'm not gonna do anything to my car, its not worth it" well here we are a few months later and yeah.... I would like to give a huge thanks @mstwheels for the awesome wheels and for supporting me with my adventures for a long time over the years. Can't wait to log more adventure miles with my grandma car haha. Info on the wheel and tires below 👇👇👇👇 Wheels: @mstwheels Time Attack in Matte Bronze Finish Tires: @coopertire Discoverer AT3 4S 235/70/16

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So excited to see what @auburnmbb has in store for the rest of the season!

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Happy Monday!

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During Low Tide you can see the geological history of South Florida in the fossilized reefs and the mangroves that find shelter in the crevices of them.

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I posted this a couple weeks back and got a lot of messages about how you'd all forgotten what I looked like, so.... I'll just leave this here. That way when you guys see me out in public doing something ridiculous you'll know without a doubt that it's me. So far this week I've met new Insta friends in real life twice. Once while Wren was throwing a fit in a store and once while I stood stupidly trying to take a phone photo of my kiddos while the camera was pointed at my face... so it looked like I was trying hard to take a squinty eyed confused selfie. In my defense, I never use the selfie camera and I didn't know how to turn it around. The more I type the more I realize I sound like my mom.... except she knows how to take selfies. 🤦‍♀️ I'm only 29 but some days I feel waaaaay older.

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Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild, spontaneous stuff that happens along the way. 🚐🛣💙 • 📍Death Valley National Park, California 🇺🇸

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Live performance photography! Taken at the 4S Dance Academy annual performance of the Nutcracker. Taking photos from the wings is challenging (low light, movement, and changing color and intensity) but can be very rewarding. Support from the academy’s artistic director is invaluable in getting this level of access! #4sdanceacademy #4sdance #ballet #balletphotography #dance #dancephotography #sandiego #californiacenterfortheartsescondido #nikon #d850 #105mm #nikonnofilter #highisophotography @4sdance

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"And away we go". Duck seems to be dancing on the fountain irrigation head.

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Really digging this colour on him 👀❤️

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Days feel like they are flying by lately with the sun setting so early...😏

59 minutes ago

Old Traditional Beijing Opens to Modern New China (A Room With A View) The center of the Forbidden City looks out from its traditional classic style to the new world skyline of Beijing and the newest and one of the tallest buildings in China (China Zun at 1,731 feet). #worldpeace #thatsbeijing #discovery #beijing #china #forbiddencity #buildings #instabeijing #beijinglife #chinaunlimited #roomwithaview #chinahighlights #visualambassadors #superstructures #tallbuildings #explorechina #InstaChina #LOVES_CHINA #中国 #北京 #earthescope #travel #viajaresvivir #nikonnofilter #amateurphotography #chinazun

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Encontré la Rue de Monttessuy mientras escapa de la lluvia, que me daba la bienvenida a la romántica París. Nunca voy a olvidar este día. ————————————————— I found Rue de Monttessuy while I was looking for shelter from the rain that welcomed me in the romantic Paris. I will never forget this day

1 hour ago

I really have no words. My friend is gorgeous inside and out!!! It was an honor to photograph her, and I can’t wait to meet her little man.

1 hour ago

📸 taken somewhere in Yosemite 🤦‍♂️

1 hour ago

Whistler is a big mountain. Huge props to patrol for all they do up there to keep us safe. 👊🏼🙏🏼🤘🏼

1 hour ago

Golden mornings in the bay ☀️

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Asomándose entre las nubes... Peeking through the clouds...

1 hour ago

•Slide Away• I've really been enjoying all of the Digital Darkroom sessions I have been doing lately with old and new students. Here is a before and after of one of my new images from earlier this year, on a balmy 115º day in April. I wanted to fry an egg on these cracks, but they were just too pretty and I didn’t have any bacon🤤 I had just arrived after 2.5 days too long in Vegas presenting at NAB, and the searing heat was actually a relief from the ocean of people crammed into the event center. It just smelled like feet in there😂🦶🏼maybe it was just mine nervous sweating in my chaco’s. I wish I had known that the group @j_r_moran_photography and I were to be leading on that workshop would turn out to be so talented, and become close friends, the stress of Vegas would’ve been a little easier to handle! I will be returning to the scene of the crime again this April with a group of 8, and there is still a few spots left! Did I mention that your lodging is included in the tuition? All you need to do is get your butt there! links on my website at ================================================= If you’d like to know how I processed this, or any other image in my gallery consider a workshop or one on one post processing session! ‼️watch the B&A video on my Facebook page!‼️ ================================================= Taken with my @nikonusa D850 and 14-24, @nisifiltersus 3 stop soft grad ================================================= Thank you to all the companies that have supported me and my journey! @nisiglobal @fstopgear @weboost @gnarbox @battlebornbatteries @roofnest @litragear ================================================= #nikonnofilter #nikonusa #big_shotz #myrrs #splendid_earth #exploretocreate #longexposure #nisiglobal #wonderful_places #ig_masterpiece #divine_deserts #igrefined #scape_captures #agameoftones #ig_exquisite #worldcaptures #inspiring_photography_admired #aroundtheworldpix #global_hotshotz #wildernessculture #amazing_longexpo #fstopgear #wondersofourplanet #globalcapture #longexpoelite #landscape_lovers #ig_thisworld #worldtravelscapes

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Tip of the Arrow I'd been planning a shot like this for a few years with my ex, but we never made the logistics work out. So, when Jennie messaged me and asked to do a hunting themed shoot, I knew this was one shot that we needed to do. Working with the dappled light, and a different style of forest than initially imagined raised some difficulties, so I'd definitely like to take another swing at the composition in the future, but I'm not displeased with this result. And yes, I know the arrows are upside down in the quiver. She borrowed the bow, and the broadheads were just a little to big for the quiver. @psebows @realtreeoutdoors @mossyoak @cabelas @impactstudiolighting #BuckPhotographyVA #VirginiaPhotographer #VirginiaHunting #VirginiaModel #Hunting #HuntingPortrait #LocationPortrait #OutdoorPortrait #OutdoorsPortrait #DeerHunter #Archery #Broadhead #PSE #PSEArchery #Realtree #MossyOak #NikonUSA #NikonNoFilter #CreativesWithImpact #LiteTrek #PhotographyLife #PhotographerLife

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Always think & move at your own pace.

2 days ago

A bit of droning right before clocking in to work keeps the mind content. 🌞🌲 #SeekNewPerspectives

5 days ago

Views are always better from the sky... 🚁⚡️ • Went out this morning to test out my Mavic Air. I must admit, I'm amazed by the technology packed into this tiny drone... Flying is thrilling to say the very least. I'm heading to the mountains with it next week, lets see what I manage to create! ❉

1 week ago

Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.

1 week ago

Lets go and travel through the unknown.. 👣☼

2 weeks ago

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

2 weeks ago

Live as if you were to die tomorrow & learn as if you were to live forever. ✺

2 weeks ago

Focus your mind on what truly matters & disregard the rest. ❉

3 weeks ago

Be where you are; otherwise you will miss your life.

1 month ago

Learn to change your mind and you'll learn how to live to the fullest extent. ❂

1 month ago

Chase what excites you. ✶

1 month ago

Let every moment be a tranquil one. ☼