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🌟We love meeting new people when we are out of our office and visiting yours. Do not forget to contact us to set up your consultation or to ask any additional questions about what we can do for you! ❣️Dr. Jacquie specializes in a wide variety of services such as: 🔻Invisalign 🔺Invisalign Teen 🔻Traditional Metal Braces 🔺Ceramic Clear Braces 🔻Accelerated Ortho. (Acceledent) 🔺Cleanings* 🔻Full Mouth X-Rays* 🔺Veneers* 🔻Teeth Whitening* -and more! • • • • • • • ❣️Dr.Jacquie Smiles can help give you your ideal perfect smile! 😁 ☎️Call today to book your next appointment! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #likes #healthfair #health #agency #like4likes #motivation #america #beautiful #newyorkcity #newyork #orthodontics #invisalign #likesforlikes #followers #followforfollowback

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So excited to announce our joint venture with @launch_entertainment bringing you the new @crystalwaters & R-NALDO “ United In Dance” coming in July 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #Repost @launch_entertainment with @get_repost ・・・ Finishing up the final mixes with Iconic dance music artist @crystalwaters and R-Naldo # Project: United In Dance 💃🏽 dropping on Launch Entertainment/418 Music #WorldPride 🌈 #UnitedInDance #GottaHaveHouse #HouseMusic #DeepHouse #SoulfulHouse #RealHouseMusic #AfroHouse #NuDisco #JackinHouse #TechHouse #ClassicHouse #NewYorkCity #London #Paris #Amsterdam #Ibiza #Croatia #Napoli #LaunchEntertainment 😎🚀

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a city so dang pretty it steals your spotlight✨

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Always fun to try something new! You know I looooove to sing!🎙 I Joined Gotham Rock Choir a few weeks ago!! Woo hoo!(first choir ever) It’s an awesome Rock Pop Soul Choir🎵I’m having so much fun being a part of!Stay tuned for fun performances,events,and cabarets!🎶 (catch us Tuesday at 6/18 at 6pm in Port Authority singing as a part of @singforhope for all you commuters😊) . . . #gothamrockchoir #sing #choir #music #nyc #newadventures #newyorkcity #lovetosing #happylife #singers #singforhope #portauthority #hoboken #performance #cabaret #rock #pop #soul

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Здесь очень чувствуется как меняется мир

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Beautiful view of the Empire State Building 😍 📸| @joethommas

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Two things for you on this Monday 💫 1. Why are #fiddlefigtree plants so finicky??! Just did some major surgery to mine as it completely stopped growing. He likes sun but not too much. He likes water but not to much. He likes it outside but not really. I mean..he’s more difficult than a man! We just aren’t getting along...but he looks pretty in this picture so I’ll forgive him! 2. I was reminiscing about a #granola I used to get while living in #newyorkcity so I recreated it after scouring for the ingredients they use online. Well it LITERALLY tastes like the real deal. Just devoured it over #greekyogurt and I’m the happiest human. What are you productive people up to today?! 🤔

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@lianna_ankney and I just finished up a lovely trip to New York City and we saw Beetlejuice on #Broadway. It was a really fun show that made some interesting changes from the source material. Some of it was out of necessity to keep the sets and budget in check, such as killing the Maitlins in their home. Others fleshed out characters more and made some more sympathetic. Delia and #Betelgeuse both have bigger parts and they aren’t as cold and villainous as the original. The Maitlins are the clear protagonists of the movie, but Lydia is the real star of the theater production. The musical numbers are hilarious and they really kept the spirit of Tim Burton’s film intact. They updated several aspects. My favorite example is that they kept the wedding between Lydia and Betelgeuse, but have an entire song dedicated to the creepiness of it all (“It’s like a green card thing!”). I really loved the show and I’m glad we got a chance to see it. If you love the movie, you should seek out the stage version. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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SiriusXM announced that Lady Gaga will perform at Harlem’s world famous Apollo Theater for a special invitation-only concert for network subscribers and Pandora listeners on Monday, June 24. On Wednesday, June 26 Amateur Night of the Apollo : Special Edition Nothing but Soul is set with a new line-up of contestants. In between the above dates…We are getting closer to Tuesday, June 25 which marks the 10th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing. Remembrance and tributes are happening before, in between or after. The “One Rose Project” in L.A. has gather up to 12,000 + of red roses and counting as the dateline is approaching on June 19,2019. Is interesting to see how “Lady Gaga” who is an MJ Fan did not book the Apollo on June 25th and the Theater will not be doing any events on that specific day. So, for those who are not going to LA and are staying in the Big Apple of York or just visiting at that specific time and place. WE WILL BE THERE ! More to follow…. #apollo #theater #ladygaga #michaeljackson #anniversary #ten #years #candlevigil #red #roses #worldwide #remembrance #tributes #newyorkcity

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Last day ✌🏽

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It may be summer but a red lip goes with any season✨ As the temperature continues to go up, a natural and light make up application is our go to. Embrace those freckles girl! #bookwithblushup and let one of the talented make up counters on our website help you create your go to summer look🌞

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Most people want to know when they can retire, but they approach the issue from the wrong direction. Click the link in bio to learn the first issue in retirement planning! #JMatrik #RetirementPlanning #Retirement

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Jeg ved ikke hvornår det bliver, men hvor glæder jeg mig til at besøge det her sted igen 🗽

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Join us this Thursday evening at the @NYONStudio as Paul Seibert shares his tips on capturing stunning aerial imagery. Book now for just $49 - SkyClub Members receive free entry, not a member? Sign up today! The NYON STUDIO is located in the heart of the West Village at 310 Bleecker St. New York, NY 10014 Paul is the first resident of the NYON Photography Workshop Series. Take a look at Paul’s internationally recognized artwork on Instagram @beholdingeye. We can't wait to see you there! 🚁Get 30% off - Use Code: PRIDE30 🚁 Ultimate flexibility with our Buy Now, Schedule Later - valid for more than a year. Book now: . . . . . . #nyc #NewYork #NewYorkCity #manhattan #travel #photography #bigapple #earthpix #bestvacations #exploremore #moodygrams #complex #icapture_nyc #jointhemvmt #bucketlist #timeoutnewyork #wildnewyork #newyork_instagram #lensbible #thingstodoinnyc #adventurelifestyle #FlyNYON #NYONAir #NYONStudio #traveldeals #centralpark #timessquare

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It’s strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future.