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11 minutes ago

Hooman drove me to the mountains today, it was cold and wet, but then she convinced me to get in the warm water. 10/10 did enjoy.

16 minutes ago

You stand tall like a pineapple, I’ll stand tall like a lighthouse. Doesn’t matter to me what you stand tall as but be you, be proud, be tall, and be the beauty, happiness, strength, & example for others to stand tall as whatever they want to be

18 minutes ago

Cut down on unneccessary waste and still beautifully package your presents!

31 minutes ago

Oh hoar frost, ya gawgeous.

37 minutes ago

The Beachy Head Lighthouse (141’ tall) gives you an idea of the size of these chalk cliffs.

48 minutes ago

“Oh wow score! This is an can tell that it’s an aspen tree because the way it is. Wow.” -Lenny Pepperbottom

1 hour ago

Moose Monday! Check out this video by @jared.sills of a male moose onlooking a female and her offspring

2 hours ago

Looking back at it, this peak is what brought me to Montana many years ago. Little did I that I would end up at MSU in Bozeman. As I finished my last two finals ever today, I am officially done. Whew. Such a great time celebrating this past weekend with loved ones near and far #montanastate #civilengineering #catgrad18 #godscountry #mtbigskyseries #naturalmontana #visitmontana #distinctlymontana #outsidebozeman #montanacaptured #gostaymt #naturalmontana #mtadventure #getoutside #explore #neature #howneatisthat #thatsprettyneat

2 hours ago

It must be time to make a comeback

2 hours ago

A Lake Superior Sunrise 🌄🌄🌄 The other day I interviewed a local artist for my blog. . After the recorded was put away, the coffee was gone, and I was ready to head out to my snowmobile, he looked out over the Seagull River and said, “you know...Life is like that river bend. You never know what’s around it. It’s a mystery but it’s also usually better than you think.” . If you look back at your life so far I’ll bet that advice holds true. I know it does for me. . Having said that, it doesn’t always seem that way in the moment. . The day I told my managers that I wanted to quit my job and move to Minnesota I was shaking. I couldn’t keep it together. . I thought I was disappointing important people in my life. I didn’t know what came next and that led me to doubt myself. What if this was a huge mistake? . Now that some time has passed since I made that decision I can see my river was simply winding. . Paddling around that bend took a little courage but last night, seeing all the stars in the sky as two moose stood in front of me breathing cold winter air into my lungs...I knew the view was better than I thought it would be.

2 hours ago

I came down the hill and saw the sparkling bare trees, it was breathtaking! But it rarely translates well in pictures. Up close though, I was happy to see it was still pretty spectacular 💙

2 hours ago

Golden hour ✨

3 hours ago

Something different. One of my favorite things about fresh snow is seeing all the critter tracks that you don't usually get to see. It always tells a story that my imagination likes to try to piece together. I've seen plenty of bird tracks before, but these perfect wings (it was a magpie I believe) seemed extra special 🕊️✨ #nerd #wildlife #birds #neature #snowday #pnwonderland #naturephoto

3 hours ago

Always a new spot to explore in the Shuswap ✌🏻

3 hours ago

Keep your eyes wide. Keep your mind wise. Hooty hoo, Keep Your Wits about you. Keep Your Wits Crew now available in white fleck triblend and grey triblend. Hit the link in the bio.

4 hours ago

We’re HYPED! It’s official, starting in January I’ll be pursuing a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Pyschology! I could not be more excited and thankful for everyone who has supported me. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you guys ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mcm #mancrushmonday #co #colorfulcolorado #mcm #patagonia #adventuretime #sperry #goldenretriever #retriever #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #adventuredog #goldenlove #puppylove #wildchild #co #nederland #hiking #hikingadventures #hikingdogsofinstagram #explore #wander #wanderlust #thegoodlife #thelife #positivevibes #nature #neature #counseling #mentalhealth

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ALWAYS chase waterfalls Photo by @mahkeo • • Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheTravelersCircle to stay connected and for a chance to be featured.

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Can you identify this mineral just by looking? This can be a challenge with no additional properties, but it is a very common mineral and the cleavage pattern gives it away. Post your answer in the comments if you dare, and then swipe for the answer. Most of the time this mineral is found in sedimentary rocks, but this rock is actually igneous, which is a bit unusual. Sample is from Ontario, CA, in the small town of Bancroft. #geology #PostMoreRocks #onmondayswepostminerals #quiz #scicomm #neature #minerals #ohrocks

5 hours ago

_____________ I’ve spent the past few weeks with a LOT of alone time... too much really. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having time to myself, but what I’ve come to learn is that I am an extroverted introvert. Meaning I have many qualities of an introvert - self-aware, quiet/reserved in large groups, thoughtful, observational - however, I gain energy from being around other people. When I spend too much time by myself, I feel my mood start to shift and my spirits sink. So today I packed up my laptop and walked to a nearby coffee shop, which was bustling with humans, and my mood instantly lifted. ☺️ Then after doing some work, I took the long way home and passed through Wash Park. The weather was perfect, kids were laughing and playing on the playground, and geese were walking on the frozen lake; I just couldn’t help but smile at all this life going on around me. It was a simple act of self-care, but so important for my emotional and mental health. This is my reminder to you to take care of all aspects of your health - physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual - in whatever way works for you. ____________ What have you done lately to fill your cup?? . #thehungrynutritionist #realtalk #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #wellness #extrovertedintrovert #neature #sillygeese

5 hours ago

Sights set on Mexico👀

5 hours ago

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎄💕✨

5 hours ago

#MeetTheMembersMonday . . Hello....I'm Trish! I'm in my mid 40's, married, mother of two teenagers. I live and work in De Pere. I have always loved the outdoors, but I admit I can be a bit of a "fair weather" fan. Wisconsin is fickle, so I need to toughen up. We did so many fun outdoor activities as a family when the kids were younger. In their teen years they have become more content INSIDE (aka couch potatoes, lol.) Because of that, I haven't done much either. I want to get back to my love for the outdoors...but it's hard to do alone sometimes. So here I am, hoping to make new friends and get moving! . . Trisha also shared that she likes camping and hiking....some fishing, but doesn’t like to touch the worms/fish 😜🐟🎣 . . #womenempowerment #womeninnature #outdoors #wwin #wisconsin #women #outdoorwomen #nature #neature #camping #fishing #hiking #wisconsinwomen #wisconsinwomeninnature

6 hours ago

This. Was. So. Good. And very easy to make. Steamed sweet potato with lamb mince which was seasoned with garam masala. Greek yogurt, rose harissa, fresh mint, pomegranate seeds and quick pickled red onions to serve. (I made a larger batch of pickled onions on Sunday as something I could use throughout the week to add some zing to meals). ** Inspiration for this recipe was taken from @bonappetitmag as in this is basically exactly their recipe 🖤🖤

6 hours ago

🙈🙈 not for the faint hearted • • • 📷 @jonschwarze

6 hours ago

Where were you while we were getting high 💨

6 hours ago

Can you see Duncan? I actually have no idea who that old man is but he gives this awesome waterfall some scale. cheers Duncan mate 🤜🤛 . . Ahh finally managed to get out for the day with @lewisscorfield got a couple of good nature/landscape shots. It’s been too long 🙌. . . #instagood #keepitwild #wanderlust #keepexploring #hiking #neature #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #waterfall #waterfallsfordays #lifeofadventure #seekthetrails #letsgosomewhere #amazingtravelbeauty #waterfalls #makeroomforawesome #nikonphotography #nikontop #nikon_photography_ #nikon_photography

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Frying Pan Tower, Asheville, NC, USA

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We leave footprints, big or small, on everything and everyone we come in contact with. Make sure they are ones that leave a positive lasting impact.

7 hours ago

Love hearing the snow crunch beneath my feet 👣❄️🌲

1 week ago

I love Sundays for many reasons but mainly because It gives me time to take a step back and reflect. These are the memories and the views I am so grateful to reflect on ❤️ I love to think about how great this world is & how much it has to offer. Already planning my next adventure... ✈️⛰ Everyone have a wonderful day and take a few minutes to reflect on your own lives!

1 month ago

I need a hair cut