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19 hours ago

It’s about the #lensbaby. Anxious to play photographer again. Hoping to make new friends this season, so if you hear of anyone looking to have their portraits made, please send them my way. Sessions start at 350. Have a fun weekend everyone!

1 week ago

Big thanks to Anywhere BLVD for featuring my work. For those of you who aren’t familiar Anywhere BLVD is a platform that seeks to inspire human connection through portraiture and storytelling. Click the link in my bio to check out my feature and the work of many others! I’ll also be sharing work via their Instagram @anywhereblvd this week so stay tuned!

1 week ago

Narrative Portrait in B&W

1 week ago

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I really wanted to post this #portrait of my #mother for #InternationalWomensDay. She died three years ago from #cancer , so I am unbelievably great full she posed for this #oilpainting before she got sick. I called the piece #Destiny , and I didn’t know how relevant it would be to our lives. #Love you #Mom ! #tbaselici #sarahbaselici #realismpainting #figurativepainting #imaginitiverealism #narrativeportrait #portrait #middlefinger #collectart #art #fineart #womensday #portraitofmother #ironicart #paintdifferent #givedestinythefinger #loveyourmother #abstractrealism

3 weeks ago

It’s been a minute. Pretty days make me want to share pretty portraits. Happy to see the sun today. I know I’m not alone.

1 month ago

This a self portrait I took a couple of years ago. I thought it would be fun to share it here so you all can “see” me. I was an Army wife then, now a retiree’s wife. This is the narrative for me with the military top, instead of the traditional denim. Supporting my soldier.

1 month ago

Today we are thinking about commissions - it’s so special to commission a painting or sculpture of your children / pets / home / favourite landscape. Here is one of Jacob, aged 7, by talented painter Catharine Kingcome. She’s painted a narrative portrait of him with his favourite Lego (ninjago), rug, house (his grandma’s), karate kit, and his beautiful cat Lily - and his best mountain landscape in the background. This was painted some 6 years ago and times have changed - he no longer does karate, plays with Lego and sadly Lily passed away last week- but to have this snapshot in time forever is something to always be treasured. Why not consider a commission for your home? We work with a number of very talented artists who undertake commissions and have diverse styles. Contact us for details - laura . . . #halftermcommissions #halftermart #commissions #commission #belgraviagallery #galleriesofinstagram #narrativeportrait #portrait #childrenart #paintingforkids #everlastinggift #foreverart #snapshotintime #legoninjago #petportrait #childportrait #landscapeportrait #portraitartist

1 month ago

You taught me how to write the words that heal the pain you caused. -perry poetry

1 month ago

#Repost : Need a new headshot? #TNNAWinter19 kicks off today and is here to help thanks to our collab w/ @galezucker. Read details from Gale below! 😊 ・・・ I’ll have a studio set up at TNNA Winter Market in Portland OR — making fresh narrative portrait of you and your product/project/accessory! . sign up for half hour custom sessions with a choice of backgrounds at a link from my profile or DM me for info. . . . #tnna #headshots #peopleportrait #professionalphotography #yarnshopowner #commercialphotography #galezuckerphotography #knittingevent #needlepointdesign #knittingdesigner #lys #photoshoot #knittersofinstagram #narrativeportrait #yarnie #indiedyer #tnnashow

1 month ago

Hey young men and women out there enjoying the snow day!! I know you are looking forward to spring and being able to finally say “I made it, I’m a senior!” 2020 is your year and I would love love love to be a part of making it special. If your personality and style is adventurous, fearless, and free, I’d love to be your photographer. If you want your time in front of the camera to be easy and fun, I’m your photographer. If you really don’t want to get pictures made but your mom does, I’m your photographer. This senior portrait season, I’ll be using locations you frequent or feel comfortable in, and candid poses so you can be yourself and not feel anxious. Your experience will be designed around you! This is not about me and my social media presence or marketing. It’s about capturing the real you at this time in your life when the world is at your feet, in a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere. I get you. I see you. I was you. If you need references, I’ve got ‘em! Message me to schedule a consultation. I’ll buy the coffee. ✌🏻 #louisvilleseniorphotographer #louisvilleseniorpictures @bay.y.y 😘

1 month ago

[Old Fisherman] It's strange that the first photograph I put here is from 2011. In fact it was an important moment, while I started to photograph, during a WS with Mário Cruz. I think that the beginning of each year should be a reflection on us as people, and on what we are doing. This photograph doesn't make me disapointed and reminds me of what made me start photographing, people. Nothing more simple and complex, obvious or profound than a portrait. A portrait says a lot about the person being photographed and the photographer. The choice of the person, the place, the position, the moment, the light, are reflexes of the photographer. Portraiture is difficult. Interacting closely with someone, especially if that person is someone you don't know, can be a nerve-wracking and confrontational experience, on both sides of the lens. You have to be a quick reader of people, and be able to pick up on small details that individuate the subject: the way they gesticulate, and so on.It's all about chemistry, whether it be good or bad. Interesting things can come out of both kinds. This it's just, i think to remind me, to try, do more of this.

1 month ago

Two times I have been invited to take pictures on the grounds of this special piece of private property in Louisville. Feels like it’s far from the city when it’s actually very close. Both Mare and her brother Mason had their senior portraits made here and I’m so grateful I’m the one they chose to do them. The white barn provided ideal light reflection and character. If you have a special location, you should use it.

1 month ago

Headshots should let you be you. . (You with good lighting and editing and a background that you like and wearing a project or with a product....) . I’ll be making fresh narrative portraits at my pop-up studio at TNNA in Portland Oregon next weekend. Thanks to @tnnaorg for their support, attendees can sign up for a photoshoot session for a lowered fee than my usual 😊. . Link for info and available times from profile. Or DM me! . . #tnna #peopleportraits #headshots #knittingevent #galezuckerphotography #narrativeportrait #professionalphotography #commercialphotographer #portraitshoot #lysownerlife #yarnshop #knitweardesigner #indiedyer #asmp #ctasmp .

1 month ago

Had fun getting out and practicing narrative portraits tonight for location portraiture. I haven't taken pictures of other people in a while so it was a nice change of pace. Speaking of which I have some food pictures up over at #narrative #narrativeportrait #practice #portraitphotographer #photographystudent #alwayslearning #canonvsnikon #layinginthegrass #bestfriends #friendsmakethebestmodels #portraitphotography #locationportraiture #nikonphotographer #locationportraitphotographer #northernarizonauniversity

1 month ago

How’s your headshot situation?? . . I’ll have a studio set up at TNNA winter Mart in Portland OR —- making fresh narrative portrait of you and your product/project/accessory! . sign up for half hour custom sessions with a choice of backgrounds at a link from my profile or DM me for info. . @tnnaorg is supporting me in offering this 😊the fees are lower than I can usually offer —join me and we’ll have fun making you a headshot that you’ll love. 📷 . . #tnna #headshots #peopleportrait #professionalphotography #yarnshopowner #commercialphotography #galezuckerphotography #knittingevent #needlepointdesign #knittingdesigner #lys #photoshoot #knittersofinstagram #narrativeportrait #yarnie #indiedyer #tnnashow

3 months ago

Squeezed some studio time in and am feeling happy about the gesture and energy in this piece so far. The challenge will be retaining these qualities as the painting progresses. Are you ready for Christmas? I still have a couple of last minute things to scratch off my list, wish me luck! . . . . . #wip #detail #oilpainting #narrativeportrait #paintingoncanvas #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #contemporaryrealism #flowers #garden #portraitpainting #firstlayer #oilpaintingoncanvas #happy #smile #artoftheday #instaart #instagood #pdxart #pdxartist #westcoastartist #westcoastart #roses #rosegarden

3 months ago

what I’m working on in the studio today. (two 30x40” canvases) Any guesses on the narrative here?

3 months ago

(((🎧))) My gardening is nothing but making habitats. Because, every bit of urban habitat we support in ecology is significant and much needed. Forest friendly gardening is no longer attracting fauna in to the garden; but allowing species to survive. There is increasingly no where else for them to live. Still we suffer from the sense that wildlife happens else where. If we can stay close to the nature, to it’s simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great. ~ Channa Ekanayake @ekanayake.channa . . . #conservationalist #natureconservation #urbangarden #naturelover #habitats #fauna #faunaprotection #surviving #closetonature #makinghabitats #peoplestory #narrative #narrativeportrait #thestorybehindtheimage

3 months ago

My final drawing for Drawing 2. A narrative portrait of my mom in front of her own grave.

3 months ago

(((🎧))) My art is slow, not in your face. You must take time to discover what it means to you. It is the response to my experiences but if you let it, it will help you see what is important to you. The process is intuitive, meditative and sensuous. I follow light, I am curious about astronomy, mythology and geography. I draw parallels from my interest to explain emotions. At this time, it is mostly abstract because I am exploring feelings. In some pieces, there are some almost recognizable the future they may/ or not become identifiable. This is my journey... @evelynogly . . . #narrativeportrait #painter #portraitofanartist #artistportrait #abstractpaintersofinstagram #peopleslife #getcloser #gettoknowpeople #humanstory #storytellingportraiture #histoireshumaines #humanexperience