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1 hour ago

All your mannerisms change when you have inch long Acrylic Nails💅🏻 #NailDrama I chose a very subtle look for my nails with Glitter✨ on Ring Finger and One Gold stone✨ on my Middle Finger with White Nail Paint to have a break in the look💥 Overall Colour on my Fingers is Nudish Blush Colour 🥀 Swipe➡️ For A Close Up Look #GirlWithGlam_

2 weeks ago

I don't hate them, just kinda boring. They didnt have the yellow I wanted. And the salons water shut off and my nails melted half way through 🤣🤣 #naildrama

2 weeks ago

So true!!! 😫 typically it usually happens just as your mani appointment approaches, ugh.

1 month ago

💅🏽NAIL PROBLEMS 💅🏽 Sooooo all is not well in my natural nail world. Buuuut it's a lot better than it was 2 weeks ago. Here's what happened. I was running low on my usual base coat so I decided to try a peel off base coat that I had bought a few weeks before but had not gotten around to using it. Long story short. I had a reaction to the basecoat and all my fingers were blistered. IT WAS NOT PRETTY.!! I decided I didn't want to take antibiotics so I put together an all natural remedy and now my hands/nails are healing. If you want to see the brand of basecoat and how my nails look now. Go To My Stories and also Vote if you want to know what Ive been using to heal the blisters.

1 month ago

Hi My Beautiful Supporters 🙌🏼 . I haven’t posted in a while! I’ve been busy with my new room and setup.....exciting! I have new equipment and powders plus other nail supplies I want to share with you all! But for now I’ll share this VERY FUNNY VIDEO by Puerto Rican comedian @julio_angeltpr . . A Client goes into her regular salon to get her nails done but finds out her nail tech is she cheats on her with a new nail tech and this is the end result! 😆🤣 . . Frustrated GF: Go! I want to go home! BF:What’s wrong with you? GF: Nothing’s wrong with me! BF: But why are you so upset? GF: The lady that normally does my nails wasn’t there today! So I went with another lady and she f*%• me up! F*%• Me Up is what she did 😣 Just Go I want to go home! BF: Let Me see! GF: No! I’m not going to show you. BF: Let me see how they came out! GF: ugghhh!! Loook! BF: okaay they look good! GF: WHAT!!!! LOOK AT THIS 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 I ASKED FOR FRENCH TIP THIS IS NOT FRENCH TIP! THIS IS FRENCH TOAST!!! LOOK THE IDIOT GAVE ME FRENCH TOAST! They look like raviolis! Looks like pasta, they going to call me chef boyardee at work, I’m not going to work tomorrow F*%• that I’ll resign/ I quit! I don’t care! I just want to go home!!! As a matter of fact let’s go to Home Depot to buy some clippers to cut off my fingers....I don’t care! JUST GO!!! Just Go! . . Moral of the story! DON’T CHEAT ON YOUR NAIL TECH 🤣 . . I’ll post some nail pics tomorrow and the rest of this week 💅🏻💅🏽 . . GN 💖 . . #nailhumor #nailtech #nails #naildisaster #naildrama #julioangeltpr #julio_angeltpr #puertoricansbelike #puertoricangirls #puertoricannails #bx #bronxnails #bxnails #bronxnailsalon #bronxgirls #nygirls #bronxnative #thebronxpolish

1 month ago

⠀ ⠀ Если учиться, то только у лучших🔝 ⠀ Пост нежной любви💛 и огромной благодарности😌 @naturelle_nails ⠀ ⠀ Хочется бесконечно говорить СПАСИБО СПАСИБО СПАСИБО🙏 ⠀ Спасибо за тёплый приём😌 Спасибо за легкость подачи информации🔥 ⠀ Спасибо за новые знания👩‍🎓 Спасибо за приятную атмосферу☺️ Спасибо за искренность😇 Спасибо за веру и тёплые слова🤩 Спасибо за мощный толчок на пути к моей цели💪 Да и просто спасибо за все💛 ⠀ Жду новых встреч, с поводом👩‍🎓 и без🍕😅 #naildrama #тольятти #гельлак #гельлактлт #маникюр #маникюртольятти #комбинированныйманикюр #аппаратныйманикюр