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@nayantharamass _____________________________________________💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ #Ladysuperstar #Nayanthara #Boldlady #boldqueen #onlynayanthara #Nayanbaby #Nayanforever #Nayanmyqueen #Nayandarling #Myinspiration #Nayantharaarmy #Nayantharaqueen #Nayantharamass #Nayantharacutie #tharafolife #beautyqueennayan #Nayanslayes #onlynayan #Myqueen #Nayanvicky #Nayancrazy #Nayanaddictz #Nayanfans #Nayanforlyf

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Women. Crush. Wednesday💕 . There are so many girls I would like to shoutout to!😻 . 1️⃣My Montreal TIU Tribe! 💙These girls are the best🙌🏻 Always there to support each other, they are so strong, kind and a true source of inspiration. I can’t believe I met them all because of this community and for that I am so grateful! Always a good time together and amazing memories from our meet-ups, and TIU Tours in Boston & NYC👯‍♀️Missing @danawaz_tiu & in this picture but they were there🤗 . 2️⃣One of my best friend @laurence_bourgouin 💙 This girl is just a rockstar!!! Seriously crushing her workouts, sometimes even doing incredible combo TIU video that I’m like Whaaaatt😱She makes incredible meals with such simplicity but so healthy and delicious ~ I wish she was my private chef, haha! So happy we are sharing this passion together😘 . 3️⃣My beautiful friend @m2.tiu 💙 My discovery of the year, haha!😻 Balancing an incredible career at Lululemon, studying her Master degree, making time for her family & friends and putting so much energy into health and fitness, and cooking!👩🏼‍🍳 I am SO grateful I got to meet you and I just love when we spend time together✨ ••••• @toneitup #tiuholidayhustle #tiuchallenge #tiugirl #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiumontreal #tiucanada #strongertogether #lovethesegirls #fitness #inspiration #myinspiration #womencrushingwednesday #wcw #whoruntheworld #girls #girlpower #gratefulforthem

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I saw a pink armoire in a post a few weeks back.... I am obsessed. I can’t stop thinking about it. And so clearly I MUST have one!! Luckily, I have one from my parents in the garage that is in need of a facelift 🙌🏻. Now to convince my husband to carry it back inside & upstairs... again 😜. - These are just two of the beauties I have been swooning over #inlove 💕 📷: @justinablakeney for @thejungalow 📷: @vtwonen - #pink #thinkpink #pinkarmoire #obsessed #diy #mynextproject #mynextdiy #eclecticdecor #eclectichome #mystyle #myinspiration #inspired #diyinspiration #honeydolist #homedecor

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This girl is obsessed with ANYTHING unicorn. 🦄 One thing I love seeing in her, is her beautifully PURE confidence. She is who she is, she doesn’t care about what ANYBODY thinks, and she truly loves who she is. 🥰 It’s one thing I’ve always wanted to instil in my girls, to love themselves no matter what. If we can teach them that when they’re young, I can only hope that it’ll help them when they’re older. I’m 31 and taking notes from my 6 year old 😂 It’s crazy how we’re meant to teach our children, when in fact they teach and inspire us so much more than I believe I could ever teach them. I think we should all love ourselves as much as my six year old does when she looks in the mirror 😂🥰 She’s my constant reminder to be completely oblivious to anybody else’s opinion, and love yourself just as you are. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #myinspiration parenting #girlmom #daughter . . . . . . #bossmom #motherhood #singlemom #family #inspiration #motivation #selflove #beautiful #kids #empoweringwomen #fitness #health #beauty #loveyourself

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Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Here are just a few women who inspire me and encourage me to go out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. I am so lucky to have all of you lovely ladies in my life. It was so much fun catching up with you ladies last weekend at our Monat retreat. I can’t wait until we see each other again.

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Two years ago after my assault I had an unstoppable energy with in! I was sure that I wanted to achieve something big and make a difference in this world. I just did not know how I was going to do this though. Today I choose to continue my journey on this path. It is not a linear path though. I learn something new everyday. I ask a lot of questions. I interact with a lot of people. I love watching others succeed. I have made an online community to motivate me every day. Time and again I express my gratitude towards people because their existence matters to me and their actions impact my being. Here is another end of year 2018 #ShoutOut to my #FitnessSquad @redheadwayfarer @sonali_swami @natashanoel001 @the.train.station0607 @sraj18 @tinny.xo @fun_fashion_n_folks @changetofit_thebod One of the many questions I learnt to ask from these women is “How can I make this change today?” I begin my day with simple things and I enact my wish watching these women grow. Fitness to some is about body image and others its about strength. For me fitness is a mental challenge. I go to the gym or run because I want to be better than yesterday. I choose to spend time with myself and motivated being around these amazing women. Women who give me a reason to shine brighter. . “I bring magic to my world, watch me grow!” . #ThursdayThrowback #ThrowBackThursday #2016Dec #Gym #Fitness #FitnessGoals #FitLife #Fit #MySquad #MyCrew #MyInspiration #MyBody #MyPower #BuildStrength

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|| Invertí tanto tiempo tratando de encontrar mi destino que ahora que piso su huella voy dejándome llevar como quien sigue una estrella ✨🍃||. . ____________________________________________ . || I invested so much time trying to find my destiny that now that I step on his footprint I am letting myself go like someone who follows a star ✨🍃||.

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Annual Xmas lunch with princess @lourdesstephen and Dutchess Tia Aurora #103yearyoung #myinspiration / Celebrando nuestro almuerzo anual navideño. Con mi querida Lourdes Stephen, su principito Michael Víctor y su Tia Aurora. Mi inspiración a sus 103 años de edad. #estaentera 😍

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It’s all about JLo today, my No 1 girl crush 👍👌❤️ Sorry guys, I just posted a story on this but something went wrong and it wouldn’t let me edit and save 🙀 so I deleted it. Please head to my FB Page called HelzgetsReal-Fit and have a read and a bit of a laugh with some good handy tips and messages. ☕️😜😘 #jlo #jenniferlopez #myhero #myinspiration #helzgetsreal -fit

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Terimakasih ALLAH memberikan anak yg baek sholehah, keluarga,teman,sahabat, sodara, atasan yg baik tiada tara,pekerjaan yg nyaman..meski Allah blm memberi jodoh terbaek.. Alhamdulillah.. aq sampai dititik ine.. Allah permudahkan juga mereka yg menyayangiku dlm bentuk apapun seperti yg mereka impikan.. Amiin... #myheart #myinspiration #myfriends #myworld

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#вызовпринят @monsherry88 #5летназад #2013год . Спасибо @monsherry88 за возврат в прошлое...Удивительный и познавательный год для меня. Мой первый заграничный отдых и первый полет в сознательном возрасте...Успела и море словить и попутешествовать... Солнечный Берег и Нессебр (Болгария)➡️ Стамбул (Турция)... . Стамбул меня всецело очаровал...Это просто #OneLove @istanbul @istanbul_ctiy Малость успела за день посетить: 💙"Голубая Мечеть"- ключевое место, поражает своим великолепием снаружи... 💙"Пролив Босфор"- душа Стамбула... 💙"Собор Софии" (поместье Роксоланы и Сулеймана Паши)...Погуляла только территорией, внутрь не попала... 💙"Гранд Базар"- женский рай (можно утром зайти и выйти вечером). Впечатляет изобилием, глаза разбегаются...Это колоритное место и действовать тут нужно по принципу "поторговаться", они иначе жить не могут. Зайдя в лавку к торговцу он уже вас не выпустит, он отдаст почти даром свой товар, который изначально пугал вас ценой, иначе плохая примета и день для торговли считай пропал. Гулять там можно весь день.У базара 8 ворот с улочками и двориками...Он нереально огромный и самый известный на всю Турцию... . Стамбул для меня - это город контрастов, аромат пряных специй отовсюду, безумно сладостный аромат известных турецких сладостей, сухофруктов, крепкого кофе, призыв муллы в мечетях несколько раз в день, лазурные объятия Босфора и чайки...Город вдохновения, где парит воздух со вкусом моря... . Восток прекрасен! Стамбул, я вернусь...❤️ . #lifelover #travelling #inspiration #myinspiration #deniz #turkey #istambul #sultanahmet #bluemosque #harem #grandbazaar #bosfor #motivation

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🌠🌌🌒 Часы "Космос" Диаметр 22 см Эпоксидная смола, дерево, часовой механизм. Свободны к приобретению 😊 Цена: 2500 ₽ (+ доставка 350 ₽) 🖤💜💙🖤💜💙🖤💜💙🖤💜💙🖤💜💙 #shaverneva_art #ResinArt_Sh #🌌 #artpeople #art   #resinart #painting   #artwork   #abstractpainting   #myinspiration #myartstudio    #fantasy #inspiration   #homedeco #homedesigen   #interiordesign #contemporaryfineart   #абстракция #абстрактнаякартина   #картина   #картинаназаказ #декоринтерьера #смола #эпоксиднаясмола #космос #вселенная #mysolutionforlife #мастеркрафт #ярмаркамастеров #resinart_ru

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Just when I thought I couldn’t make when disappointment was the strongest feeling I picked up my broken peace’s and got myself back and best of all I became the best version of myself I started to love being present, strong powerful and in control. The book I recommend to any smart and broken harted girl 😉 #48lawsofpower #myinspiration #todoonada

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Hoje um dos maiores cantores da história completaria 103 ano. Ele faz parte da minha história desde que eu era muito pequena. Meu falecido avô (que Deus o tenha), através dos seus discos de vinil, me mostrou o melhor da música e o primeiro foi Frank Sinatra que por sinal foi amor a primeira vista. Minha música favorita e que sempre me arrepia a alma, por sua letra impactante e a intensidade com que ele cantava, com certeza é My Way. Espero que apreciem esse pequeno trecho. #franksinatra #myinspiration @Regran_ed from @francissinatra - Frank Sinatra sings My Way, 1970. - #regrann

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Journey of @darshanravaldz is really inspiring for all who see dream to be successful so that he/she can make their family proud💙 His father forbid him for going to mumbai for music carreer so he started his own youtube channel & start getting love but never leave his passion.. He got chance in reality of starplus #RawStar he got massive fanfollowing but unfortunately cant win the show but he won our hearts❤ He told in some interview that people used to tell him that after everyone gonna forget as many show come & go but he never let his moral down by this negative words even he also said that after #RawStar he only used to do concerts but one day he get call from Himesh sir & get his first break in bollywood & gave us beautiful songs. But he always wanted to do independent music through he gave us the most beautiful love songs some are sad some are happy, fromone of his singles TERAZIKR reached 100Million+ views. Finally his hardwork & dedication pays off he got song named Chogada which create great impact on everyone in the world than Kamariya..Everyone get crazy when they hear this songs. This year he got invited on reality shows like Comedy circus & the most top singing reality show #saregamapa from being contestant to a reality to being invited as guest on reality his hardwork dedication paying off.. From being a youtuber to become as co-judge with big stars like ShaanSir, A.R.RahmanSir, You not only prouding ur family but ur fans also whom u called ur family. Im glad to be part of ur family THE BLUE FAMILY💙 EVERY DAY EVERY SECOND U INSPIRED, UR HARDWORK, UR LOVE FOR UR CARREER ARE SO INSPIRATIONAL,WHICH ALSO INSPIRE ME TO MAKE MY FAMILY PROUD ON ME BY MY WORK❤ THANKYOU FOR BEING MY IDOL MY INSPIRATION THANKYOU FOR EVERYTHING❤ THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT EVERYONE SHOULD LEARN FROM THAT--"NEVER MIXED UR PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL LIFE"💙 Being so much busy in ur hectic schedule u always makes ur fans ur darshaners happy❤ Being so much famous still u are very down to earth & always be like this only❤ WE LOVE YOU ALOT @DARSHANRAVALDZ ❤ FOR ME YOU ARE THE DARSHAN RAVAL❤ . #darshanraval #darshanravaldz #myinspiration #myIDOL #bluefamily #darshaner #spreadlove

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Признайтесь, как часто вы говорите кому-то комплименты? Стесняетесь ли вы открыто сказать человеку, что у него стильный внешний вид, шикарный цвет волос или отличное чувство юмора? Я заметила, что в российском обществе просто не принято настолько открыто выражать своё восхищение, особенно по отношению к незнакомым людям. В лучшем случае на тебя просто посмотрят и промолчат. В худшем - возмущённо закатят глаза и поспешат отойти подальше, попутно вертя пальцем у виска. На самом деле у меня создалось впечатление, что культура комплиментов в нашем обществе накрепко связана с проявлениями лицемерия и подхалимства, так широко освещаемыми во множестве художественных произведений и кино, отсюда и рождается такое недоверие. Но знаете что? Так жить совсем неинтересно. Поэтому я каждый раз бросаю вызов своему стеснению и все равно делаю искренние комплименты, ведь самой становится радостно, когда человек перебарывает смущение и улыбается в ответ. Самый простой пример - я постоянно говорю курьерам по доставке еды, что они настоящие «супергерои без плащей», готовые в любую непогоду примчаться на помощь к голодающей мне. И каждый раз приятно сначала видеть их недоумение, а затем морщинки в уголках глаз и настоящие улыбки. Да, действительно забавно, ведь у нас у всех есть эта способность, чтобы сделать любого человека чуточку счастливее. Просто помните - самые простые добрые слова вершат самую сложную магию. Прямо сейчас попробуйте сказать что-то приятное человеку, который находится рядом, или напишите тому, кто далеко, и почувствуйте, как настроение взлетает вверх. Готово, вы великолепны!😌✨ #МарафонДобраМИФаДень12 #december #winter #givecompliments #everydayisgoodforme #myinspiration #interiorphotographer #interiordecorating #candles #bookshelves #christmaslights #decorations #potd #worldpix #explorerussia #exploretheworld #myopinion #instagood #osakarestaurant

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Как в воскресенье утром зацепил, так до сих пор не отпускает. Стихийный Пикассо 🔥🔥 Художник абсолютной внутренней свободы. Открыла для себя заново. Теперь один из любимейших. . “Everything you can imagine is real” /Pablo Picasso/ - руководство к действию #myinspiration #пикассоихохлова #picasso