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18 hours ago

🌟 water lilies are a sure sign the summer is here ☀️ @denverbotanic garden #Mydbg . . a new challenge this week at @its_my_week with Philippa @philippacooke called #myweekofmoments and it was a happy moment when I saw the Water 💦 Lilies yesterday at the gardens 💛 . . what Happy 😊 moment did you have this weekend? . . to a week of lots of good moments ☕️👒📷 . . .

1 day ago

🐍🐍🐍 . In awe of “One Fell Swoop”, a sculpture installation by artist Patrick Dougherty at Chatfield Farms @denverbotanic 😍 This is his 300th “stickworks” sculpture, a series originally inspired by the coils of Colorado rattlesnakes 🐍

1 day ago

It’s the weekend. Take time to visit your local Botanical Garden. The Denver Botanic Garden is a 23 acre oasis located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood, It is one of the top five gardens in the nation. It’s affordable and simply breathtaking.

2 days ago

4 cool things in the steppe garden right now! Senecio macrochepalus Verbascum wiedemanianum Harpochloe falx Junellia micranthes #steppesuns #mydbg #steppecult

3 days ago

June 11th 2019 Went on an impulsive trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens and I never ever ever regret it. Ended up shooting 3 rolls of film, here are my favorites. . Fun fact: I didn't know how to pronounce "Peony" and I kept hearing people say things like, "Omg those are the pannies at your house!" "Oh these smell just like your pannies!" And I thought it was very strange that people were talking about their panties like that. . All shot on my Minolta Maxxum 7000 with @kodak #35mm #colorfilm Exported from @adobecreativecloud @lightroom Composed in @photoshop Developed at @mymikescamera . Shot @denverbotanic #flowers #floral #flora #photography #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #garden #mydbg

1 week ago

Props to the @denverbotanic gardens, because I'm still thinking about this sculpture from our visit yesterday. 🤔💭 #mydbg

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1 week ago

Love-in-a-mist. What a cute name for a flower!! #mydbg

1 week ago

always on the lookout for #plantyplaces wherever I go 🌿

1 week ago

She makes dozens of new friends through out our daily adventures. Her line is "I'm Marlee and I have five dogs: Kumba, Cassidy....." They usually engage and she has the sweetest conversations with former strangers!

1 week ago

Nature imitating art. Nature creating art. Nature IS art. 🎨 This #mydbg photo was taken by @shrruuffii.

1 week ago

“One Fell Swoop” by Patrick Dougherty at Chatfield Farms is a whimsical experience for children and children at heart. Included with Chatfield Farms admission. This #mydbg photo was taken by @vhellmer.