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3 hours ago

Mountains at dawn on the way into big bear lake to escape from the city for an afternoon

3 hours ago

There’s a Greek quote (attributed to Hippocrates) that goes something like “Life is short, art long.” It is not that life is short, but that we waste much of it — spending our days doing things that don’t light out fire, or worse, not doing at all. Between work and travel, the last few days have been truly exhausting, but incredibly full and memorable. It’s periods like these that make me realize just how much time there is in a single day, and how much life can be lived if you just go for it. Reminiscing about these wild apples that were picked from apple trees on a beautiful trail in Sedona, Arizona over the weekend 🍎

3 hours ago

"Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread..." -JRR Tolkien🏞 Today was our last day in Idaho, so one final adventure in the mountains was in order before we go. The sheer wild beauty of this place will forever be something I treasure.💚 Tomorrow we hit the road for a 2 day trip, so I can't guarantee any updates! Here's hoping for good weather, safe roads, plenty of coffee, & charged phones! Cheers! ✌🌱📚 #naturalfictions #naturalliving #idaho #idahome #idaholiving #idaholove #idahogram #idahoexplored #wildidaho #idahomountains #mountainair #mountainview #mountainhome #treasurevalley #imgoingonanadventure #jrrtolkien #lordoftherings #hobbit #familytrip #familytime #momlife #momof3 #makermonday #meetthemaker #tiredasamother #momgoals #outdoorkids #onthemove #roadtrip #montanabound

6 hours ago

You ever have a day that feels like it just comes full circle? One view looking at another view.. ⛰️ From Mount Washington you can see the Omni Mount Washington Resort, and from the resort you can see the mountain.. and what views! ⛰️ More about the resort in our blog - link in bio! ⛰️ #omni #mountwashington #drinkswithaview #mountainview #ig_champagne #champagne #toast #cheers #champagnewithaview #mountainair #omnimountwashington #ilovenh #newhampshire #rvtravels #travelblog #travellife #traveldrinks #blogger #drinksontheveranda #veranda #explorenh #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #exploreusa #drinkstagram #lifeontheroad #wanderer

6 hours ago

Happiness is... an almost Fall day in the mountains. 🍁 ☕️ This year I’ve been focusing my efforts inward, which is hard for someone who is admittedly addicted to movement. — I have come to find that we can be alright, even in the midst of hard times, if we can muster the bravery of welcoming all of it into our experience. — A meditation I practiced today was to invite every thought with a sweet ‘welcome to the party.’ The anger, the upset, the sadness, the grief, the joy, the love, the hope, the peace. It’s all welcome as my teacher. ✌🏻 — “If we can stop locating our sense of self in the relentless surge of the monkey mind's slapdash chatter, we can be fully attuned to the life that's right in front of us. Only then are we able to want what we actually have.” -Rob Brezsny — #inspirational #bestill #om #yogi #mountaingirl #blueskies #weekendadventure #whatisyourwhy #holisticmedicine #liveyourbestlife #doyou #mountainair #healing #healer #almostfall

6 hours ago

There is something about being out in nature and exploring the mountains 🏔 both my girls and myself always feel so in our element when we can breathe the fresh mountain air! Isn’t this girl adorable though? 🐶

6 hours ago

How every Monday morning coffee should be!

7 hours ago

#InstaSmashers . . . . . . . My mammy brings the best gifts! Living in Jersey, we don’t have @bm_stores or @homebargains etc. So, we are very limited on @lovezoflora scents! However, my mammy lives in Scotland and has brought me these over! The tropical twist & mountain air are my two absolute faves! In my element right now!! . @mrshinchhome #hinchhaul #hinchgift #zoflora #love #happy #content #zelfie #instalove #heaven #scents #amazing #sohappy #thelittlethings #easilypleased #paradisepeach #countrygarden #tropicaltwist #summerberries #mountainair

7 hours ago

✨Makers Monday✨ Meet @crookedtreestudio a local salvaged wood art and handcrafted home decor shop! We are in love with these mini mountains 😍😍😍 Give them a follow, their wall art is seriously to die for!

7 hours ago

mondays are better with furiends 🐶🐶

9 hours ago

I went for a walk at lunch. It didn’t look like this.

10 hours ago

Nature's medicine for the soul 🌿 Spent the weekend in the mountains breathing in the fresh air, soaking up the sunshine and simply enjoying the passing of time. 💙 Bhavana Bottle is the perfect companion for every adventure and a simple reminder to drink in love for life in each and every moment. 🌍 . Swipe ➡️ to see our full range of bamboo tumblers. . . . . #bhavanabottle #beautifuldesign #thehappynow #theperfectgift #themountainsarecalling #mindfulness #mountainviews #mountainair #lovelife #lovebottle #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisagift #lifeisgood #presentmoment #blondehair #infuserbottle #highvibe #highvibebottle #highvibetribe #travelbottle #sustainableproduct #ecobottle #ecoproducts #loveyourwater #intention #insulatedbottle #inspire #raisethevibe

11 hours ago

Day 25 of the #april2019smallbusinesschallenge How are you prepping for tomorrow today? 🧖🏻‍♀️ How else do we all prep for the next day nowadays? Zoflora is course! 🙈 Ever since Mrs Hinch entered our lives and I took the plunge to invest in numerous bottles of ZoFlo, I never go home without plopping a splash in my sink to ensure my room smells amazing the next day! Thank you Mrs Hinch 😍 #thebeautyzone #thebeautyzonecolchester #april2019smallbusinesschallenge #smallbusiness #business #mrshinch #hincher #hinching #zofloraaddict #mountainair @mrshinchhome

11 hours ago

A much needed solo trip into the Adirondack back country to ease my mind and disconnect. Mountains are where I feel most at home. Just myself and my thoughts. It’s the best way for me to ground myself. I cant help others or connect with them if I’m not connected with myself. It was a beautiful awakening for me. Nature has a way of humbling you when you realize your 100% at its mercy no matter how prepared you are. I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone and push myself because I could die tomorrow so why not 😜🐻🌖🍁🍂🙌🏼🌞🍄🌲🤙🏼 #adirondacks #adirondacks #summit #backpack #solo #earth #trees #thesmells #mountainair #mountainwater #mountainviews #iloveit

12 hours ago

Well, I don't know about you, but the rain has officially hit us. Thunder and all ⛈️ it's coming down! The sound of raindrops hitting the roof, the trickle of water from the open window... Aww, what a great day. I mean, I have a paper to write and my sons cough to cure, otherwise we're happy cabin hibernaters today 🍁🌲⛈️. (Although, I may lose my veggie garden... 🤦) . . . . . #rainyday #rain #fallfeels #mountainair #mountainliving #reading #toddlerlife #toddlersandbooks #readingisfundamental

12 hours ago

Fact: reading Harry Potter by string light is the best way to read Harry Potter ⛺️

12 hours ago

Povestea începe într-o dimineață târzie în care trei prietene s-au hotărât să se întâlnească finally. Și cum orașul lor natal era prea mainstream, de ce să nu facă un picnic de toamnă la munte? Vă îndreptați spre cafeneaua pe care o găsisei tu pe Google. Un spațiu micuț și cosy cu muzică bună, decor hipsteresc – cărți, culori și mult lemn – și mirosul inconfundabil de cafea proaspăt preparată. În plus, au croissant bavarez, your fave. Stăm pe o mușama colorată cu model de toamnă și ne-am înșirat mâncarea, în mare parte gătită de mine. Vizavi e o fabrică veche și abandonată, de parcă ai putea să filmezi IT 3 în ea și un băruleț din care mai ies oameni cu alcool și se așază pe canapeluțe. Din depăratare se aud niște manele în surdină. Un nene caută fier vechi prin iarba din apropierea noastră, grupuri de copii se plimbă și uneori trec bicicliști spre traseul montan. Ne-am întors la PepCafe&CustomShop. Ne-au recunoscut, e a doua oară când venim aici azi. Bem bere nepastrurizată Azuga și stăm pe canapeaua super comodă cu păturică galbenă. Trenul de întoarcere e de la Regio Călător. Din spate se aude un scâncet surd și întorc privirea ca o nebună ca să văd un puiuț de ceva care părea un Dog German. După vreo zece minute de călătorie, în fața noastră se așază o mamă cu o fetiță de un an și puțin care a fost cel mai fericit copil pe care l-am văzut eu vreodată, probabil. Ieșind din starea de poveste, cred că e important să îți dezvolți o serie de obiceiuri sănătoase – și să pleci de nebună uneori este unul dintre ele.

15 hours ago

That crisp morning air is here 🌬️ New pillow cover being added tomorrow!

16 hours ago

Peace in rising! ☮☀️🖤 I was able to get outdoors this weekend and hiked up #crabtreefalls trail. I was fortunate to have my brethren, @pcos2011 , join me on this hike. Great time, great conversations & an opportunity to get in tune with nature. Now it's time to conquer the week. Peace and Strength to all of you as you start your week! Tune out the noise & push harder and further than you did last week! 💪🏾💪🏾 #hikebrothersadventures

18 hours ago

Autumn days <3 Days with rain, tea, a warm fire at home and the most beautifully dramatic colours <3

19 hours ago

Other things I'm passionate about: mountains, hiking, being outdoors in general! If we're close to ocean and waves, we surf 🏄‍♀️ This part of the holiday is #mountains - Making use of whatever nature is close by ✌🥰 - (Thanks @christine_zelezny for the #eigertrail suggestion 👍. Follow her for her hiking adventures! 🚶‍♀️)

20 hours ago

♻️ 🇬🇧 It’s been quiet..... too quiet! That’s because we’ve been busy working on several different aspects of the @verbiergreen business recently. We are super excited and proud to show you one of those things; our new promotional video as well as our bi-lingual, brand new, easy to use, and informative website! Head on over to to find out more information on all your recycling needs, what are existing clients think of us, as well as a short video explaining what we are trying to achieve here in @verbier - stay to the end to watch some rather funny outtakes 😳♻️ Huge thank you to @andythoms0n for the website and @fabiozahnd for the video - both provided a highly professional and timely service - will certainly recommend to anyone. —————————- 🇫🇷 ♻️ 🇬🇧 C’est calme ... trop calme! C’est parce que nous avons récemment travaillé sur différents aspects de l’activité @verbiergreen . Nous sommes super excités et fiers de vous montrer l'une de ces choses; notre nouvelle vidéo promotionnelle ainsi que notre site Web bilingue, flambant neuf, facile à utiliser et informatif! Rendez-vous sur pour en savoir plus sur tous vos besoins en matière de recyclage, sur ce que les clients existants pensent de nous, ainsi qu'une courte vidéo expliquant ce que nous essayons de réaliser ici à @verbier - restez jusqu'au bout regarder des sorties assez marrantes Un énorme merci à @andythoms0n pour le site Web et à @fabiozahnd pour la vidéo - les deux ont fourni un service extrêmement professionnel et opportun - le recommandera certainement à quiconque. • • • • • #verbier #switzerland #valais #sustainability #environment #green #planet #earth #planetearth #snowboard #ski #skiing #mountainair #protectourwinters #pow #recycle #recycling #recyclingideas #website #new #video