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23 hours ago

I am definitely going to feel my shoulders tomorrow! Nope not because I’ve done a work out but because I’ve spent the last 3 hours cutting my hedge and tidying up this bit of front garden (which is actually the neighbours but hey!) Holding the cutters and the electric hedge trimmers trying to get those pesky tall bits at the back of the hedge that even standing on one foot at the top of the ladder I couldn’t reach, was a shoulder and back work out indeed! I found it really enjoyable and therapeutic and feel so much happier when the sun is shining! 🌞 Oh and look how Holly and her friend spent their time...timing each other and setting their own little circuits! ❤️ #trimmingmybush #chipofftheoldblock #gardening #chillingtonight #moretomorrow

2 days ago

What is IIZU made of? 💧 vitamin B2 vitamin B6 vitamin C magnesium zinc potassium alkaline salts (PH9) L-ornithine + taurine with sweeteners and kaffir lime flavor 🍋 #moretomorrow #dissolveinwater

4 days ago

What is IIZU made of? 🍋Main Ingredients🍊 Green Tea Tumeric Ginger Black Pepper Dissolve in Water 💧 #moretomorrow

4 days ago

I started jiu jitsu the last week of December, I didn’t want to wait until January because it wasn’t a New Years resolution thing. I told @kkovach that I didn’t think I could handle rolling with men. She told me I could start with the women and teens. I loved my first class. Rolling felt like wrestling with my brothers and I didn’t care about being touched because I wanted to win. I really enjoyed rolling with my kids too, it gave us a special connection. They liked teaching me and showing me new submissions. #longstory #moretomorrow #Jiujitsu #jitsugirls #jiujitsulife #bjjgirls #bluebelt #bettereveryday #bjjwomen_ #tmitherapy #jiujitsufamily

5 days ago

Telling Tuesday!! . . Every picture has a story behind it. This shot holds a special spot for me mainly because I consider one of the "official" portraits that I shot in a series. This picture was taken on a random road in Belize. Me and some friends were just exploring around and I happened to look over and see this field of swamp grass. So I convinced my friend to stand in the grass for this shot. I love it because it is the first time I used interesting composition to contrast my subject making them stand out. Even though this is one of my first pictures and there are small technical errors in it, it helps tell the story of where I started and where I am now. That's the true story one of progression and growth. . . Shout-out to @kenzie.trupp for being willing to just try stuff on this shoot #tellingtuesday #tellingstories #photography #canon #composition #belize #portraits #beginnings #canonphotos #progression #growth #moretomorrow #t5i

5 days ago

I started thinking I wanted to try jiu jitsu but I didn’t like people touching me and didn’t think I could handle it. The turning point for me was when my daughter competed at Naga. She got beat over and over and kept asking for more matches. @coachbertbjj encouraged her and reminded her that she was willing to face losing when so many people won’t even try. I was really challenged, I wanted to face my fears. #moretomorrow #jiujitsu #jitsugirls #jiujitsulife #bjjgirls #bluebelt #bettereveryday #bjjwomen_ #tmitherapy

5 days ago

Today was not a productive day, but somehow it ended up with some inspiration that brings a couple of good ideas. . "Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus. Muses are too unreliable to keep on payroll." #thoughts #lifeinbrussels #moretomorrow

1 week ago

Well, it looks as though Instagram is back at last, but I'm saving the post I had planned for today and posting it tomorrow - because it's writing time! Anybody read a good book while social media was AWOL today? •