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Look hold up, quit saying you miss me, Only miss you, when I know you owe me money Wheres it at, make it rain, cause I’m carryin the weight No kisses don’t touch me yes we on a break Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll, Insurance and ID, I need your credential Get the fuck off my phone go and get your act right I am mama and the baba, Boy you out of sight Yeah boy, did I stutter? You’re not even a man, you stay in the gutter, when you always say, I can’t So pull it together, come on there now puppet Boss ass bitch, this an audit, fix your budget Keep it moving cause ya bitch steady choosing Here’s the news I’m flooded and I’m wanted Yes I’m flauntin, show and tell I’m fed up, I one up, you fuck up. Now bye! Superior, the queen, stop wasting my time You barely put the tip in 2 seconds, diminish Pussy so good I ain’t never get to finish I’ ma catch as you cast, not hungry won’t bite it Fake bait, no taste, I’m fasting, diet ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE AUDAZITY

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Grande vitória ontem em cima dos Pelicans. Nosso All Star como sempre pontuando bem, mas ainda sinto falta de jogador que chame a responsabilidade e carregue nossa franquia aos playoffs. @orlandomagic continue me iludindo. Estou sonhando com os playoffs. GO MAGIC PURE MAGIC 🌀🌀 #OrlandoMagicBrazil #OrlandoMagic #PureMagic #NBA #gomagic #nba #nbabrasil #orlando #aarongordon #momamba #isaac #stuffmagic #playoffs #basquete #stuff #basquetebrasil #penny #hardaway #NBADraft #mobamba #fournier #vucevic

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