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3 days ago

What do you do when you’re stuck on beautiful North Stradbroke Island for a few days and can’t make bee boxes. Well you catch up on some reading and drink great beer of course!! But I still managed to find some bees👍 #agreensoul #greenbeaconbrewing #milkwoodpermaculture

4 days ago

We’re currently immersed in the incredible seaweed chapter in Milkwood - the new book from Kirsten and Nick of @milkwood_permaculture. . Kirsten and Nick head north today for a special seaweed dinner at @fleetrestaurant tomorrow, a family seaweed foraging picnic in Byron on Saturday morning and a talk at Brisbane’s Avid Reader on Saturday afternoon. . Hit up for more info on each event! #milkwood #milkwoodbook . 📸 @hellokateberry

5 days ago

If you’re in the Northern Rivers this Friday come and join me at 3pm to help launch @milkwood_permaculture first book, ‘Milkwood-real skills for down to earth living’ @thefarmatbyronbay . I’ll be facilitating a Q&A session with authors Kirsten and Nick after a free mushroom growing workshop. No need to book, just turn up, and stick around afterwards for drinks @threeblueducks ............ #byronbay #milkwoodpermaculture #mushrooms #sustainablefarming #regenerativeagriculture #selfreliance #agriculture #farmlife #downtoearth #whosyourfarmer

6 days ago

Totally obsessed with my new book @milkwood_permaculture. Each chapter focuses on something different. Tomatoes, bees, foraging and this weeks fav is SEAWEED. So delish and so good for you. Rinsed and perfect addition to our Japanese dinner along with radishes, onion shoots, spinach and coriander from the garden.

1 week ago

Hard to get my chores done when I’ve got 3 new books to read. The sauerkraut and catering quote will have to wait!

1 week ago

Natural beekeeping practices allows the bees to build their own honey comb. The honey comb is paper thin and edible. 🐝 We are so fortunate in Australia. Did you know in China bees have almost ceased to exist due to excessive use of pesticides and insecticides? Without bees, crops cannot be pollinated. 😭 . . . #beecare #honey #honeycomb #naturalhoney #sustainableliving #caringforourbees #beekeeping #liquidgold #igfood #instafood #australianhoney #naturalbeekeeping #milkwoodpermaculture

2 weeks ago

Mycelium colonising straw and sawdust substrate in a reused honey bucket. A gift from Nick Ritar at the mushroom workshop he ran 3 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago

I’m freshly back from a complete switch off from work and volunteering...we do need to learn when enough is enough and I was done, my cup was full and I needed to recharge the batteries with the fambam. I may have purchased a few books on my break and spent the last half hour taking a quick time out before heading off to plant seedlings and sow seeds after this glorious rain. I’ve started suggesting to clients to consider beehives on their properties for pollination, food and all of the bee benefits that come with having a hive. I’ve loved reading the beekeeping section of Milkwood by Nick and Kirsten from Milkwood Permaculture. I’m also buried deep in The Bee Friendly Garden by Doug Purdie. Two fantastic books that enhance what I do and load me up with new facts. We are so lucky to have the fantastic Mudgee Bee Group here who are the local encyclopaedias and guides on all things honey buzzy. Be nice to bees people and please, PLEASE buy your honey locally or from a reputable seller. The whole honey debacle isn’t a joke, it’s a threat. It’s easy to buy local so just do it. If we lose bees and all of their awesomeness, we are kind of in the shit. #keepingitreal . . . . #mudgee #mudgeeregion #savethebees #bees #localhoney #abitofarant #beefriendlygardening #beefriendlygarden #milkwoodpermaculture #dougpurdie #milkwood #newbooks #gardeningbooks #lifelessons #growyourownfood #micdrop @milkwood_permaculture @dougpurdie

2 weeks ago

Sometimes when I teach on Permaculture Design Courses I feel so energised at the end of the day. And sometimes, like today, I feel absolutely wrecked. It may have something to do with the hours of standing and talking that teaching involves, and all the prep and stress of being up there while people look at you. Each time I do this it gets easier. And each time I gain even more respect for the seasoned PDC teachers who have taken me under their wings, and who teach all the time like it's no big deal. You are my heroes. . Luckily I've figured out the antidote to the post teaching slump: many cups of tea and a good book. ☕️☕️☕️ It's working already 😁 . . . Thanks @milkwood_nick for the photo, you sneaky bunny, you.

2 weeks ago

What a beautiful beautiful book from Milkwood. Just published. Come on in and have a flip through 👀 The perfect gift for that special foodie or foraging oriented friend.

2 weeks ago

Over the weekend, on the first calendar day of spring, these two wonderful humans, Kirsten and Nick of @milkwood_permaculture launched their new book, Milkwood. As mentors, ongoing inspiration and Em and Zags first stepping stone into the world of permaculture and farming many years ago it was so special to host their launch on our farm at @camperdowncommons. Their book is an incredibly beautiful, educational and accessible introduction to creating change for yourself, your community, and on a wider scale. Starting with five of the very best ‘gateway drugs’ into living fully and with minimal impact - growing tomatoes, mushrooms, keeping bees, foraging seaweed and wild foods. Get one for yourself - and everyone else in your life, it’s so damn good. 🙌 . (Book pic by @verso.books )

3 weeks ago

. . Anyone that visits from now will become very familiar with this beauty. It’s top shelf material but the kind that must stay in sight and within arms reach for everybody to read as this is the stuff we all need to be learning, and doing and this awesome book by inspirational legends @milkwood_permaculture shows how it’s done. . . . . The more we learn about Permaculture, the more we believe it’s the one thing that could actually save this crazy effed up world we live in today. . . . .

3 weeks ago

Blue Gum logs waiting to be drilled & plugged with shiitake inoculated plugs. Learning so that I can expand my knowledge, to enrich my life by what I learn, is essential to me. It is a bit of a joke amongst friends & clients alike about the number of courses I do. My answer is how do you know what you want to include in your life unless you learn more about it. This past weekend I spent two fabulous days at a Mushroom Cultuvation Course run by @milkwood_permaculture This is the third course I have done with them (Natural Bee Keeping & Urban Farming were the other two). For someone who knew absolutely nothing about growing mushrooms it ticked every box. If you are interested in permaculture I can not recommend @milkwood_permaculture highly enough. A consistently high standard, informative & relevant. In terms of the mushroom cultivation, I expect a few failures along the way, but am looking forward to the journey. #milkwoodpermaculture #mushroomcultivation #learningnewthings #permaculture #everydaycounts #simpleliving #livingsimply

1 month ago

Shhhhh..... Dinner will have to wait! I've jumped to the Mycelium Chapter and am very happy!!! Thank you #milkwoodpermaculture !! You've made my day, one of the texts I have purchased this year that make a difference to our family's lives!!

1 month ago

If you’re not an experienced gardener, you might have questions about spacing your root crops in the garden, and how and when to thin them. The amazing @milkwood_permaculture has this great advice for thinning your plants as they grow 👉🏻 “Thinnings - beetroot and radish. A few weeks after planting these crops from seed, thinning is an essential task to ensure a good crop later down the track. Firstly we thin to a one-finger spacing, to let the babies grow. Then we thin again some weeks later, to a four-finger spacing, to ensure good sized root crops. . . That's two rounds of tasty, crunchy thinnings to harvest, perfect for salads, soups, stews or fermenting. And three rounds of harvesting total, each of which are delicious in their own way.” 🙌🏻 📷 @milkwood_permaculture #milkwoodpermaculture #milkwood #permaculture #gardentips

1 month ago

Exciting News! Our new 1 day introduction to Warré beekeeping course is live. Please go to the Milkwood site for more details and bookings: A little bit of history... Since 2009 we've taught over 1,000 students the art and craft of natural comb, bee-friendly beekeeping. From Albury to Byron Bay and everywhere in between we've had the pleasure of meeting so many great people and educating the community about the importance and joy of natural, bee-friendly beekeeping with Warré hives. This new 1 day course will be a condensed version of the previous 2 day course. We've made this decision so we can also offer a 'stage 2' advanced Warré beekeeping course, to continue to help people on their journey as natural beekeepers. The Intro course will provide you with all the basics to get started and keep bees for your first season or two, and the advanced course will be there to increase your skills, confidence and understanding as a more experienced apiarist. The advanced course will be up on the Milkwood site in the coming weeks. Photo credit: Emma Malfroy. Top bar comb from a Warré hive #malfroysgold #naturalcomb #biodynamic #warrehive #warrebeekeeping #bluemtns #bluemountains #topbarbeekeeping #wildhoneycomb #timmalfroy #ruchewarre #organichoney #wild #savethebees #savethebeesforreal #milkwoodpermaculture

1 month ago

Those are not my legs! 😜But love it when GUTSY lovers 💕 enjoy a bowl of veggies, nuts & kraut with a good book. Especially when it’s authored by the amazing folks @milkwood_permaculture ! This book is definitely going on my Christmas wish list 😏.

3 months ago

Coming soon! Natural Beekeeping courses for this coming season about to be announced. Keep your eyes on the Milkwood page for more details @milkwood_permaculture The popular 2 day Natural Beekeeping course has been running since 2009, and now has over 1000 alumni! For this season we will be offering a condensed 1 day version of the course as well as a new 1 day 'advanced' course for practising Warré beekeepers. Stay tuned. Photo credit: Emma Malfroy #malfroysgold #naturalcomb #biodynamic #warrehive #warrebeekeeping #bluemtns #bluemountains #topbarbeekeeping #wildhoneycomb #timmalfroy #milkwoodpermaculture #milkwoodbook1 #beekeepingcourses #beekeepingworkshop

3 months ago

Hard work on a sunny morning! Another empty patch of ground where turmeric had been. This patch was full of turmeric when we showed a group of students around last month. #turmeric #milkwoodpermaculture

4 months ago

Kimchi’s done! It smelled pretty darn ripe walking in the front door this evening, so we knew it was time to test it, and found it to be spot on. Pleasantly sour, complex, and ever-so-slightly fizzy, letting us know that there was an active ferment going on. . So it’s jarred up (a few small gifts again), sealed, and in the fridge now, which will slow down the fermentation and allow us to dip into the jar for several months. Although we suspect it’ll be finished long before then! . . We (mostly) followed @milkwood_permaculture ’s recipe for this batch, and the flavour balance is amazing. Thanks for the constant inspiration Kirsten & Nick! Xox . #ferment #fermentation #fermentedfood #fermenting #guthealth #healyourgut #traditionalskills #nannaskills #traditionalrecipe #homesteading #makeyourown #milkwoodpermaculture

4 months ago

If I could list all the things I've learned about growing vegetables from this guy, it would take a long time. Suffice to say, it is A LOT OF THINGS. Michael Hewins has been teaching, market gardening and growing goodness with us for over 7 years now, and we're very happy to have him back to teach a Serious Backyard Veggies course this July!⠀ .⠀ In celebration of this fact, we think its time for a giveaway. A double pass to our 'Serious Backyard Veggies' course happening 28-29 July in partnership with Pocket City Farms in Sydney. Yes! Winter is a great time to get the skills you need for spring.⠀ .⠀ To enter, tag a friend below who you think should start a veggie patch, and make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter (link in profile). That's all you need to do! We'll announce the winning tagger/subscriber next Tuesday. ⠀ .⠀ Feel free to pass this along also - the more folks we can get growing backyard goodness, the better for everyone. Good luck! #organicgardening #growyougoodthings .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #seriousbackyardveggies #milkwoodpermaculture #permaculture #homegrown #homesteading #permaculturehomestead #growbetternotbigger

4 months ago

Use edges and value the marginal - this is something I learnt recently and not easy in everyday life but nature does it brilliantly - Usually I’d walk pass this and admire the industrial beauty, today I walked passed and noticed for the first time the trees, shrubs and weeds growing in such a harsh landscape - I could even name the trees growing on this edge! #mademyday #valuethemarginal #diversity #industrialbeauty #naturedoesitbetter #permaculture #milkwoodpermaculture #milkwoodpdc #permiesdoitbetter #newlenses

5 months ago

Learn more about permaculture from Green School's friend @kulkulfarm through their upcoming Permaculture Design Course on June 22 - July 7, 2018 link is in their bio

5 months ago

If you are thinking about getting into mushroom cultivation we did @milkwood_permaculture ’s course in August last year. In less than nine months we are already growing more than we can eat and are getting ready to start selling mushrooms! This photo is of Cherie learning lab work hands on.

5 months ago

Yesterday was forestry day out at Fryers Forest Ecovillage. It's a day where sick and crooked gum trees are cut down and stacked for firewood under a planned forestry management system that helps the strong trees to grow better, reduces fire hazard, and builds soil and habitat. Also, it means we get sustainably grown fire wood and building timber. Yay for #forestmanagement !

5 months ago

La permacultura è un metodo per progettare e gestire paesaggi antropizzati in modo che siano in grado di soddisfare bisogni della popolazione quali cibo, fibre ed energia e al contempo presentino la resilienza, ricchezza e stabilità di ecosistemi naturali. 💧Seguendo il profilo @milkwood_permaculture otterrai le competenze necessarie per crescere, creare, progettare e vivere una vita organica straordinaria. #acquasanbernardotips #acquasanbernardo #igrs #travel #green #traveller #naturallife #permacultura #milkwoodpermaculture

6 months ago

Some eager beavers and a cheeky Pepe at the @milkwood_permaculture ‘Intro to Market Gardening’ course. Led by Olivier the legend from ✨These people have dedicated their Friday-Sunday to learn the ins and outs of kickstarting their very own market garden. We’re stoked to be able to create and provide a space where theory can be put into practice.💪🏼Thanks for bringing your amazing courses here guys, we love having you! 🌾👩🏽‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾🌾

6 months ago

Double tap if you dream of having a vegetable garden like this outside your front door? . 🏡 . 3 years ago we did too! We dreamt, we wrote it down and sketched it out. We believed we could do it, and so can you! . 🌿 . So whats the first thing you should do if you’re dreaming of starting a homestead, build a permaculture property or a farm business? Well, the first thing we did was ‘Find the others!’ Find the people in your industry that are completely rocking it! Look to them for inspiration and learning. For us, these people where @milkwood_permaculture . If you’re into #permaculture you’ve heard of Milkwood and you’ve probably read their blogs. They have (in our opinion) the best, most relevant and applicable permaculture content out there. They’re walking their talk and have inspired our journey from Day 1. We didn’t wait long to get in touch with them for some form of collaboration, and finally, 3 years later, the stars have aligned! ✨ . 🥁 🥁 🥁🥁 . We are extremely excited to shout this off our bamboo rooftop!!! Milkwood’s Nick Ritar @milkwood_nick is coming to our little farm in Bali to lead our next Permaculture Design Course happening in 3 months, June 22 - July 7. Hop on over to their insta pages and see what they’re up to, its glimpses & stories of everything thats good in the world. A life of regenerating the earth with permaculture. Nick has taught over 30 #pdc s and together with his wife Kirsten and son Ashar live on David Holmgren’s (Co-Originator of Permaculture) Melliodora property. We’re keen to have Nick over to collaborate in creating an epic course for you all. Join us to gain the skills you need to create a garden like ours and hopefully way better! Bookings are out for the course and available via the link in our profile. . 🌿 . P.S If you come this June we’ll show you the vision we created for the farm back in 2014 before it all started, including our initial logo & web sketches 🙈. • • • • • • • • • #permaculturedesigncourse #kulkulpdc #kulkulfarm #permaculturebali #pdc #milkwoodpermaculture #permaculture #organicgardening #growsomethinggreen #growyourownfood #growyourown #horticulture #homestead #sustainableliving #sustainabletravel

6 months ago

#Repost from @milkwood_permaculture. Students learning sector analysis - using available sun, wind and other aspects of a site, to design awesome personal responses. When designing any physical space or structure, it always helps to work with nature, not against it! . . We are so looking forward to our autumn Permaculture Design Course coming up in just over a month! It will be the next chance to learn this kind of knowledge in a 2-week intensive of design thinking AND doing... with fab teachers, held in a rainforest setting (1hr south of Sydney) with delish food and a crew of awesome humans. If you've been thinking about doing this course, please click on over (thru our profile) and check out the details. SO much goodness fitted into 2 weeks. . Because if we want to create the world our communities need, we need the design skills to do it. Which is exactly what this course gives you a great foundation in. YES. Can't wait :) #permaculturedesigncourse #milkwoodpermaculture . #permaculture #sectoranalysis #permaculturedesign #permaculturedesigncertificate #biomimicry

6 months ago

Students learning sector analysis - using available sun, wind and other aspects of a site, to design awesome personal responses. When designing any physical space or structure, it always helps to work with nature, not against it! . . We are so looking forward to our autumn Permaculture Design Course coming up in just over a month! It will be the next chance to learn this kind of knowledge in a 2-week intensive of design thinking AND doing... with fab teachers, held in a rainforest setting (1hr south of Sydney) with delish food and a crew of awesome humans. If you've been thinking about doing this course, please click on over (thru our profile) and check out the details. SO much goodness fitted into 2 weeks. . Because if we want to create the world our communities need, we need the design skills to do it. Which is exactly what this course gives you a great foundation in. YES. Can't wait :) #milkwoodpdc #permaculturedesigncourse #milkwoodpermaculture . #permaculture #sectoranalysis #permaculturedesign #permaculturedesigncertificate #biomimicry

6 months ago

This is one of the new postcards that I illustrated for the lovely team at #milkwood. You can get your hands on a copy by signing up for one of their super interesting #permaculture courses...or maybe by giving one of them a big hug and then asking nicely. This drawing explains the awesome mobile wicking beds that milkwood have up on the roof of the #107rooftopgarden in Sydney.

6 months ago

Strange things are growing in the kitchen....

7 months ago

Espalier is a technique where a tree is grown against a fence or wall . Apple and pears are probably the most suitable trees for doing this . All you need is some wire and plenty of time as they do take a few years to look any good ! Since I’m growing in pots I’ve purchased 2 dwarf apple varieties ( Granny Smith / Pink lady ) which will cross pollinate and increase yield . As you can see I’ve thinned out both these trees to 3 branches . One main vertical stem an two horizontal branches . I then cut the main vertical stem back to encourage shoots which will then become my next level of horizontal branches and main stem . Done properly espaliers look absolutely amazing and cost a small fortune. If planting in pots always use a quality potting mix ( I use Tim’s own ) and be sure to water in well then mulch , then water again .. . . . . . . . . #urbanfarmer #urbanfarm #growingfood #camdencommunitygarden #organicgarden #organic #organicgardening #organicgardenermag #gardenactivist #gardeninspiration #gardening #gardeningaustraliamag #growingfood #growsomethinggreen #growyourown #sustainablesprout #sustainableliving #sustainability #milkwoodpermaculture #permaculture #urbanfarmer2570 #timsgardencentre

7 months ago

I’m always going crook at @chantelle_obrien_ about cutting her herbs back and this is why ! Not the best quality video I know but these girls are super shy . Here we have 1 of the many ( over 1500 ) species of native bee you might have but have in your backyard but never noticed . This particular bee is a Leaf Cutter Bee , named after their tendency to cut holes in leaves ( my roses at narellan vale used to have numerous perfect circles cut into them ) if you’ve ever wondered what’s doing that this is the culprit, they actually use the leaves as part of a cradle for their young ,, unlike honey bees who are social these girls are solitary and live in holes or burrows in walls or mud . They can sting but are not aggressive and won’t defend their home like honey bees . . . . . . . . . #nativebees #leafcutterbee #bee #bees #savethebees #beekeeping #beekeeper #sydneystinglessbees #beeyourselfaustralia #camdencommunitygarden #herbgarden #mygarden #organicgarden #organicgardening #organicgardenermag #gardenactivist #gardeningaustralia #gardeningaustraliamag #urbanfarmer #urbanbeekeeper2570 #urbanfarm #urbanfarmer2570 #urbanorganicgardener #urbanorganicgardenersrepublic #epicgardening #permaculture #milkwoodpermaculture

7 months ago

Every time I visit the garden I’m noticing the benefits of planting flowering plants and herbs in an amongst the veggies although at the moment I have an issues with some native Bower birds who seem to have taken a liking to my young beans lol

7 months ago

Visitors to the garden or followers on instagram may have noticed we have a varied collection of different breeds of chickens , so I thought I’d take some pics and explain a bit about each breed and what makes them unique from the others .. Here we have our 2nd generation olive egger pullet , whilst not a recognised breed yet olive eggers are a cross between a dark egg layer and a blue egg layer ( Black French Copper Maran / Araucana in this case ) whilst olive eggs are hoped for they’re not guaranteed an sometimes you’ll end up with light blue or light green eggs . This pullet is shy and gentle and mixes with the other breeds happily. . . . . . . . #camdencommunitygarden #camdentownfarm #camden #2570 #communitygarden #urbangarden #urbanorganicgardenersrepublic #urbanorganicgardener #urbanfarmer #urbanfarmer2570 #organicgarden #organicgardenermag #organic #permaculture #milkwoodpermaculture #thehappygardeninglife #epicgardening #gardenactivist #leahschookshed #allotment #growingfood #growyourownfood #eggs #fresheggs #backyardchickens #chicken #chook #chickensofinstagram

7 months ago

There are still a couple spots up for grabs in this awesome one-day course, run in Sydney and Melbourne. Michael Ableman will share his wisdoms about urban farming and how he integrates city food production with the people care side of things. Please tag anyone who you think might be interested.

7 months ago

Cultivating Community together with @milkwood_permaculture are very excited to host a conversation with urban farming pioneer, inspiring author and tireless advocate for sustainable agriculture, Micheal Ableman. Micheal will share insights from his latest book Street Farm, an inspirational account of how residents in the notorious Low Track in Vancouver, British Columbia- one of the worst urban slums in North America- joined together to create an urban farm as a means of addressing the chronic problems in their neighbourhood. Following Micheal’s presentation we will venture across the road for a garden tour of one of Cultivating Community’s public housing community gardens on the Richmond public housing estate where residents grow an abundant and diverse range of edible and medicinal plants while connecting with each other over a shared love of gardening and food plants. This fabulous event takes place on Saturday February 10th from 10am-11.30am. Payment is based on what you can afford but bookings are essential so check out our Facebook page for further details and link to bookings. Hope to see you there!!! #cultivatingcommunity #urbanagriculture #michealableman #communitygardens #streetfarm #vancouver #milkwoodpermaculture

7 months ago

love cup overflowing with inspiration and insight, potent reminders. with this abundant, empowered life comes deep responsibility for the earth, people & community. what a blessing to share such insights all weekend with likeminded souls @milkwood_permaculture 🌱🐝👩🏼‍🌾🌿🌻👨🏽‍🌾🦋🌈 thank you @milkwood_nick & the amazing crew. so grateful 🙏🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . . #permaculture #earth #community #milkwoodpermaculture #grateful #abundance #pocketcityfarms #freedom #earthcare #peoplecare #fairshare #unity #respect

7 months ago

An inspiring weekend of "Introduction to Permaculture" with Nick & Adam from #milkwoodpermaculture and 23 likeminded souls. Greeted @ #pocketcityfarms by these lovely girls early on Saturday morning 🐝

8 months ago

Hot composting takes on a whole new meaning in today’s heat 🔥🔥🔥Attempting to get the new pile built before it gets any hotter. Organic waste and coffee grounds from @oramanly layered with cardboard, sugar cane mulch, grass clippings and sawdust from a local timber place. All tucked under a layer of hessian. Time to let it cook ....and get in a quick swim before it hits maximum temps ☀️🔥

9 months ago

First decent bean harvest late last week , this is the first time I’ve grown these heritage heirloom varieties and they’ve all grown really well . I’m definitely going to keep growing the Australian butter beans as they have a great texture and taste . . . . . . . . #gardenactivist #thehappygardeninglife #gardeningheart #organic #organicgardener #organicgardenermag #urbanorganicgardener #urbanorganicgardenersrepublic #urbanfarmer #growyourown #growyourownfood #diggersclub #heirloom #permiculture #milkwoodpermaculture #camden #camdencommunitygarden #2570 #lovelocalcamden #timsgardencentre #gardeningaustralia #gardeningaustraliamag #myplot #plot #allotment

9 months ago

This is a great comparison shot of a wild European Honey Bee next to one of my native stingless bees , yes they’re tiny !! Both gorging themselves along along with hundreds others on my next door neighbors flowering gum . #urbanorganicgardenersrepublic #urbanorganicgardner #bees #savethebees #nativebees #stinglessbees #beekeeper #organicgardenermag #timsgardencentre #gardeningaustraliamag #thehappygardeninglife #gardenactivist #gardeningheart #milkwoodpermaculture #lovelocalcamden #camden #2570

9 months ago

me, version 1.0, the start of the road.. after studying landscape design and horticulture at uni I then decided to veer left and start floristry. Long story short I felt there was something missing from my chosen fields- I was naively rattled by the office life of landscape design and the chemicals, monocultures, miles and waste involved in the cut flower industry. Finding permaculture through @milkwood_permaculture & @goodlife_permaculture was the catalyst that set off this #farmerflorist journey. It tied my strings of knowledge and experience together while offering sooo much more & along with basic biodynamics, is the backbone for everything that is Alchemilla. Earth care, people care, fair share 😎 . . . . #permaculture #farmerflorist #biodiversity #abundance #permaculture #biodynamic #organic #slowflowers #petalpusher #flowers #flowerdelivery #seasonalfloweralliance #milkwoodpermaculture #goodlifepermaculture #northernrivers #federal #byronbay #mullumbimby #brunswickheads #community #local #love