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PLANTA ARQ. MIES ✏️🖊 Para quienes gustan de la arq. Tanto como nosotros les presentamos #PLANTAARQMIES del arquitecto que todos conocemos para unos buenos , para otros no tanto , 🤭 para #Menosesmasnotebooks uno de los mejores, adquiérela para ti o para regalársela a tu arquitecto favorito 😉 #Menosesmasnotebooks #menosesmasnotebooksoaxaca #libretaspersonalizadasoaxaca #oaxaca #diseño #PLANTAARQMIES #arq #miesvanderrohe #diseñomexicano #diseñomexicanoindependiente #libretaspersonalizadas #libretaspersonalizadasmexico #hechoenmexico 🇲🇽🌵 #designlovers #art #cortelaser #oaxacamexico #regalosoaxaca #detallesoaxaca #simpleform

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Design for Fire Training Facility (paper collage, veneer, and pencil on vellum. 17”x24”) - Despite initial inclinations to read Ludgwig Mies van der Rohe’s collages during the war, particularly those for the Resor House, Museum for a Small City, and Convention Hall, as more than technical drawings, #art historians and critics eventually began to explore their underlying #poetry. - It is argued that these collages were reactionary embodiments of Mies’ experience of the war in the context of his status of an enemy (i.e. German) alien immigrated to America, and his attitudes towards the relationship between politics, culture, and technology. Feelings of isolation, a desire for reclusive spaces, and sublimating (or bringing to the front and centre, in some instances) the effects and processes of warfare are apparent in these collages. - One concern for this design of a training facility was the effects of stress-inducing activities to which future firefighters may be exposed to: destruction of property, injuries, or even loss of life. Such stresses may cause degradation in #mental wellbeing, the onset of #depression , or other #anxiety disorders. Feelings of #isolation or despair are not uncommon with such struggles. - The collaged west-facing section for the facility depicts a path, documented through serial #photographs , that is hidden by a buffer of trees and shrubs. A contradiction is established by the inherent calm usually associated with natural environments by the cutting, re-interpretation, and cropping of these photographs to create a new environment. This is meant to underscore the challenge of establishing contradictory spaces, one that lends itself to the pragmatic functions of intense activity, and one that is conducive to personal remediation and introspection. - #architecture #collage #architecturedesign #architecturedrawing #miesvanderrohe #architecturestudents #architecturestudio #firefighter #mixedmedia #drawing #lasercutting

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All about those green chairs & big windows 🌿 Vila Tugendhat by Mies Van der Rohe

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ARCHITECTURE NOTES ISSUE 005. Architect. Louis I Kahn's Masterpiece. SALK 2009. 2 Days at the Salk. Stunning Next Generation Magazine. Imagined and Crafted for the iPad. With over 100 pages. Audio Interviews, sounds and cinematic imagery. A must collect. Available now in the iPad AppStore. #pritzkerprize #BalkrishnaDoshi #ShigeruBan #ToyoIto #miesvanderrohe #philipjohnson #lecorbusier #louiskahn #remkoolhaas #lajolla #california #ipad #surfer #nowness #archdaily #dezeen #architizer #typedesign #architecture #modernism #luisbarragan #normanfoster #jonathanive #renzopiano #moma #dieterrams

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Event: Mies on Scene 13th December 2018, Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel of St. Savior, IIT, Chicago, USA Fundació Mies van der Rohe would like to inviete to a new event "Mies on Scene". It includes the screening of the documentary Mies on Scene: Barcelona in two acts, as well as the announcement of Luftwerk and Iker Gil’s upcoming project ‘Geometry of Light’. The event will take place at 18:00 in the historic Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel of St. Savior at IIT, Chicago. The admission is paid and the entire ticket revenue will be used to finance the ‘Geometry of Light’ project. For more information visit docomomo website! @fundaciomies @illinoistech #geometryoflight #miesonthescene #miesvanderrohe

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Barcelona Pavilionノ Mies van der Roheノ 1929 International Exposition, Barcelonaノ

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Você Sabia? 😱 • • • "O edifício Seagram é um dos arranha-céus mais famosos do universo corporativo. Localizado em New York, ele se destaca entre as construções e é considerado um marco na história da arquitetura. Sua grande notoriedade está ligada ao fato da obra ter sido uma das primeiras a ter painéis de vidro instalados do chão ao teto, garantindo a consagração de um dos arquitetos mais famosos, Mies Van der Rohe. Após a conclusão do prédio em 1958, muitos outros arquitetos usaram-no como fonte de inspiração por toda a cidade.

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- Mies

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Want. Completely lived up to my expectations.