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Ensaladilla de temporada. Correcta sin mas.

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Ostras a la brasa. Ricas. Cabe decir que es la primera vez que me siento en la barra principal, ya que en otras ocasiones siempre la pillé llena y no me quedó mas remedio que sentarme en la zona de la entrada. La comida evidentemente es la misma, pero la experiencia es mucho mas entretenida al poder ver a Rafa Peña y a su equipo cocinar justo delante tuya.

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De vuelta a mi barra favorita de Bcn. La carta no ha cambiado en exceso (ultima visita en Agosto) pero cuando algo funciona...pues para que tocarlo no? Anchoas de Santoña que salan ellos mismos (se les fue quizás un poco la mano porque estas estaban demasiado saladas).

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now that we’ve moved on from Barcelona, I’m finally getting around to reflecting on some of our amazing experiences while there, starting with dinner at AbAC Restaurant/Hotel - the only night I was brave enough to wear heels 😂 📍 @abachotelrestaurant in #barcelona #bcn

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Various walnut pieces and a light cheese cream (one of the pieces was a whole walnut inclueding the shell 👌🏼😃) - I know this picture dosen’t look like much, and sometimes a picture dont justify how much flavor and memory you get from a dish - But this serving at @disfrutarbcn was just insanely delicous and tasty 😃🙌🏼 - @kristinabrunse #foodie #disfrutarbarcelona #dinner #travelforfood #finedining #walnut #foodguide #barcelonafoodguide #worlds50bestrestaurants #2018 #travel #vacation #michelinstar #myfoodworld #foodpassion #wine #sherry #foodpic #walnutpic #instapic #amazing #bucketlist

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#throwback Canapés . -sour dough Croute, carpaccio of beef, homemade mayo, pickled mushroom. . -Chaysont (pasta coated in Panko with walnut and cheese filling then fried ) . . -Mozzarella ball coated in basil with sun dried tomato purée. bocachinni. . #food #canapes #Finedining #michelinstar #dessert #purslane #staffcanteen #chefslife #mystorywithmichelin #beef #greatbritishchefs #pasta #chef #truecooks #gastroart #mushrooms #theartofplating #michelin #guidemichelin #3rosettes #foodstarz_official #pastry #patisserie #instagram #cumbria #foodporn #cooking

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Dear clients, Chef Philippe Orrico and Upper Modern Bistro’s team would like to say THANK YOU ALL for your incredible support during these five years since we opened our restaurant. We feel honored to have such loyal and amazing clients here in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. We have prepared a Special Menu for 688HKD to celebrate our 5th Birthday Party! Tomorrow Saturday 20th of October from 6pm please come and join us for a wonderful evening of Dj music, welcome drink, snacks and lots of fun! Reservations: info @upper -bistro.com or call 2517 0977 Upper Modern Bistro 6 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan www.upper-bistro.com

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안녕하세요. 도우룸을 사랑해주시는 분들께 기분 좋은 소식 전해드립니다.👏 . 저희 도우룸이 2017,2018 에 이여 2019 년도에도 미슐렝 가이드에 “도우룸” 이 미슐랭 더 플레이트 🍽 업장으로 선정되었습니다.👏 . “도우룸”은 먹을수있는 공예품인 수제 파스타를 대중들에게 알리고 경험을 드리기 위해 편의에 타협하지 않고 장인정신으로 수제 파스타에 대한 연구와 발전을 위해 노력해왔습니다.💪 . 다소 생소할수 있는 다양한 파스타를 소개하는 작업이 쉽지않았지만 오픈 3년차가되는 지금.. 많은 분들이 수제 파스타에대해 점점 편하게 이해 해주시고 많이 찾아주셔서 이렇게 좋은 결과를 얻지않았나 생각합니다.👍 . 이에 안주하지않고 더더욱이 다양한 수제 파스타를 널리 알리기 위해 노력하는 “도우룸”이 되겠습니다. . 감사합니다.🙏

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Don't mistake these for chickpeas. This is Gutti Aloo, tiny potatoes of Assamese origin sourced from Majuli, the largest river island in the world.These potatoes when in season, usually the summers are an integral part of the Mishing tribe’s thali. . @chefamnindersandhu celebrates this ingredient by calling it pearl potatoes and cooks it keeping their skin intact(trying to peel them will be super labour intensive) in an almond gravy paired with dahi ki khamiri roti which is populary sold in Old Delhi .These burst in your mouth releasing delicate potato flavour. . At Arth we celebrate such marvels of our country. Give it a shot next time you are at Arth.

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I didn’t get invited to my parents’ fancy birthday meal, so they tried to fob me off with this frankly embarrassing excuse for fine dining instead. 🙄

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Congratulation! . Soigné restaurant kept its star for 2019 Michelin guide Seoul. . This means more than just getting a star from Michelin for us because of Soigné’s extraordinary ‘Episode’ menu concept that is designed for specific theme and changed every 3~4 months entirely. . It is challenging for us to keep changing entire menu with new theme and maintain expected quality and elegant service. . Again, We are very honored to be listed one of 28 Michelin stared restaurants in Seoul. . Thank you for your support and please keep your eyes on us bringing to gastronomy scene with joy of our new episode menu. . . 안녕하세요 스와니예 입니다. . 스와니예 레스토랑이 3년 연속 미쉐린 가이드 서울 1 스타를 유지하였습니다. . 스와니예 레스토랑은 매 3~4개월간 전 메뉴가 특정 주제에 따라 바뀌는 ‘에피소드’메뉴로 인해 일관된 품질과 서비스를 유지함에 있어서 타 레스토랑에 비해 더 어려움이 있는게 사실입니다. . 하지만 그런 어려움에도 불구하고 2019년 별을 지켜낸 것에 대해 큰 자부심을 느끼고있습니다. . 지난 5년의 시간동안 총 19개의 에피소드 메뉴를 통해 저희와 인연을 맺으신 모든 분들께 감사하다는 말씀을 드리며 앞으로도 도전과 열정을 멈추지 않는 스와니예가 되도록 노력하겠습니다. . 감사합니다. . . #스와니예 #서래마을 #파인다이닝 #미쉐린 #미쉐린가이드 #스타 #1스타 #이준 #이준셰프 #에피소드 #soigne #soigneseoul #Seoul #finedining #michelin #michelinguide #star #michelinstar #1star #episode #Chefjunlee #junlee

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Colour your kitchen with our fruit and vegetables

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เป็นร้านโปรดที่ต้องมาทุกครั้งที่มาฮ่องกง ไม่เคยมีครั้งไหนที่ผิดหวังและรสชาติก็คงเดิมตลอด เป็ดปักกิ่งที่นี้ต้องสั่งจองล่วงหน้า 1-2 วันเพราะเขาเอาไปอบกับไม้แอปเปิล 48 ชั่วโมงก่อน texture ของหนังเป็ดนี้ไม่เคยกินที่ไหนมาก่อนในชีวิต หนังมันฟูพองตัวขึ้นมามีทั้งความกรอบและความนุ่มละมุนจนขนาดที่ใช้ลิ้นดันหนังละลายในปากได้อย่างง่ายดายแถมมีกลิ่นไม้อ่อนๆด้วย ส่วนหมูแดงอบน้ำผึ้งก็นุ่มและหอมมากๆ เมนูที่เหลือคงไม่ต้องบอกว่าดีใครไหน บอกได้อย่างเดียวว่าใครไปฮ่องกงนี่ไม่ไปไม่ได้ 😋: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🍽: Peking Duck, Oberico Pork BBQ, black Cod Cigar Smoked, etc. 📍: Central, Hong Kong 🕰: 11.00-14.00 18.00-23.00 📸: iPhone X #kindeebkk #foodie #wongnai #bkkfoodguide #michelinguide #michelinstar #asias50best #worlds50best #goodeats #bangkokfoodie #foodblogger #streetfood #bangkokfood #travelphotography #travelfoodie #mott32

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“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” • • • @weeds_more in all its bounty. Another normal day in the office. Watermelon Radish - Originated in SEA and continental asia, these firm and spicy radishes are delicious raw, fermented and cooked. Currently featured in several of our dishes. When sliced, their concealed iridescence is revealed into beautifully deep red centers and green rinds. Kabocha/Kent Pumpkin - A variety of pumpkin mistakenly associated with Japan, these small, sweet and firm pumpkins were first harvested also in SEA. Calling them "Kabocha" was a good way the Japanese pay homage to where they were spotted... Cambodia. Pumpkins can be aged for a long time and tend to sweeten with time as complex carbs are broken into simpler sugars.

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More beautiful plating by @jannisbrevet of 3 Michelin-starred Interscaldes In Kruiningen, Netherlands. This dish is “Langoustine Guilvinec” with Anna Dutch Gold Caviar, Basil, Cucumber and Yoghurt.

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#focus . . #Repost @hungryintaipei with @get_repost ・・・ [TOKYO] To sum up my meals and time at Il Ristorante, it made me think of what @fabrizio.fiorani said when we gasped in excitement at ridiculously beautiful desserts. . He said, “Everyday is Christmas for our customers!” . because they want people who come for that special meal to feel special. From the chefs table to the luminous dining room to the hospitality, that philosophy is so rare. . Definitely an experience that I’ll remember fondly for a long time. Thank you @luca.fantin @fabrizio.fiorani @katsuhito__inoue , Mirei and the whole team at Bulgari Il Ristorante! ❤️ . . #hungryintaipei_japan #hungryintaipeitravels #tokyogourmet #dessertchef #pastrychef #byinvitation #asia50best #ilristorantelucafantin #fabriziofiorani #bulgari #ginzaeats #michelinguide #Michelinstar .

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Live in the moment with me 💕

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Sun kissed ☀️ #tbt ❤️

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Bite me

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My bad luv 👸

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My favourite city so far 🇪🇸

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Sister love 👩‍❤️‍👩

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Make a wish

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Blessed to be Celebrating my birthday early this year with my lovely family at Imago Roma. Happy birthday mii🍷

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Got a cold mind 💭

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Rome was not built in a day