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5 hours ago

Miami Vice... 🕵️‍♂️👮‍♂️🚨 #miamivice

6 hours ago

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8 hours ago

Here it is! I went to Costa Rica last month for @rollsrd bachelor party. Luckily I got these guys out of their comfort zone and we did some serious adventuring. I was amazed on how much we got done in such little time. Costa Rica has definitely been my favorite destination yet. Check out the full video on IGTV or on the link in my bio. #costarica #puravida #dji #djironin #djimavic #miamivice #whale #ocean #drone #sonya7ii @djiglobal @sonyalpha @discoverearth @sam_kolder @mattjkomo @therealtarzann @discoverocean

8 hours ago

Thanks momma for giving me life, thanks for your in conditional love. I don’t celebrate my birthday because i celebrate life all days im here, but i know this day change your whole life bringing me back to life. Happy 26 years old for being the best mother in the whole world. One day I’m going to feel this day special but right know it’s just a day. #agartha #brickellmiami #miamivice #doral #miamibeach #miami #brickell

10 hours ago

No eres lo que logras, eres lo que SUPERAS 🚩🚩 . . .

10 hours ago

Algunas personas tienen que abrir mas sus mentes y cerrar mas la boca🌞

10 hours ago

Recently I posted a sneak peek on my Snapchat (andygonzalez05 if you wanna add me lol ). Took a day or two to fully freeze, but my #MiamiVice Popsicles 🍓🥥 were no match for the Texas sun ☀️ and started slowly melting ☹️ Let’s get to the point though, they came out amazing! Full of flavor and perfect amount of Rum! #TipsyDillo #SundayDelights #BacardiRum #strawberryandcoconut #like

10 hours ago

"Prenderemos fuego al cielo... Nadie ilumina mis ojos como tú..." glam: @makealexander

13 hours ago

#snozzberries on the bottom, #miamivice up top. The only survivors of the fucking mite damage. At least I get to smell these two beauties while I clean. My entire basement smells like these two plants, and they were only like a foot tall... On the plus side, I’m purging extra shit, and cleaning my tent so thoroughly that I’d eat off any surface. These two were about a week before being done, to my liking. On the plus side, I’ve got new compost and new projects to get started. Coming soon; a duck load of sterquiliniis plants, and a couple (Acapulco goldxplatinum delights). fuckmites #twosurvivors #sterquiliniisseeds #stillprettydank