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4 hours ago

My socks in the corner say it all! 🤗 . . So happy I could get together for a vegan takeout picnic 🧺 with my grad school fam before leaving on my big trip (missing @ravijamunshi & @thecrystallake here but at least I got to see y’all before my trip)! I love you guys so much. 😭 I’m never going to stop being emotional about the end of our journey together, but I am so proud of us!! We couldn’t have survived #gradschool without each other. I will always cherish y’all as family!! 🍑🍓🍊 . . “Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.” - Rumi

8 hours ago

Bubba 💕 only love me for my peppermint candies

11 hours ago

Goodbye to Beauty | I saw the current round of images at @mexturescollective were by @explaur_en and knew I had to do something. Here’s a subtle play on one of Lauren’s wonderful pictures.

11 hours ago

presenting: . ♢♢ @voldenuit_999 ♢♢ ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ Congratulations and thank you for sharing your image with the @macro_mextures community! ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ Please congratulate this amazing artist and don't forget to visit their account for more stunning images. ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ .✧ Selected by @bluetintedglass ✧. ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ For a chance to be featured please tag us in your mextures edited macro shots using the tag #macro_mextures and follow us at @macro_mextures. ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ #mextures #mexturesapp #macro #featureaccount #macrophotography #macro_vision #inthemoodfor_macro #raw_macro #bpa_macro #nature_fantastically #m3xtures #mexturescollective #ptk_macro #moodmagic #macro_drama #macroshot #vzcomacro #minimal_mextures #macro_power_hour #jj_moodyhues #rsa_mextures #mexturezdelight #_macroart #macro_brilliance #macro_perfection #majestic_macros #mellow_mosaic #pocket_macro ▫︎▪︎▫︎▪︎▫︎ #macmex_voldenuit_999

12 hours ago

Sunday To Do List: 1) Pancakes

15 hours ago

Forms of Heaven |

17 hours ago

Bee storm this morning during a cycletour I ran into an impressive cloud of bees. Ofcourse I had to make a picture but that was not a very good idea ... Bees in my hair and in one in my sleeve, luckily I was not stabbed. I have my picture but it was once and never again

21 hours ago

Passing By 3/3

21 hours ago

Passing By 2/3

21 hours ago

Passing By 1/3

1 day ago

The cocktails were peachy keen.

1 day ago

"A pocketful of stones" David Gilmour

1 day ago

A real quick trip out to the garden centre that made me feel half human for a while, then back home to herbal tea and rest rest rest!!!

1 day ago

🖼In-Frame: @debora_nic 🖌Edit: @platykor3d . ✨✨✨ . _________________________ Connect & Collaborate is the mission 👉🏼 Hashtag #grammersunite 👈🏼 to show us your collaborations with fellow grammers on @instagram ! _________________________

1 day ago

We got the beets!

1 day ago

It’s been nice to visit my childhood home and get some solitude runs in before embarking on a month-long trip to 3 countries!! I was also running around doing literally ALL the errands, hahaa I am exhausted! I also stayed up all night working on dat portfolio before leaving 😤😍🤣 Y’all I literally almost fell asleep while posting this, lol. . . Starting today, I’m off to Taiwan for a meditation retreat, then Vietnam to see family, and finally I will be going to Tanzania for a study abroad service learning experience! My internet access will be limited, so things may be quiet for a while, especially while I’m on my meditation retreat in Taiwan, and especially in Tanzania! 🙏🏼 Hope you are taking time for YOU this summer! 🌱💚

1 day ago

My edit of a beautiful photo by Lauren @explaur_en. Swipe left to see the original photo...

1 day ago

Happy May Long 2-4