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41 minutes ago

These two cuties are off to their home today :: The “backup” sections of fabric weren’t needed, so I made them into a couple of heat bags 🌴 Winter is not far away 🧣⛄️❄️ #memorybear #handmade #bychloebaldivis

1 hour ago

They sent a beautiful bib and I embroidered the birth stats on the back of it. Fits Mr.Bear perfectly. :) Actual height & weight #memorybear #etsy #imadethis

1 hour ago

Medium sized (unweighted) #memorybear

3 hours ago

Day 21 of #marchmeetthemaker with the prompt of ‘Throwback’. This is one of the very first memory bears I made - well over 4 years ago. I’m forever grateful to my first few customers who had the trust and faith to let me cut up their beloved baby grows! I had no idea of the journey I would go on over the next few years and am so incredibly proud of everything I have achieved - and of all the beautiful sewing that I’ve done. And the beautiful sewing that my seamstresses are now doing as well! This bear belongs to @clarebase who is also on the waiting list for her new(ish) born. Can’t wait to make that one too!

4 hours ago

Inbetween all the moving house/decorating/ unpacking mayhem I managed to get this guy done ❤️💙 Friday is that you I can hear in the distance calling my name?! What’s everyone’s plans for this weekend? Would love to hear what you’re all up to ☺️ . . . . . #memorybear #handmade #smallshop #supportsmall #supportukdesigners #supportsmallbusiness #letsmakeithandmade #britishdesign #girlboss #creative #communityovercompetition #etsyseller #bear pattern by funky friends

4 hours ago

Mais uma fofufa prontinho pra ser entregue 🐻😍❤️ confira os detalhes 😉 👉👉👉👉 Já fez sua encomenda??? Ainda NÃO??? 😱😱😱😱 Então corra, envie sua roupinha pra nós ou agende uma coleta, vamos tirar essa roupinha da gaveta e transforma-lo em um lindo ursinho 😉🤗 😉🤗 🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻 A cada macacão transformado em urso, mais amor sinto pelo meu trabalho ♥️. Cada detalhe, único, elaborado com muito carinho e cuidado, afinal o macacão era o xodó da mamãe, não pode haver erros. E no final de horas de dedicação, surgem esses ursinhos fofos, que juro, dá vontade de ficar com todos, colecionar, mas fiquem tranquilos, devolvo todos 😉😅. 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻 Tamanho 25cm sentado e 30cm em pé. Podemos combinar retirada/entrega do macacão/urso... #ursodamemória #memorybear #bearmemory #bebê #mamãe # #maternidade #recordação #recordaçãodobebê #roupadobebê #macacãodobebê #presente #presentepersonalizado #mamãeebebê #pradecorar #prarecordar #lembranças #decoração #AteliêDelicadeza #Delicadeza #macacão #dobebê #dinda #probebê #pramamãe #projetomemorybear #🐻 #🐼 #🐻❤️ #🐼❤️

5 hours ago

This little ballet theme baby keepsake bear is just lovely 💗

5 hours ago

Who is ready for a little sneaky preview at my latest Keepsake Bear? 🙊 I love it when a vision becomes reality. 👌 From an image in my mind, to cutting out pieces of fabric and then finally bringing a little character to life! 🐻 What do we think? Jacqui 💚

6 hours ago

Sweet Memory 💕💕💕

6 hours ago

These beautiful bears have been made using a beautiful ladies clothes.... 🌸

8 hours ago

Hand pinning & piecing before machine sewing with these colourful glass head fine pins ❤

8 hours ago

Whenever I am cutting up sentimental items from loved ones no longer here, I'll be honest, it is always pretty emotional. 😥 I have this excitement for what I am about to create, but also a sadness for the person that is no longer here. It is very bittersweet. This is one of the jumpers I am using in my latest Keepsake Bear, it was a favourite and one that was regularly worn. We often remember people wearing particular items, this jumper was chosen especially because it is a reminder of the special person it once belonged to. Hope you are all having a good week so far? Jacqui 💚

9 hours ago

Cada Memory es único y especial. Cada uno cuenta una historia, por eso es mucho más que un peluche. #Memorybear 🐻

16 hours ago

Throwback is the prompt for today’s march meet the maker. So what better to show you that the first ever memory bear I created?!? Such a bad photo, I can safely say I definitely have improved on my photography! This was created about 4 and a half years ago before Busy Lizzi’s had started! But is the reason Busy Lizzi’s started as I explained in a previous post. #marchmeetthemaker #throwback #throwbackthursday #firstbearmade #memorybear #memorylane #memorykeeping #upcycleclothing #busylizzis

22 hours ago

Algunos recuerdos nos ayudan a pensar en aquellas personas que ya no están cerca. 💕

23 hours ago

Made a new bear & patchwork pillow today. The bear is made from my husband's 40 year old diaper bag- the kind you put dirty cloth diapers in before sending them out to be cleaned. The pillow is made of a blanket and some clothes my son use to wear- some of guys- favorite things growing up. There's even a button pocket on the front from a pair of cargo shorts that I can slip something special into. Got anything you want remade into a keepsake? Just about anything can be reused! Checkout my website for more info! Or message me for details! #memorycreations #memorybear #patchworkpillow #fromragstokeepsakes #keepsakes #handmadememories #memorykeepers #uniquegifts #getyours

1 day ago

Hasta ahora cuando os he hablado de los #osodelamemoria o #memorybear ha sido para enseñaros una forma de recordar a esas personas queridas que lamentablemente ya no están con nosotros pero a las que no queremos olvidar. Pero, no siempre tiene que tener esa connotación triste. A veces tienes ese pijama o esa camiseta super chulos que te encantaba como les quedaban a tus niños y que te da pena que crezcan y ya no se los puedas poner. Este es el caso de este oso que os enseño hoy. La madre de Marta quería guardar esa camiseta y no sabía cómo, entonces se lo comentó a su amiga Isabel que la faltó tiempo para hablar conmigo y...dicho y hecho, en #creandorecuerdos13 le dimos una nueva vida a si camiseta. Ahora Marta tiene de nuevo su camiseta y aunque ya no se la pueda poner, podrá jugar con ella. #telaagujaehilo #handwithlove #handmade #diy #hechoamano #recuerdosbonitos #hechoconamor #memories #patchwork #creandorecuerdos13 @creando_recuerdos_13

1 day ago

Day 20 of #marchmeetthemaker. Today’s prompt is ‘Design Process’. So much of what we do here needs careful design and placement of fabrics. This little hat was a beloved baby hat that the customer wanted on the bears. The problem was that the hat was far too big. So I remade the hat - just bear sized! I measured the size of the hat and used a cuff on a cardigan as the new brim - and went from there. I love how it turned out. What do you think?

1 day ago

2018 commissions - 2 Burra Bears made from this cable knit jumper in memory of a sadly missed father & grandfather #burrabears

1 day ago

BEHIND THE SCENES: From the moment I get the items I will be working with, my mind is already working ten to the dozen thinking of which fabrics I want to use where. As soon as I see the garments for this particular Keepsake Journey, I immediately had a vision in my head of how I wanted this Bear to look. 🐻 BUT do you know what is really hard? When you cut out all of the fabric pieces, you lay them out, and then you realise that actually you love all of the different options available! Haha! Ooops...🤦🏻‍♀️ On one hand it is great, because I think this Bear would look magnificent in any of these options... On the other hand, it makes it incredibly hard to choose! I'd love to know, which one would you pick? 1,2,3 or 4? Leave me a comment and let me know. You will have to wait and see if it is the same choice as me. 😊 Jacqui 💚

1 day ago

This handsome memorial bear was made with a man’s dress shirt and features customized name and date embroidery.

1 day ago

Regalos especiales 🐻💗🐻

1 day ago

• M E M O R Y B L A N K E T & B E A R • What a beautiful matching set, I’ve loved making these two so much, all the wonderful colours and textures, and lots of little details added to keep memories ✨💖 . . . . . #memoryblanket #keepsakeblanket #memorybear #keepsakebear #teddy #blanket #bear #love #memories #baby #babyspam #quilt #patchwork #mumboss #homebuisness #sew #seamstress #detail #special #march #instagood #instadaily #like #follow #followme #biggleswade #bedfordshire