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#Repost @phaseonephoto ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Images by @Simonpuschmann : “On the day of the shoot, Rick and I met at the famous LA flower market and spent over two hours sourcing our raw materials. We then took the advanced laser guys where we spent around 3 hours cutting the plants. I wanted very simple yet extremely precise cuts, but getting something that clean isn’t easy. The Lasers had to be fast and exact, if they spent too long cutting a plant it would burn.” – Simon Puschmann #phaseonephoto #proimaging #mediumformat #macrophotography #simonpuschmann

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#Repost @phaseonephoto ( @get_repost ) ・・・ “To highlight the flowers delicate nature I wanted these images to be tack sharp throughout, which can be tricky in macro photography. So I used a Phase One 120mm blue ring Schneider Kreuznach macro. This lens gives me an only very narrow depth of field that is why I use the feature available only on the phase one XF camera, automated focus stacking This technique lets you set the focus using the computer and makes for super accurate results. I shot at f/22 and programmed a 3 second wait between the exposures then I had the camera take 10 images moving the focus a few millimetres after each shot. Then finally I used the mirror up setting to avoid any blur. The images were assembled using a software called helicon focus, post production by @harvestdigitalagriculture " - @simonpuschmann The whole series is currently on show at @galerieroschlaub in Hamburg until February 2019. #phaseonephoto #proimaging #mediumformat #macrophotography #simonpuschmann

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Tbilisi, Georgia, 2007⠀ [14/15] Vakhtang (90) in the room he shares with his wife in the former hotel 'Abkhazia' - now serving as a refugee shelter - in the Georgian capitol Tbilisi.⠀ ⠀ During our trips through the Caucasus as part of The Sochi Project, @arnold_vanbruggen and I met refugees everywhere. Numerous conflicts after the fall of the Soviet Union caused many people to hastily leave their homes to find 'temporary' shelter elsewhere. We met Georgians from Sukhumi who had ended up in Tbilisi, Ossetians from Tbilisi who had ended up in Vladikavkaz and Ingush from Vladikavkaz who had left for Nazran. They had one thing in common: they ended up in dilapidated sanatoria, student flats, schools or kommunalka's with the hope that they could soon return to their old houses. Two decades later, for most people, this did not happen. The disabled, the elderly, and those who lacked initiative or cunning still live in the often totally run-down and impoverished buildings. Most of them have indulged in their fate, hoping for a better life for their children. This is picture 14 out of 15 featuring work about refugees in the Caucasus between 2007 and 2014. More stories at⠀ ⠀ #thesochiproject #anatlasofwarandtourisminthecaucasus #refugeesinthecaucasus #analogphotography #robhornstra #georgia #russia #refugees #caucasus #refugeeshelter #mediumformat #mediumformatphotography #portraitphotography

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Salton Sea, 2016. Kodak Portra 400.

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Three month after a wild fire devastated about 1500 hectares of forest and olive trees cultivation, the alleged pyromaniac has been arrested. The man is a volunteers firefighter from the area. Calci, Italy. 16 December, 2018.

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ALPA 12 PLUS . The ALPA 12 PLUS breathes our experiences of the last 12 years with the XY, MAX, and STC. The PLUS is the camera for still and moving image - Perfect for many tasks as architecture photography, landscape, commercial tasks, studio work and much more. All of them strongholds of ALPA cameras.⠀ .⠀ Check link in bio for all the info!⠀ .⠀ #alpa_camera #alpa_cameras #alpacameras #alpa12plus #photo #photography #photographer #digitalphotography #new #future #designporn #mediumformat #quality #travel #compact #travelphotography #cameraporn #work #design #elegance #lensculture #lens #landscapephotography #architecturephotography #architecturalphotography #fineartphotography #portraitphotography

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Paintings (2018)

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Like Will Ferrell would say.. Motherfucker 😂🔞💯

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「Film」 2018.7.17 龙吴路厂区铁路,中午和brian、大脸叔喝了四瓶啤酒,然后大热天的下午,来回渡口和厂区之间骑了差不多13km的单车 . . . #mamiyac220 #pro160ns

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Закат в селе))

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There’s magic on Wednesday’s, too. (alt. caption: gratuitous tiny toe picture 😂)✨ . . . Tri-x 400 +1 Taken on 120 with a mamiya 645af, developed and scanned by @thefindlab.

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Riverside 3

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Riverside 2

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Aesthetic satisfaction