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Please allow me to rant. Today I began my day helping parents advocate for their children with disabilities. Afterwards these same parents sat down to feast on babies( #bacon & #eggs ) .Then these parents of children with disabilities, consumed the flesh of the nonhuman animals. Baby pigs boiled alive for their bacon. Male baby chicks ground alive, because they are useless to the egg industry. Baby calves taken and slaughtered from their mother, so that humans can drink the milk that was meant for their child. The disconnect is real. _ I then stopped by the grocery store. I seen a man unable to walk, in a motorized cart, obese, probably suffering from heart disease and diabetes talking about how cheap the ground beef was. The disconnect is real. _ I thought about what the word " #WOKE " really means. You have this experience of going through The #Matrix. And now you just can't see anything the same." That's kind of what it feels like. It's like you stepped through some forcefield, and most of the people you know are still on the other side, and nobody seems to care about the violence that is happening every minute, of every day, to other sentient beings.... the #animals. _ They regularly dismiss other animals’ lives as less important than the taste of their bodies? This is probably the hardest thing about being #vegan. Many people assume that when you're vegan you think you're better than other people. But the fact is, It's difficult to watch the people we care about continue to do something that we really, really don't believe in, and that we know is harmful to them. _ I'm wide awake now and I can only hope that one day, they'll join us on the other side of cynicism, and choose respect for the lives of all sentient being, and realize that this also benefits their lives and our environment as well. #rantover EMBRACE VEGANISM 🌱 #belinda_vegan 📽️ @violence.uncensored 🙏 #animals #animalsofig #foodie #foodporn #friends #family #awakening #wakeup #wokeupthisway #wideawake #eyeswideopen #truth #foodgasm #nom #veganaf #vegansofig #veganactivism #healthylife #health

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People will focus on the shit you don't or didn't do when it don't benifit them🤔 However they catch fucking amnesia of the things you did or do just because it aint benefiting them at they time of need. I ain't perfect nor is anyone. I'm cool as a fan in the winter and I show love. But don't take my kindness for weakness. I forgive but never forget. I'm giving out the same shit I get back. Ain't directed to nobody it's just a post but if the shoe fit slide that shit on tie it up and wear it💯 Tired of fake inconsistent mfs Miss me wit the bullshit🎯 Keep having ya group meetings because not a fucking thing anyone say or do gonna stop my shine 🌞 Put some fucking shade on 😎 on. Shit ain't all good but it ain't all bad either 🙏💯💪 #missmewiththatbullshit #matrix #always 💯 #alwaysshowlove #livingmybestlife #tooblessedtobestressed #loyaltyisrare #positivevibesonly #realtalk #consistencyiskey #imgood #itsmytime

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ᴏʜ ʟᴀ ʟᴀ ✨

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You cold hearted bastard. I’m dope, pay attention to me.

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A little blow dry action for your Thursday! Swipe to see the after 😉

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Blonding up this Beauty! . . . A highly requested color service for clients who want a lot of blonde but not a lot of maintenance! We started with adding some babylights throughout. Then used the foliage technique to remove some warmth and brighten the mid shaft and ends of her hair. Then used a demi color for her shadow root to blend in her new growth and make the grow out graceful! Finally, we toned at the sink!

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The close up - perfect for an easy upkeep!

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Quando o Cosplay é bem feito ! #Matrix

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spent all day with one of my favorite girls and made her a beautiful bright blonde 🤩🤩

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✨Dissolve the illusion of separation ✨⁣ ⁣ As humans, we generally perceive ourselves as living in a 3rd dimensional reality. Where dualism and separation exist. However, if we look at it from the lens that we are everything as ONE, then it must be true that we contain every potential possible within us. We are literal containers of infinite possibility. ⁣ ⁣ There is no “good” or “bad” there just is. Dualism creates misperception of truth. Our perception creates each unique experienced reality. ⁣ ⁣ So in order to experience the reality you want, it is up to you to align with what brings out your best and highest self. By deconditioning the subconscious mind, we get closer to creating the life we deserve.

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Spring time is the time when we all just want to be lighter and brighter ✨

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B E A C H Y🌊

1 day ago

We added some vibrant and fun 💜⚡️purple 💜⚡️ Socolor Cult pieces!

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Rich chocolate 🍫🖤🖤

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🍀🌟 BALD IS BEAUTIFUL 🌟🍀 Our favorite time of the year!! This was our second annual St. Baldrick’s event at Watchung Hills Regional High School 🙌🏼 We shaved 38 students, teachers and cops this year with two very brave girls that participated! The St. Baldrick’s foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives ✨ BOLD, BRAVE, BALD ✨ Thank you to everyone who came out and supported this event! So much fun for an incredible cause 🙌🏼 Go on our Facebook page to see all the pictures, this is just a glimpse!