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1 week ago

💯Spontaneous plans are sometimes the best plans💯 • Got a last minute lesson this morning with @leanne.s.wall at Four Elms due to a cancellation. Enz was such a good boy with strimmers and diggers to contend with around the arena. Didnt bat an eyelid, so thank you @premierperformancecz for cookies and calmer 👍He felt great 🔥, worked his little hooves off and the weather was lovely 😎. • He has a tendency to drop behind my leg, especially in walk. So now the consistency and relaxation is coming, it's time to work on getting him more active behind, through to the contact for more cadence with out speeding up out the front door. Lots of on and back exercises and teaching him half steps for homework 📚. (Swipe right for #horsetrainingvideos ) • Thankyou @educating.archie for letting me have the slot, I had a fab time 🥰🥰. #sunnyday #horsetraining #dressage #dressagejourney #warmbloods #jazzhorse #handsomegelding #instagramofhorses #trotting #cantering #horsepicture #equestrianphotography #equestrainfashion #matcymatchy #horseoutfit #eskadron #horseaddict

2 weeks ago

Amikor kiderült, hogy a második kisbabánk is lány lesz, nagyon örültem, mert lányos anyukának gondolom magam és el sem tudtam volna képzelni, hogy kisfiam szülessen. (persze neki is örültünk volna azért). Teljesült az álmom és van két csodaszép kislányom❤ Alig vártam, hogy egyforma ruhába öltöztethessem őket🍓 (és magamat is hozzájuk😅) Te szereted az epret/málnát? Maja imádja leszüretelni a málnát a dédi kertjében😊 #strawberry #strawberrylover #matcymatchy #matchy #sister #sisters #littlesisters #momlife #withmydaughter #twolittlegirls #anyavagyok #boldogvagyok #anyavagyokésélvezem #anyukavagyok #eper #málna #testvérek #cukik #cuki #csontosmaja #csontosalíz #csontossisters #összeöltözve

3 weeks ago

When there is an #80sdisco at school and you and your sister get a tad excited when we found the same t shirts in #cottonon and #cottononkids ! Our little girls are 3 months apart and are the best of friend as are both me and my sister! 😍 #familygoals #familyiseverything #schooldisco #primaryschool #ebps #eastbutlerprimaryschool #perth #westernaustralia #sister #twogenerations #matchingoutfits #matcymatchy #80sfashion #80s #loveagooddressup #bestfriends #solucky #disco #goodnight #ebps80sdisco

1 month ago

The Sass you throw when your Scrunchie Game is strong 💁🏽‍♀️ Swipe across —> to see matching Mum & Bub 🧡🧡

1 month ago

I know one day you will grow taller than me (that’s for sure!) so as long as I can carry you, you can always piggy back ride on mommy. My back aches on most days but I don’t care as long as you are happy. 💕💙

1 month ago

For the past few days, Matteo had been crying every time we go to work. It’s getting harder each day actually. No matter how much we assure him that we will be back home even before he wakes up, his cry gets louder even more. He would even bargain that Daddy will be the one to work na lang so I can stay with him. It’s funny but heartbreaking! 😂😭 Today, when we got home from a birthday party I changed to pambahay and when Matteo saw me, he immediately said “Yey! Mommy’s not going to the office because she’s wearing her clothes for sleeping!” then never left my side. He even seek for assurance by asking “Mommy, you’re not going to the office right? You will sleep beside Teo right?” And when I answered “yes!” he hugged me tight and kissed me several time. I can feel how much he missed me by his side. There’s a sudden feeling of guilt but at the same time grateful that I get to feel how much my son loves me. PS: Thank you sa lovely friends ko, I got the idea na humiga sa grass. 😂

1 month ago

Hey, can you find Matteo bear? 🐻

1 month ago

Minnie Mouse and Micky Mouse Twinning💛💙 . . Matteo had her first ID picture at @greatimageph yesterday. It was an easy peasy! He didn’t give the photographer a hard time (as always 😅). It was actually harder to select what picture to print. 😂 . Swipe left for his ID picture.

1 month ago

They aren't robots and you wouldn't have the challenge and drive if you had an easy ride every day. 1👉👉👉👉🖖 • We trotted off to Bedgebury for some last minute training with @leanne.s.wall today before our Area Festivals on Monday. It didn't start well by being late as issues with Google mapping 🙈 • Then the saying, the calm before the storm sprung to mind. But I'm hoping today was the storm before the calm 😂. • I thought all this amazing good work ethic recently was to good to be true 😂. The devil 👿 resurfaced a few times as he really didn't want to be off my leg and be active through from lazy😴. Had a few slam the breaks on and tigger 🐅 bounce moments but once he got over his stroppy boy moments we had some good productive work. Big bonus tho he didn't bat an eyelid at the wind howling, rain pouring or the marquee flapping 👍 • #dressagetraining #positiveriding #ridinglesson #makingimprovements #stayingfocused #cheekyhorse #littlemonster #naughtypony #positiveresult #dressagehorse #amateurrider #equestrianmotavation #equestrianstyle #matcymatchy #matchymatchysets

1 month ago

Matching with the hubby today @mrnjtownsend ❤ But on a more serious note having just had our worlds turned upside down with his testicular cancer diagnosis (seminoma - removed with surgery & thankfully now all clear) we decided to sign ourselves & now Ollie up for monthly subscriptions with @myoddballs because 1. The money raised goes towards funding research into testicular cancer & its treatments. 2. You get a cool pair of pants/boxers/brief/thong (your choice) AND a free pair of socks. We aren't quite ready for a more "revealing shot" of said underwear so I am afraid this will have to do for now 😛 But also LADS CHECK YOUR BALLS!! #checkyourballs #seminoma #testicularcancer #testicularcancerawarereness #oddballs #matcymatchy #giraffeprintunderwear #couple #hubby #somuchlove

1 month ago

Always remember that in your child’s eye, you are strong no matter how weak you feel inside. In your child’s eye, you are their hero even though you have failed several times. So whatever life throws your way, never ever quite... because when you look back into your child’s eye, you will be reminded of the strength you never thought you have.

1 month ago

I will always hug and kiss you every opportunity I have regardless if you are eating, watching, sleeping, crying, playing or even while you are pooping 😂 . You have no idea how I dread the day that you will no longer want those hugs and kisses. I know I cannot stop the time but let me cherish those moments while you still enjoy my company. PS: Yes, still breastfeeding for 33months and counting 😍 @babyandbreakfast

1 month ago

Solid foundations for a harmonious partnership. Special thanks to @stephenhayesdressage for letting us paparazzi the heck out of your clinic :)

1 month ago

You started asking “why’s” these days and it amazes us to know the things you want to find out more. Could be as simple as “why is @maltesers round? To a more complicated question as “why is the earth not square?” . We promise to try our best to satisfy your curiosity, help you explore the world even more and... if I don’t know the answer to your question, I would definitely seek help from google 😅 . May your adventure and curiosity never end, anak! Beautiful Twinning Outfit from @donxavicloset 😘

2 months ago

Throwback to a couple Sundays ago when we were all matchy matchy. 😂❤️

2 months ago

Bebeğimm 🌼🌼

2 months ago

We managed to slip away from the yard for the last afternoon of Windsor horse show (thank you @owenshorseboxes for the tickets!) and I’m so glad we did. I found the most beautiful jacket made by the very talented team at @equi_jewel and after David, ever the unconventional, suggested we try matching the colours to the box 🙈 I can’t wait to see the finished product. The jackets they make are not only comfortable and elegant, they are also beautifully well made. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for any item of show ware. #dressage #rwhs #custommade #excited #colourmatch #owenshorseboxes #showjackets #cantwaittowearit #lavablue #paisley #horsebox #equestrian #matcymatchy #outsidethebox

2 months ago

To my beautiful daughter. Here is to you for making me a mother. I love you. You are strong, sensitive, funny, loving, sweet, silly, beautiful, smart, fierce, brave, opinionated, and so caring amongst other things. It is because of you that I know love. You are my favorite. #LaPetiteJuliette

3 months ago

Dainty Jewels Dress & Chinese Laundry heels for the win on this Easter Sunday! ✨🐣💐 You know how you have these handful of special occasions where you get to just spoil yourself by wearing something super Dainty? Well, she always comes through for me!! 👏🏼🥰 Target button ups, The Children’s Place pants & Tommy Hilfiger shoes for the boys!👍🏼🤗 Hubby got his Pants, Kenneth Kole dress shirt & his favorite Johnson & Murphy dress shoes from Dillard’s! I hope everyone is having an amazing Resurrection Sunday & having a blast hanging with family & friends on this beautiful day!! ☀️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @daintyjewells @kennethcole @target @targetstyle @childrensplace @tommyhilfiger @chineselaundry ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #kennethcole #target #targetkids #thechildrensplace #daintyjewells #chineselaundryshoes #toddler #toddlerstyle #easter #eastersunday #sunday #church #family #matcymatchy #blogger #modest #modestfashion #boymom #blogmom

4 months ago