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Ms Smart Delta Zulena a.k.a Zena 2011 APHA mare Bought her in 2015 as a project and future broodmare. Was not broke at all when I bought her and was only halter broke. Since then I have worked her on cattle, poles, barrels, trails, some roping, hauled her to rodeos to see the sights. Just to start becoming even more broke before I start to haul her to jackpots or enter her. - - - #horse #horses #barrelracing #barrelracer #mare #gelding #rodeo #rodeoing #jackpot #barrelhorse #equine #equinelife #western #english #riding #halter #training #intraining #barrelhorseintraining #myfuturestar #broodmare

39 minutes ago

She is literally so prettyyyyy ahh 😍😍😍 ••• ••• 🍄| Hey guys! Rode the lil red bean today (Summer 😂)!! We did more barrel work today, and she was doing great! I learned how to set up my pockets and it made a big difference. She was actually finishing the turn off pretty close! Did mainly walk/trot, both of which she does good with. I tried loping her around it at the end and there was no structure at all 😂 Just gonna continue our regular work and hopefully see an improvement in the next month or so. Gonna work with her again tomorrow and try to get a video! If I have time too, I’ll probably ride Promise western. Or give her a bath, she desperately needs one. I’ve just been waiting for it to be warm enough. She’s not gonna be happy with me if I do give her a bath tomorrow 😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️ ••• ••• #horse #horsebackriding #horsey #horsesofinstagram #horselife #equine #equestrian #equestrianlife #mare #painthorse #outdoors #beautifulhorse #western #westernriding #westernsaddle #saddlepad #outside #rider #horserider #horselover #horseandrider #tack #roan #redroan #loping #bay #sorrel #gelding

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How beautiful is @pamela_alina ’s pony Nala?! 😍🐴 Head over to her Instagram highlights to learn more about this beauty! You can also read about Pamela and her amazing work with rescue ponies on the @hawaiipololife blog. Visit for details ❤️

52 minutes ago

I never made a touch down. I never hit a homerun. I never shot the winning basket. I never ran the fastest. No....actually I couldn't catch a football. I couldn't even hit a baseball. And I most certainly could not dribble a basketball nor can I run very good. But what I do got is a big heart, witty sense of humor, and horse that I love more than anything. I am just a horse crazy guy who is just trying to get through each day with very little bumps and bruises. Thank you Piper for loving me just as much as I love you. #pipergirl #thoroughbred #mare #notathletic #horseguy #horsecrazy #thisisme

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Fly me to the moon 🌙 Let me play among the stars ✨ Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars 🌞

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People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never shared And no one dared disturbed the Sound of silence 🌑

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No sé vivir solo con 5 sentidos

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~🦄~ . Third times the charm (damn Instagram spazzing our every time I try to post this!) or final junior run from Tamworth, not the prettiest run but still managed a 20.0 I’ll admit I panicked when blaze had a moment at the second drum haha! All the way up to third I was like NO NO NO NO NO, GOOOOOOO MY UNICORN GOOOOO!!! 😂😂🙈 no placings overall but we managed to get 13th in the Junior 3D out of 200 riders and 2 places above the Open 6D winner, so close yet so far! 😆 It was a huge week and Blaze ran her absolute heart out for me each time! We’ve only got 3 more events for the year so Blazey gets the week off before NBHA Nationals this weekend 😄 counting down the days until we move to NSW as well, get me off the coast please I’m absolutely sick of it! Mentally/emotionally I’m hanging on by a thread 😆🙃 . . Sponsored by: @cross.arrow

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When you live next door to the stable 🙌🏼

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Insalata di Calamari with zucchini,fennel,grappino tomatoes.

7 hours ago

🇹🇿️ Zanzibar - Raccolta alghe 📷 Ph. #1 Un fenomeno della natura, che rende Zanzibar ancora più affascinante, sono le alghe; quando il livello del mare si abbassa, alcune donne arrivano sulla spiaggia con dei sacchi pronti per essere riempiti dalle alghe che il mare lascia dietro di se. Una volta raccolte, vengono fatte essiccare per poi essere vendute, soprattutto al mercato della cosmetica. È stupefacente ammirarle durante il lavoro: un’attività dura e faticosa durante la quale sollevano dei sacchi pesantissimi e lavorano sotto il sole cocente a schiena bassa. Osservandole, anche se non mi spiego in che modo, riescono a trasmetterti la loro serenità ed allegria. In situazioni come queste ti rendi conto di quanto sei fortunato ad avere tutto quello che hai, ma l’amaro in bocca non può far altro che restarti per giorni. Persone che non hanno praticamente nulla, sono serene. Con estrema certezza penso quello che sto per scrivere: a Zanzibar ho visto per la prima volta nella mia vita persone FELICI, ma felici sul serio. Nella vita moderna siamo troppo impegnati, e non apprezziamo la nostra esistenza. Dovremmo farlo e sentirci in colpa quando invece non lo facciamo, pensando ai sorrisi di chi non ha nulla. Ph. @l.morandini #sea #beach #naturelovers #seascape #water_brilliance #beautiful #seaside #riverside #ocean #amazing #nature #sealovers #mare #paradiso #senzapensieri #hakunamatata #jambo #spiaggia #momentiunici #vistasulmare #lungomare #zanzibar #africa #tanzania #alghe #algheazanzibar #raccoltaalghe #raccoltaalghezanzibar