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Spotify updates 💓

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so happy its the weekend again

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RIP MAC #macmiller man just cause we miss you dog 🙏🏾🎧

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I love it 👾

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I mess with emotional rap so much. It tends to move you. Who’s got the fire vocals for this one? Grab “” now via ( Artwork discovered using @tumblr Artwork curated by — • @theclassyissue Artwork sourced by — • #typebeat #typebeats #typebeat2019 #freebeat #freebeats #freestyle #cymatics #cymaticsfm #musicproducer #artist #vocals #vocalist #singer #songwriter #composer #musician #tumblr #logicprox #femalesinger #femalevocals #malesinger #malevocals #ynwmelly #xxxtentation #lilpeep #macmiller

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Diana Levy

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Incase you missed it, our first music video is out now! Go check it out, link is in the bio

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Snippet from one of many group shots for that “sharpshooter” music video ! Big thanks to all the homies that slid thru 👏🏽💯 SPAM 3x to get on the next video🤩 •••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • #socialhouse #lilboat #explore #lyricallemonaid #music #producer #apple #soundcloud #lilpump #tekashi69 #trippieredd #xxxtentacion #stokley #skimask #juicewrld #follow #macmiller #lit #hiphop #smooth #magicinthehamptons #soundcloud #arianagrande #followers #urbanphotography #Balenciaga #newyear #2019 #photography #happy #ootd

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#불금 . . . 불금은 조신하게 커피도사고 사진도찍고 노래들으면서 밤산책 하는걸로-♡ . . 안녕~🙌 . . . . Mac Miller & Tay Walker - Completely Transparent💋 . . . . . . . .

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Super bass di nicki minaj ha superato le 13 milioni di vendite in tutto il mondo, 🖤 🤩 ~ Guys si ritorna con i temi finalmente @nickiminaj

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This is where I’m at in life rn, not giving a flump Mac Miller has always been a genius n he was pretty darn cool, my cover of My Favourite Part Dk if I’m care free or just inspired by Jack Black If you don’t like this u can spread love because love makes the world a pretty place 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even tho I took many takes I thought why tf am I tryna get this perfect, this is who I am, like Jack Black once said there is no wrong note! 💕 #macmiller #cover #acoustic 🤘🏻

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WHY❓ do you think🤔 people Downtalk or Hate🖤 on someone that’s trying to upgrade or Prevail on something or hit a Goal 🥅 ❓❓

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made this lil 2step in LA back in November and only just have the courage to share it. 🤙🏼 . hope you enjoy watching as much as i did creating :). . . 🎶: Mac Miller🙏🏼 . . thanks to my g @roberthart_ for the edit on this, love you.🖤 . . . i do not own the rights to this music it is purely for dance purposes k thankssss✌🏼

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J. Cole spotted again riding his bike in nyc 👀 📸 @officialgthh

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Cause it's just another night on my own Layin' back as I light up my Dro It's just another night alone I spend another night alone Said it's just another night on my own Layin' back as I light up my Dro It's just another night alone #macmiller

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LOVERS PARADISE 🖤🙃 For thise wondering what the lines mean lol it’s supposed to represent kinda an infatuation that has kinda blinded you and made it difficult for you to come to terms with reality. You thought you were in a lovers paradise but you were locked up in a toxic situation instead. You were focused between the bar, a possibility of a better outcome , rather then the situation at hand. Something that started good, “the best I ever had”, but then something went bad. - - - - - - - - - - . . . . .

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Spits the most vicious freestyle with pac then at the end he says “peace and love” I used to look up to the wrong people until I met truth in Jesus. Demons and hell are real, and I know this because I’ve come to face with them in outer body experiences. It’s the reason I started up this account, it’s the reason I changed my life around. It’s the reason I work every day on my music brand “Yours Truly” to hopefully reach people. I once too was blind even when I was told by other Christians at the time. Then I went through what I went through and it changed everything for me. I also should be dead. My story is pretty insane.. we all have one. Through Jesus I no longer fear death. I’m happy. I live in peace, my soul is content. I feel like a new person, and only God did that. Not me, I can’t take credit for anything. God loves us that much that he has our guardian angels collect our tears and bottle them. That’s a kind of love you want to have in life. Earth is temporary. Nothing here matters and without accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, hell is in fact a place you will go. Doesn’t matter if you think you are a good person. There are ways that seem righteous to a man, but are the ways to death itself. Only because of what Jesus did on the cross can we be once again reconciled with our creator, because of disobedience and choosing not to obey God, sin was introduced to the world. It’s like a love that rejects you, God isint going to chase after you unless you ask him to, he loves you that much that you get to make the decisions for yourself. “The game” is a trap. There is life and death in the tongue. Words can either heal or destroy. #peace #and #love #wins #hiphop #trap #macmiller #biggie #tupac #music #thegame I don’t know if biggie or pac is in a good place, I am nobody to judge but I really don’t think they are. Even Mac Miller was somebody I loved. It’s beyond sad.. there’s no words to describe the torments of hell.