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MACHIAVELLIAN MUTT-ERINGS ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS 8. MARIE ANTOINMUTT EATS CAKE. HRH Queen Marie Antoinmutt is taking an early dinner in the dining car. She appears most pensive. If the truth be told, Her Majesty wonders why her dinner partner has been delayed. He had cabled ahead and said he’d join the train later tonight, that she should not worry, everything would go smoothly and just to eat cake. She pokes at her cake with the silver fork. How is she going to pull off their plan by herself if he doesn’t get on board very soon? She looks out the window, notices the sun is setting and orders Sergei to immediately deliver all the cakes on the train to her table. Sergei bows low and mutters in impeccable French of course, “Your wish is of course my command, Your Majesty.” TO BE CONTINUED....

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Street of love ❤️ Náfplio, Greece. Photo by @themisk7

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"Paradise in the middle of the sea at @anantaradhigu is a dream come true" -@ lucaspinhel 🌊😍. We hope you had a splendid time 😊.

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Entre los destinos más exóticos y ricos culturalmente, Bangladesh destaca precisamente por el mutismo que hay a su alrededor. Al más puro estilo de la aventura, los visitantes encontrarán en este país una riqueza arqueológica inigualable, como las ruinas del Paharpur Vihara o las reliquias de Somapura Mahavihara. Bay View Jets: A view from above.

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A sophisticated balance between craftsmanship and flowing lines. _______________ Style: THE ARCHITECT I - CHG-WBD-Z33