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2 days ago

No matter where you end up in life, never forget where you came from .. From gun shots (in the head) to charges, to jail time, the CokeBoys stay strong 💪 The bond is un breakable! Another One 💉☝️🌊 (( @maxb140 )) Free Max Biggavelli #10Years #FreeMaxB #CokeBoys #LoveIsPoison Thanks to my tattoo artist @donewithheart for nailing it once again !! 🙏

3 days ago

“Every time I feel nobody love me I come straight to you, still wna come lay right beside you even when I’m mad at you...I be feeling like you don’t appreciate the shit I do, argue then you walk off, I ain’t never thought bout leaving you” #LOVEISPOISON 🖤🖤🎧🎤

1 week ago

🎶💜Heyoo trippy little hippies, was just about putting this set online n than i drop i glass of juice on the laptop n it died..would be better if was ice 😉 nha nha naha... gonna try to tunr it on just next week... im not to mad.. because ive done a back up of musics n prod.. anywayy it gonna come back! Bless the bass n have a sweety weekend!! fyaaa CHLL the KLL 🇧🇷☠🇵🇹 @4i20decor 👌🏽✌🏽 . 📽 by ma video maker @acarolinarizzo #infectedfestival2019 #infectedfestival #poisonivy #loveispoison #madmix #psycodelic #trippymusic #trippy #acid #lsd #magic #4i20 #portugaldj #infectedmushroom #chillout

2 weeks ago

Sorry I don't have beautiful face But I have beautiful heart ❤️ #loveispoison

2 weeks ago

If true love was life, then i guess this generation would have been dead💐 #loveispoison 💀