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1 week ago

Last BSP post for a while 😟 Four bands I've known instantly I wanted to see live as often as I can upon first seeing them open for another band. These guys are one of those four. Sundays and Mondays kinda suck, but these past three weeks have been an exception -- great music and preformers. And they're some of the friendliest and kindest humans I've had the pleasure of meeting. Already looking forward to their return next year. · @viquesimba , it was great meeting and talking to you ♥♥. @mandamaynia , thank for putting up with my nonsense both nights, it was fun 😂 · #yeahwhibs #thebarstoolpreachers #bspforever @willyoulookatthat @gibbism @bunglepreacher @alexdhaymusic @tetloose @alwbz #piratespressrecords #livemusic #supportyourscene #punk #skapunk #loveandpolitics #music

3 weeks ago

💗Dear Friends!! 💗Marianne Williamson just announced she may run for President in 2020. Go to her website and see her exploratory campaign lead to explore the possibility of seeking the Democratic nomination in 2020., we all need to support her!! She is the best of the best!! You can support her by going to her website . Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, activist and author of four #1 New York times bestselling books. A quote from the mega best seller A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers. Marianne’s other books include The Law of Divine Compensation, The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America, The Gift of Change, Enchanted Love, A Year of Miracles, and Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment. Her newest book, A Politics of Love: Handbook for a New American Revolution, will be published in 2019. #mariannewilliamson #president2020 #love @mariannewilliamson #mariannewilliamson #Heroine #areturntolove #LoveBased #spiritualjourney #courseinmiracles #believeinmiracles #elevate #change #consciouscommunity #womenempowerment #loveandpolitics #peacemaker #peace

2 months ago

~Ο έρωτας σχετίζεται με την επανάσταση και τη διαδικασία της χειραφέτησης:επινοείται έξω από τις έννοιες της ατομικής ιδιοκτησίας, της ανισότητας και του εγωισμού.. #alainbadiou #thepraiseforlove #loveandpolitics #capitalismkillslove

3 months ago

@aaronfosterbuchanan took this sweet little picture of some chamomile we have enjoyed looking at too much to harvest. I’ve been able to sit still with him more in the last 24 hours than I have in maybe a couple years and I guess I’m reporting that he’s as dreamy, intellectual, passionate and kind as he has ever been. He’s a remarkable human. We have had some “campaign” meetings lately, (cause yes, he is running for County Commissioner too y’all), and it’s been another way we get to spend extra time together. It’s not really surprising that all of the brain-storming and local politics is making me more and more smitten with him. I used to say “let’s just not talk about politics... anything else...” but his heart is so big and he is giving every ounce of his spare energy to be a voice in a community that I don’t think has ever heard from anyone quite like him. I couldn’t be more proud of my best friend. #ramble #holymatrimony #countycommissioner #sprucepine #mitchellcounty #chamomile #wildandfree #babydaddy #dontforgetdads #howdoesyourgardengrow #loveandpolitics #vote #afbformitchellcountycommissioner

3 months ago

I have been blogging at Love is Stronger for two years now, and to celebrate, I have updated my blog with a more streamlined appearance that I am really excited about. Love is Stronger is dedicated to four key ideas: 1. Love can transform the world. 2. Love is a practice we can learn rather than just a feeling we have. 3. Love is about our relationship with ourselves(including our bodies) each other personally and politically, and the Divine, if we believe. 4. We figure out the practical application of love together. In other words, I blog about how we can love ourselves and each other to make the world more awesome. I started blogging because I am a philosopher who specializes in ethics, social and political philosophy. I study how we teach people to change the world, and I believe love is at the heart of this. I share essays, poems, intentions and prayers, and watercolors on my blog. You can check out the link in my profile. #loveisstronger #love #loveandpolitics

3 months ago

“Never fall in love with anyone who loves politics” could be the alternative title. 📚 Book 51 of 2018 is #TheHopefuls by @JenniferAClose. 📚 It spans a marriage from Obama’s 2008 election, re-elect and then what happens after. While it’s giving me PTSD a smidge and throwing some shade at DC (where I love living), it’s a dark/fun read. 📚 Thanks to @jigolden for the bday gift! #WhatDCReads

4 months ago

🤔 Immigration, taxes, death penalty, welfare, LGBTQ rights, guns, healthcare, free speech & protest, animal rights, abortion, the police, climate, etc. etc. etc. 💥 Do any of these issues affect or trigger you? Before the Trump era you could easily see bipartisan households but now it’s tougher to imagine. The country is more and more divided. How important is a partners political stance to you? If at all. 💥I happen to think that political views nowadays fall in line with morality and character. One or two issues fine, but any more than that it’s a NO! #Loveandpolitics #liberal #conservative #bipartisan #politics

5 months ago

Last night's hustle has us flexin' hard in Philly. The bikes, the lights, the fashionnova parade, the strawberry lemonade with the steak n cheese, the was just the right amount of heat. #Maxs #Philly #loveandpolitics

5 months ago

"Something that moved and was still, something that made no sound but seemed to reveal its pattern to the shepherd's contemplation." #judithmalina #loveandpolitics

5 months ago

"Where there is no threat, love comes. Therefore I disarm myself even on the battlefield. We are not the first." #judithmalina #loveandpolitics

7 months ago

Baby Christopher went to vote and doesnt even know it; first time voting as a family... Know this my son, your heritage fought and persisted for you have to have this right and your parents continued through their work to strive to protect it, so that you and your children may never have to question it! #LoveandPolitics #BlackExcellence #BlackVotesMatter me and my house will #vote and #ServetheLord

7 months ago

It's just that foreshadowing silhouette when you all realize that destiny has arrived; its the feeling you get when you are illuminated by the reflective pools of what it holds through each others eyes and can see the personification of it smling back at you favorbly #BlackExcellence #BlackLove #LoveandPolitics #wce

7 months ago

Saw the incredible Marianne Williamson in NH this week on her “Love America” tour. It was so good that I’m going to see her again in May when she’ll be speaking at USM. This woman is both intellectually brilliant and deeply spiritually wise. She reminds us of what it truly means to be a spiritual person in today’s modern world. If you’ve never read her books or seen her speak, do yourself a favor and look her up! You’ll be glad you did!! 👌❤️✨✨✨

9 months ago

🎶 Tell me your problems, I’ll help you solve them 🎶 I’m slow. Like I see no reason to rush...ever. So ppl are always amazed that I finish my routes. It’s a mystery to them. But today I’m in this ultra relaxed, cosmic-like mood. And I have India in my ear so this is gonna be a extra slow mail delivery day. Lol. #Workflow #Therapy #IndiaArie #LoveAndPolitics

9 months ago

Viisi vuotta on istuttu valtuuston kokouksissa yhdessä ja tänään päästiin ekaa kertaa yhdessä kaupunginhallituksen pöydän ääreenkin. @sundqvistmikaela ei päässyt kokoukseen, joten varajäsen Ratilainen astui remmiin. Asialistalla oli mm. Turun ratikka- ja superbussiselvitys. #loveandpolitics #turku #politiikka #ratikka

10 months ago

Jackie’s friend, Henri Claudel, spent the whole time telling her not to marry Jack Kennedy. “Look Jackie, when he comes to New York he calls up to my cousin and all the guys to line up the girls. This guy is hopeless womanizer! What sort of life do you think you will have marrying a politician?” She looked me straight in the eyes and said “Of course I don’t like the politics and he’s a lot older than I am, but life will always be interesting with him, and then there is the money.” “What on earth will happen to you living in that awful world.” “Read the newspapers”. She coolly replied. #kennedy #jackiekennedy #loveandpolitics

11 months ago

Creeping on heated Sarah Huckabee-Sanders convos before net neutrality. #loveandpolitics

1 year ago

And also, THIS. If you're a documentary filmmaker, an air date on PBS is pretty much your wildest fantasy. 😁 On Tuesday, December 12, the short I collaborated on in 2016, Berning Love, airs on Vermont PBS. Berning Love is about the search for love in the waning days of the Bernie Sanders primary campaign in DC. I was a co-editor, associate producer, co-writer, and director of research for the film. It's had a lovely festival run and has now landed in its ideal home. #documentary #short #berninglove #vermontPBS #PBS #makemovies #loveandpolitics #reclaimdemocracy #imhavingquiteaday

1 year ago

T h u r s d a y | Happy birthday to one of my best friends & brother from another mother, @lincolndam 💞I'm so glad to have a friend in you. Someone who can offer me a second opinion when I need it, share PhD stories, the passion you have for your research and just life talks in general. Am super grateful to have you in my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you Lincoln for being one of the most awesome, caring, kind and humblest (is that even a word? 😂) and friendly people I know! We need more people like you in this world, hands down! 💛 Wishing you a beautiful year, with many more years to come. Lots of love & talk soon xx Happy Birthday! ❤️🎉🎁 . . #goshawtyitsyourbirthday #snapchatfilters #love #soold #loveandpolitics #bestfrannn 🎂

1 year ago

Life is a struggle. Life is a fight. There's no fucking time to be polite. #LoveAndPolitics

1 year ago

💭Некоторые сравнивают политику со спец. службами.. А представьте,одна семья,маленькая...Муж известный политик а вот жена(такая милая и роскошная) скрывается под именем " silver 003 "! Муж об этом всю жизнь не узнаёт и думает, что только он работает ради народа,а вот приходит время и он узнаёт, что если бы не его жена, он бы не смог вообще принять важные решения для государства в целом🤷🏻‍♂️Она работала агентом а он жил с ней 40 лет и даже не сомневался, что леди "silver 003 " сидит дома и воспитывает детей🤰🏼Ведь можно сравнить политику и спец. службы ,согласны? Все в делах мы понимаешь, что нету времени даже на личную жизнь🤵🏻👰🏼Некоторые чиновники даже не женятся или находят кого-то и регистрируют брак, но они уже старые и в 90% случаев все заканчивается печально...🤷🏻‍♂️ Считаю, что любой человек , который хочет чего-то достичь, то должен иметь рядом хорошую спутницу👫Спутницу,ведь я не имею в виду простую а именно спутницу жизни... В жизни мы ничего не сможем предвидеть...Приходит время, когда ты после университета понимаешь, что уже начал свою карьеру и тебе никого не надо...Но а проходит время и ты осознаёшь, что надо было тогда начать отношения или хоть как-то подумать по этому поводу...С ней ты покорял бы все непокоренные вершины , которые остались где-то там,позади..Уже поздно чего-то менять... Когда ты важная персона, все хотят с тобой общаться, услышать твои советы..ты на миг представляешь, что та самая женщина , которая должна была ждать дома- ждёт, но только в твоих мыслях.... В сороковые годы, чтобы покорить девушку, нужно было быть солдатом;в пятидесятые годы-евреем;в шестидесятые-бандитом.Теперь, чтобы покорить девушку, нужно политически к этому подходить🤷🏻‍♂️ #chinovnikmood #loveandpolitics #фразы #мысли #политика #любовь #морковь #девушки #отношения #мыслиполитика #спецслужбы #сравнительныйанализ #putin #trump #russia #moscow

1 year ago

#Repost @libraryreads - Does your past inform your present? Of course. But to what degree will you allow it? #YOUNGJANEYOUNG @algonquinbooks @gabriellezevin “Aviva Grossman was involved in a relationship with her boss, who just happened to be a member of Congress. She becomes ostracized as her name is associated with scandal and reinvents herself as Jane Young. She has a daughter, Ruby, who decides to run away to look for her father. Ruby learns things are not always what they seem. I loved Zevin’s engaging style. The characters are flawed and real. You are rooting for them until the end.” #LibraryReads #AugustList #books #bookstagram #bookclubs #moderndrama #livelystyle #realcharacters #loveandpolitics #AudraBartholomew @bossierlibrary

1 year ago

Does your past inform your present? Of course. But to what degree will you allow it? #YOUNGJANEYOUNG @algonquinbooks @gabriellezevin “Aviva Grossman was involved in a relationship with her boss, who just happened to be a member of Congress. She becomes ostracized as her name is associated with scandal and reinvents herself as Jane Young. She has a daughter, Ruby, who decides to run away to look for her father. Ruby learns things are not always what they seem. I loved Zevin’s engaging style. The characters are flawed and real. You are rooting for them until the end.” #LibraryReads #AugustList #books #bookstagram #bookclubs #moderndrama #livelystyle #realcharacters #loveandpolitics #AudraBartholomew @bossierlibrary

1 year ago

Thanks to Bay Area Women in Film and Media for an amazing series of films tonight at the Shorts Showcase. It was an honor to be included in such fantastic company. It is very poignant to watch #berninglovethefilm with an audience of strangers, to hear their laughter and share their melancholy at what might have been by the end of the film. #bawifm #documentaryshort #loveandpolitics #election2016 Special thanks to @oruora @la_marimorena and @ms_simsima for the support and to @eightfootprints for flying all that way! 😍💝💚💘💟🎥🎬📹📷