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Cuando Xayah no te deja comer chocolate (?) //1era foto xd// Últimamente estoy jugando mucho Rakan, es un champ que me da mucha confianza a la hora de jugar, es mi favorito de todos los supports (。>﹏<。) ✨ Gracias a este campeón (y a fede de mi cocoros que me dejó supportearlo uwu, ejjehm ejjehm, carreó), terminé por fin mis provisionales y me voy a esforzar en seguir rankeando para llegar con él a más divisiones superiores (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Y nada, me pintó maquillarme así nomás inspirada en él, hwjwkalhdjis quiero cosplayearlo próximamenteヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 #rakan #lol #leagueoflegends #makeup #cosplay #genderbender

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😂 true

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I still don’t like X because of all the shit he did

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ऊँचा उड़ कर इतना मत इतराओ, अगर मैं औकात में आ गया तो सारा आसमान खरीदलूंगा। Afaq Nawab.. • Edit By Bhai Mera @stylo_vivek_1988 • 🔝 #amazing #style #100likes #nofilter #bestoftheday #50likes #life #instagram #swag #followforfollow #ig_today #fitness #f4f #l4l #beauty #pretty #music #toptags #tagstagramers #beach #sweet #lol #photo #cool #nice #party #night #girls #sunset #iphoneonly

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PROGRESS not PERFECTION👌 . Today marks 7 weeks since my major chest operation and I couldn’t be happier with my progress! I’ve always said to myself “Strive for Progress, not Perfection” because when you focus on Progress, that is when you truly get your best results both mentally and physically.👌 . Here you see me doing a 3 part variation of a push-up! And man am I weak hahaha🙈 But my circumstances haven’t given me the greatest of opportunities to be the ultimate push-up queen like I used to be once upon a time!💪😂 I remember having the ability to, in 60 seconds, smack out 56 of these on my toes before I got sick. So, i think the biggest thing for me throughout this health journey has been seeing myself go from being a competitive Athlete my WHOLE life in swimming, soccer, fitness competitions etc, to now doing NOTHING! Before this year, I hadn’t ever had any longer than a 2 week break from any physical training!! Since I was a baby I’ve played every single sport under the sun - I never stopped! Up until I began to get ill in 2015 and not understanding why, I slowly fell off the band wagon. Man have the last 6 years been an absolute journey for me, but these last few weeks have been some of the best. . Swipe right to see my 3 part push-up variation that I’ve been executing during my Chest/Pec rehab. 1.) Hip push up. Hips remain on Ground, & only movement coming from arms pushing up, parallel from hips to shoulders. 2) Modified push up. Knees remain on ground, & pushing up through palms to reach a parallel point between knees & shoulders. 3.) Standard Push up. Toes & palms are the only body parts touching the ground. Pushing up through palms to reach a parallel point between toes & shoulders. . Progress not perfection is where I need to keep my head at right now. Going from 56 push ups in a minute to now 3 can be a lil’ bit deflating haha. But also understanding what your body has been through and that it’s only going to get better from here on out is powerful💪 . If you’re like me and you’re recovering from an injury or an illness, I just want to encourage you that it WILL get easier! Keep persisting and remember, every teeny tiny win is still a win!💪

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sit down, be humble

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기분좋은 하루

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영화관 갔던게 언제더라

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