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17 minutes ago

So we set ourselves a challenge of climbing #bennevis and we only went and did it! Despite the weather not being too great on the way up (and getting absolutely soaked!) we still made it to the top to get some fantastic views of cloud 🤦‍♂️but it was still so worth it! When the cloud cleared on our way down we got to see some truly beautiful views. Our little trip to the #highlands also took us to #lochness and some amazing waterfalls. Bye for now Scotland! #scotland #roadtrip #mountain #hiking #climbing #waterfalls #loch #easchiaaigfalls #friends #backpack #intheclouds

23 minutes ago

💙 B E A U T Y 💙

50 minutes ago

We had lovely few days off ☀️ Back today! Salad box is perfect choice for a hot day ☀️☀️☀️ we have mushroom soup as well 😊

1 hour ago

I was so fortunate to find a beautiful barn in the hills of Loch Ness where I spent the morning riding in the woods and fields above the Loch, as well as dipping down to the shore for some stunning views across the water. There is a tremendous diversity of plant life in the area and we even spotted a couple roe deer. The horses at Loch Ness Riding are all engaged in endurance riding so they are very fit, sure-footed and responsive—we had several good gallops through the woods and fields which felt amazing and helped blow out the last bit of my jet-lag! I think the best way to see new country is from the back of a horse ❤️ Thanks Candy, Sarah and handsome Ruadhan 🏇🏇 #scottishhighlands #righttoroam #lochness #lochnessriding @loch_ness_riding #horsesarethebest

1 hour ago

🦕🏞 Loch Ness, famous with monsters under the lake👣 Hostels and restaurants around this lake are posting different stories about monsters🦕🤣 Unfortunately, we cannot catch any monsters or creatures but some crazy people dive and swim in the freezing water🌊😆 They (actually we😆) screamed a lot because of the strong wind🌬 #scotland #lochness #lochnessmonster #windy #monster #adventure #instagood #swim #inverness #badweather #travelling #solotraveller #nature #freezing

8 hours ago

Urquhart Castle. Puede ser más idílico el paisaje? Con arco iris y todo 🌈 Y es que una de las ventajas del clima tan cambiante de Escocia es que puedes ver cualquier fenómeno de la naturaleza 😂 Las ruinas de este castillo tienen a sus pies el Lago Ness. Hemos intentado buscar a Nessie 🦕 pero no ha querido aparecer. Muy cerca está Inverness, una ciudad que creíamos que nos iba a decepcionar y tiene una zona junto al río muy bonita. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Urquhart Castle: could it be a more idyllic area? Even with a rainbow 🌈 one of the advantages of Scottish weather is you can enjoy any freak of nature. The Castle is washed by the Loch Ness. We’ve trying to find Nessy 🦕 ... Inverness is very near and although we thought it would be an industrial city, it has a really beautiful area next to the river. #scotland #urquhartcastle #lochness #nessie #lookingfornessie #landscapes #scotishcastles #uk #palabrasdeviaje #pdvreinounido

9 hours ago

“I don’t know anything about light, from where it comes, nor where it goes, I only want the light to light up...” -Helen Oyeyemi: What is not yours is Not yours #lochness #nikond610 #50mm

9 hours ago

Imagine that?! I'll be dreaming about Nessie sightings now lol xx

10 hours ago

Oh Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The place that always makes me feel all of the feels. On our first day my uncle drove us through the Scottish Highlands for 13 hours. THIRTEEN. We visited so many beautiful spots, I saw the Harry Potter bridge and train and I got to pat a highland coo (yes, coo)🐄 Thanks again to my Scottish family members for taking us out even though you’ve been there a million times before💙 Also, all the drone shots are thanks to @joshmarques skills. I don’t fly the bloody thing, I just steal the photos 📸 #scotland #highlands

10 hours ago

Just some highlights from today. Highland tour, through Glencoe, then looked for Nessie on Loch Ness. Quite wet until we got back to Edinburgh. Beautiful all the same! #scotland #glencoe #lochness #highlands

10 hours ago

First time ever in Scotland and wow it was amazing. I am told we might have had the best weather in history.. 31 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky! 😂 The endless Highlands, Loch Ness (yes we saw Nessy), meeting my hairy brothers - Highland Cows, and Urqhart Castle, absolutely stunning. It helped having Hannah’s amazing family as tour guides too! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

10 hours ago

That time when we hiked "Dog Falls" near #lochness and I convinced our kids that it was so named because dogs are constantly going over the edge. "Kids, I see a Dalmation and a pug about to go over!" 😆😭 # Also, we got @sambrosen back for a bit. And we learned of (and actually found down a wee country lane) #mcbainmemorialpark , created in memory of MacBeans, McBains, etc., of which I am a descendant.

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Meow 🐱

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Les tritons sont des amphibiens urodèles, représentés entre autres par le genre Triturus. Ils s'apparentent aux salamandres ; d'une manière générale, on appelle plutôt « tritons » les urodèles qui, à l'état adulte, sont munis de poumons mais passent beaucoup de temps dans l'eau. Cette distinction souffre de nombreuses exceptions, du fait que les mots « triton » et « salamandre » précèdent de longtemps la découverte de nombreuses espèces — elle reste cependant particulièrement valide en Europe.

10 hours ago

After a rainy start to the day in Dalmally we drove into the sunshine of Inverness with its Castle sitting on a cliff overlooking the River Ness. A visit to Culloden Battlefield in breezy sunshine where we had lunch. Then back beside Loch Ness to Drumnadrochit to learn about monsters and the fascinating secrets of the loch. We were treated to a rainbow over Urqhart Castle before ending the day in Fort Augustus. #Inverness #castle #invernesscastle #lochness #urqhart #urqhartcastle #Scotland #rainbow