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1 month ago

I’ve always had an aversion to yellow and red so I was surprised at how excited I became when I sat with this lovely couple for our initial consult and talked color palette. I think it was the universe telling me to find excitement in places I might not always look or appreciate at first glance.

1 month ago

I’ve been focused on dyeing and not posting much so I thought I’d do a binge post of what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. In addition to the local yellows I’ve been getting from marigold, zinnia, tick seed and goldenrod, I’ve been getting some wonderful golds, Browns and greens from a variety of local trees including mimosa, pecan, chestnut, walnut, some food nutssuch as avocados, and imports from South America, including logwood, madder, cochineal. Ventured into Indigo which is so much easier than coaxing color from local plants. I’ve mixed and overdyed and used modified exhaust baths. I’ve lost count of the various shades I’ve achieved. All skeins are cream Shetland wool from my farm, millspun to 145 yds/1.5 oz ........... I will be sharing these for sale at the upcoming #southernindianafiberartsfestival in Corydon starting Friday October 19 through Saturday October 20. ......... #strawmoonsheepandfiberfarm #indiedyedyarn #plantdyedyarn #naturalcolors #localforage #knitting #knittersofinstagram #wool #kentuckygrown #naturalliving #farmraisedwool #slowliving #slowknitting #farmlife #farmstudio #lunathefarmlady

2 months ago

Ceibo’s Magical Moringa Tinctures available at Organico. You can find them behind the checkout counter. Locally foraged and charged with crystal singing bowls under the "Super Moon" energy. Concocted with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. The Moringa is a miracle tree that produces “super foods” through its leaves, seeds and flowers. Nature’s multivitamin. It’s nutrients are so rich in vitamins and minerals that it can support the well being and healing of human bodies. Moringa has more Vit C than oranges, 25% more iron than spinach, 17% more calcium than milk, 4% more protein than eggs, 15% more potassium than bananas and 10% more vitamin A than carrots. It thrives in climates in Africa and India in poverty stricken areas. A medicine for the people. We can be so grateful it grows in abundance here in Costa Rica. Only a few left at Organico. The perfect rainy season plant medicine. Private message me with any questions or dosage recommendations. ☝🏾❤️🦉 #moringa #plantmedicine #organicomarket #miracletree #medicineforthepeople #consciousliving #localforage #permaculture #crystaltones #biodynamics #fruitsofthespirit

4 months ago

This time we’ll do a brief analysis of the monthly most popular JS repositories. Chilling time is the best part of the summer, so to get more time for relaxation – read about, explore and use these great tools. They’ll save your time! For example, a mechanism for programmatically making web requests in the browser, diagrams and flowcharts generator, UI kit, React boilerplate, JS storage to improve the offline experience, text-based browser and many more of interesting and useful repositories! Read about them on Syndicode blog! 🔥👨🏻‍💻🧐 #api #Apollo #Bootstrap #browser #css #diagram #DOM #frontend #github #GPU #Guessjs #HTTP #JavaScript #localforage #ML #markdown #Mozilla #Nodejs #Opensource #React #applications #Reactboilerplate #Redux #server #typescript #UI #Vue #web #API #webpack

7 months ago

Collecting the leaves

7 months ago

Gin, Baby oak leaf tea, lemon, and tarragon syrup, soda spritz. The oak leaf tea is light in flavour but the tanins come through leaving a dry finish to the drink.

7 months ago

Helping out collecting the baby oak leaves

10 months ago

Wandering through the streets of Harajuku, there is a distinct focus on specialty trades. Over the course of one day, I came across several stores promoting and selling honey in all shapes and sizes, from all around the world. Here, Apis Mellifera visits her local supermarket (rosemary!) outside My Honey Hand Made store in the side streets on our way into Shibuya. It was no warmer than 12 degrees out at this time! Amazing! 🐝😘 #BOTinJapan #honeymeetsTokyo #honeybeesinJapan #scoutingpossibilities #localforage #urbanbeekeeping

1 year ago

Seeds, beneficial insects and sweet local fruit... I love my snacks with #stackedfunctions

1 year ago

Did you know that what makes these "lobster mushrooms", is not the mushrooms themselves? #funfact #localforage

1 year ago

Today in the middle of our last day of hosting a yard sale, I noticed some beautiful staghorn sumac ready to be harvested. I filled two bags with these beauties. Indian tea and sumac jelly is coming up this week! I'm so excited to see how my jelly turns out. Have you made sumac jelly, or had it? Let me know any pointers or ideas you have. I'll be brewing it up on Wednesday 😁 #staghornsumac #localforage #getoutsideandexplore #forage #dowhatmakesyouhappy #jamsession #itsjellyactually #localfinds #northga #georgia #stoked

1 year ago

May not seem like much. But from my new very very overgrown yard. Wild strawberries.. and the first ripe raspberries of the year.. going into or banana muffins! #wildharvest #localforage

1 year ago

Wild calla lily, bigger than my face. Lying round in my backyard. #localforage

1 year ago

Foraged Nettle Gnocchi and nettle cream sauce with foraged hairy bittercress for garnish.

1 year ago

A few days ago,I changed my plan from harvesting young noni shoots just because I don't have the heart to disturb a colony of ant's home.Look at what I harvested today! A bagfull of noni fruits and young shoots from a different plant.These bountiful harvest is from a mature tree in a compound of police station near my home.I parked my car at the KFC compound which is adjacent to the station.I walked into the police station, greet them ( bagi salam ) and asked permission from one of them who happen to be off duty and on their way to perfom friday prayer at nearby mosque.They gave me a big smile and one of them led me to the tree😃 It is my principle to ask permission..I can easily pluck the fruits from the place I parked my car like other people did..The car park is literally underneath the huge tree .The branches are in the KFC compound but the huge trunk and root from the police station compound.I asked permission from both parties.Yes, it is my principle to ask permission from the owner.I will refrain myself from plucking or taking anything without permission.I grew up seeing example from my grandparents and my parents.I want to share with my daughter who was with me just now the way my dad showed me.Through exampe.My dad always reminds me "only eat rezeki halalan toyyiban.It will be my blood and my flesh.It is utmost important to take care of the quran in me...the blood and flesh from the shubhah sources will interfere" .Nauzubillahi min zaa lik. #rezeki #bountifulHarvest #nonishoots #noni #kerabuNoni #NoniJuice #NoniSalad #NoniVineger #ulam #localForage

1 year ago

Few days ago, young noni shoots really caught my eyes.I thought of just quickly plucked a bunch of noni young shoots to make salad for dinner. Lo behold, I was greeted by a colony of 'kerenga'(red ants?) busying building/touching up their nest.It was windy and rain is coming soon. No no no!! I don't want to disturb them.I don't have the heart.Better let them safe.I will come back later and will be mindfully not to disturb their home and ruin their hard work.Nice home you have there! I took this photo and shared with my hubby and kids. Your Excell-Ants teamwork won our heart . #teamwork #ants #localForage #nonishoots #noni

1 year ago

From #Morningwalk today #PeakABoo !! #HiddenTreasure !!!! The young #Jackfrutis are calling my name.I will wait until they are mature and ripe at the tree.Never mind sharing some with mr squerrel and family or musang pandan with his bini😘 This is all about living hormany with nature . Nope!!! My mind run wild all the way home from the lake.Arghh!!! I am imagining eating freshly cooked plain rice with blanced young jackfruits dipped in the enchovies sauce.This is how i spell heaven on earth !!!!!! Ok..on a different note,I will wait till weekend for a kampong style like my grandma used to cook when i was little.She will transform these youngjacfruits into yummilicious gulai lemak nangka or sayur nangka.I heard that my neighbour's mum is visiting her family this weekend.She is a bit younger than my late grandma.She love spoit me rotten too like their own grandkids . She will bring something for me from her kampong everytime she visiting her daughter.During her staying,she loves to come and visit me too with a bowl of freshly cook kampong style dish. Yes, she will make a point to just drop by at my house.Some time she came twice if i wasn't home on her first visit.My siblings will joke with me me..."Cik,your nenek came while you were out , she wil drop by again later😍" .I feel soo touched, humbled and special everytime we spend time together.I feel she is my godsent grandma .I feel like my beloved grand's presence , eating her banana fritters while listening to our gossip.I can feel my late grandma is with us everytime this nenek dropby at my place.Her banana fritter are crispy just like my grandma's.She said just using old recipe blend of rice flour, tumeric, eggs , salt and water for the batter. And her breadfruit fritter is to die for too..owh sukun goreng cicah sambal kicap berasap dengan kopi O panas.Pergh!!! I will harvest one small young jackfruit for the nenek this weekend. I am waiting for her visit too.No kidding,I am eagerly waiting for her arrival like i am waiting for my own grandma"s visit.The joy stays with me till today.What a blessed life.I know she knows how much i miss her. #natureWalk #LocalForage #spredLove #heavenKnows #fitmum

1 year ago

One. 2017, Is the year i step back from control a little and trust in the universe having my back. As its pulling of strings in the recent year has me in a more contented place. Long story short; prior to Fig my daughter i was an art consultant, whilst on maternity i lost my job, at the time i was confused but then as time went on - i realized what a blessing - it was a chance to change livlihoods and essentially do something that sets my soul a light and one id always wanted to try- floristy. With my heart totally in botanicals from a young age from working in the garden with my mum, to working at my uncles native nursery as a teen, to dedicating a huge part of my creative life as a watercolour painter in glorifying native Australian flora @kylastoneart - i am taking my LEAP in another creative direction in WABI . So nice to have you here, to share in a love & obsession of botanicals. & Overwhelmed with feelings over this new beginning ✖ Heres goes 🙌 #localforage #backyardbunch #practice #Workinprogress #fruitandflowers #artist

2 years ago

It's hard to photograph yellow, it all seems to blend. I am in Michigan today and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see everything growing along the side of the road. This is goldenrod and unlike my favorite yellow plant (St. Johns Wort) it doesn't make a lovely happy tea. Instead I like it purely for the asthetics and knowing where I am when I see it growing along the road, home. Home is where the heart is ♡ Michigan #goldenrod #forage #localforage #medicinalherbs #local #michiganplants #plants #michigan #love #flowering #flowers

2 years ago

#passionflower medicine! This purple goddess is best known for it's work on our nervous system- #insomnia , #anxiety , nervous disorders and seizures. Germany recognizes #passionflower as a treatment for "nervous unrest" while it's unfortunately mostly passed off as a beautiful fence adornment here in it's native United States. All that medicine right under our noses! I use this beauty in @sugarmountainapothecary twilight sleep tincture along with valerian and other calming sedative herbs for deep restful sleep. And I'll have a few bottles of the stuff with me at @stockmarketca this Saturday! Oh, this baby is also used as an #aphrodisiac 😏 so keep an eye out for more on that later... #wildmedicine #herbalwellness #hedgewitch #medicinewoman #sleep #sacramento #stockton #localforage #wildmedicine

2 years ago

A new flush of flowers on our Kailua shop garden coffee tree alongside our cacao tree and lilikoi vine. With @bigislandcoffeeroasters help this coffee may wind up in a super limited edition Café con Leche bar with its potent lucky 7 shots of espresso. We're still looking to buy or trade local Hawaii grown lilikoi fruit and juice if you're growing or foraging, for our popular passion fruit chocolate bars. Drop it by either of our stores and we'll set you up with tasty chocolate or cash. #LocalForage #OahuGrown #HawaiiGrown #HawaiiCoffee #BarterForChocolate #WillTradeForChocolate #StimulaingPlants