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2 weeks ago

This coming Sunday, on 09/12 Archipel Stations Community Radio will be stationing the @zabriskiebuchladen für Kultur & Natur in Berlin between 13:00 and 18:00 (CET). The program will be tailor made to the spirit of our host, with contributions evoking Arts & Nature. Niko De Paula Lefort's Comme à la Radio and @stereotropic Ela Spalding's Living Ecology Library will be presented live threading the whole program. The program will be online at and replayed in parts after the event in our weekly slot on Colaboradio (88,4 FM Berlin and 90,7 FM Potsdam) every Tuesday 11:00 (CET). (CET) Titles 13:00 Comme à la Radio 13:30 Colombo and the Negotiation of Garbage 14:00 Hard Disk Orphan Mashup 14:15 If we are moving fast enough # 1 14:30 Living Ecology Library 15:00 Reading Hour 15:30 Cavidad 16:00 If we are moving fast enough # 2 16:15 West Virginia My Home 17:00 Story for Food 18:00 Sundown For more details on the program visit our website. 🎤📻come by or tune in! #archipelstations #liveradio #radio #books #livingecology #communityradio #colaboradio

2 years ago

The Mountain... Blessed we are to gather here in profound Ceremony. Woven of ancient pancultural practices of deep Earth connection. Sacred ecological practices of sensuous conversation with the human, more-than-human, Spirit and Shamanic realms. Unmistakably Called by Life and Source, we are Dreaming back the Old Wild Ways in new weavings of the Rewilded Healed Feminine. Gathering again as Women in the wild places... Living and bringing the Medicine that is our wild human birthright. With great thanks to the Traditional Owners, Ancestors and Custodians of this land, to Elders past and present. The Birpai People. With great thanks to Nungeena Tya. Gaia. To the Spirits and Guardians of this deeply welcoming Land. We sing to you, and we are sung by you. We breathe you in, and offer our full breath in return. We give our humble gratitude for your Call, for your willingness to let us come, for your continual living tempering of our Way into deep resonance. We come full bodied and Open with gentle hearts, profound respect, and a heartfull love of this Land. We take nothing that is not ours, we leave nothing that should not be left. #wilderness #country #sacredland #called #welcomed #givingthanks #deeprespect #traditionalownersandguardians #elderspastandpresent #spirits #guardians #birpaicountry #birpailanguagegroup #sacredecology #shamanicecology #livingecology #livingculture #evolvingparadigms #comewithlove #leavewithlove #walklightlyupontheearth