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Repost @anguswalkerphoto current UWE Wildlife Filmmaking MA Student. Repost @anguswalkerphoto -- A close encounter with a bear -- Based high up on a ridge in the Carpathian Mountains Edward Burdett and I began our two-day stake out to try and film the local wildlife. The stake out took place in an abandoned shack that we came across during a hike, and we slept in the loft to try and stay above the scent line. It was a good place to pitch up because a trail camera revealed that bears visited at least once a night and sometimes in the day, and scientific reports tell us that there are 14 individual bears in this valley! At 9pm on the first night I was woken up by the sound of something moving around outside. At first I didn’t think much of this noise until it progressively came closer to the shack – the footsteps began to sound much heavier and I soon realised that this was not a small animal. #Romania #carpathians #bear #wildcamping #Wildlifephotography #nature #explore #livewild #landscapephotography #brownbear #europeanbrownbear #wildlife #wildlifefilmmaking #wildlifephoto #thegreatoutdoors #filmmaker #filmschool #nature #animalconservation #conservation #thegreatoutdoors #travel #expedition #wanderlust #adventure #explorer #traveldiary #naturalworld #getoutside

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Has anything surprised you? I was worried that as a Deputy Operations Manager my role would be all about the “big picture” and I wouldn’t get as much time to get to know the volunteers. But Raleigh always has ways of surprising you. When a manager was sick early in my first month in Tanzania, I was suddenly co-leading the first week of trek (the dream) with the wonderful Tony. Here I am baking bread at mountain flank camp, a dreamy spot perched on the edge of a mountain. Days were spent wandering through valleys, over swamps, down dusty roads and having conversations with the team about the stuff that actually matters. Nights around the campfire. Bliss. I was also a surprisingly good campfire baker. 📸 @ajdullard • • • • • • @raleightanzania @raleighnz @raleighinternational #sustainabledevelopment #livewild #sheisnotlost #sdgs #intothewild #offthebeatentrack #tesssomewhere #fashion #socksandtevas

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Who else is compulsively checking the snow forecasts??? It's only the beginning of the Australian summer and it's already too hot for this snow bunny! This photo is a close up of a large canvas "Calm & Exhilarated in the Whistler Alpine". If you love snow covered trees, the full image of the finished painting is coming up next 30" x 40". #ilovewinter #iloveskiing #littlethingswhistler #pnwonderland #explorecanada #whistlerblackcomb #beautifulbritishcolumbia #getoutsideandplay #natureartist

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I love this pic! Taken a couple of weeks ago on a family weekend trip away. Once the journey began I passed our roller bottle bag to the littlies in the back, which was full of our doTERRA emotions touch rollers. I allow my children to intuitively pick an oil from time to time, and thought it a good idea to ensure their little, but often large, emotional beings were in harmony before the long trek to dubbo. He was in search of the 'green one' aka 'Forgive - the renewing blend' his face says it all 💜 I love empowering these munchkins to support their own little bodies, natural hormonal balance. If you are interested to find out how essential oils can support your body, and help to bring it to a place of hormonal balance, please leave me a msg ☺ #livewild #essentialoils #familylife #weekendsaway #harmonise #balanceourenergies #hormonalbalance #cartripswithkids #supportwithessentialoils

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Another weekend, another epic camp spot! 👌 Nothing better then a man preparing dinner after a days hiking 😍

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Hello friends! I want to wish everyone a happy second Sunday of Advent. Today was a bad pain day so I spent most of the day in bed or resting on the couch. I was deleting old pictures on my phone and came across this shot that I took earlier in the fall. My husband and I spent a cold, drizzly day driving through the countryside and looking at the changing leaves. Everything was so gray and gloomy, but this barn quilt was shining like a beacon in the distance. I’ve always been a person who looks for signs in the universe around me. This barn quilt felt like a sign, a reminder that no matter how dark things seem right now that the light is coming. Things are going to get better. That day was so special. It was one of the last calm, quiet days that my husband and I had to ourselves before I made the long trip back to my parents’ house. I’m missing him terribly, but I know that we will be reunited soon. #barnquilt #countryroads #countryliving #sundaydrive #findthebeauty #searchingforasign #signfromtheuniverse #thehappynow

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Great day up at White Buddha today, catching some sun and pulling on some sweet sweet limestone. • This week I’m taking over @flashedclimbing as part of my throwback series, to revisit some of my favourite trips and projects from the last 5 years. • Rad shot 📸 by @itsgrandmameg. • • • • #climbing | #bouldering | #rockclimbing | #climb | #flashedclimbing | #rockandice | #climbing_pictures_of_instagram | #climbing_is_my_passion | #climbingnation | #climbingisbliss | #climbing_worldwide | #c_l_i_m_b | #climbfreeclimbfearlessly | #livingthedream | #scarpa | #lifepoints | #explorealberta | #neverstopexploring | #prana | #rockymountains | #sundayfunday | #climbingphotography | #livewild | #livewithoutlimits | #petzlgram | #skratchlabs | #skratchthesummit | #racedayfuel | #choosemountains | #escalada

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Thankfulness: day 17 of 30. 1.) I’m thankful for friends crazy enough to try outrageous ideas to get rid of a sinus infection- and to video it just for my enjoyment. 2.) I’m thankful for the chance to step out of routine today and have a LONG chat with Holy Spirit about relationships, and life, and other things. Full of wisdom and love that Holy Spirit... 3.) I’m thankful for eggs benedict, yes i am! Oh hollandaise sauce, you have me. 4.) I’m thankful I have the ability to give to others. Sometimes it’s quite simple to do. 5.) I’m thankful for the way faithfulness shows up in life as we decide to step forward. Sometimes the track is clear and sometimes it’s being laid just as we put our foot down in front of us. 6.) I’m thankful for healthy natural remedies for healing. Medicine isn’t the answer as often as once thought. And, better yet, not simply healing but general well-being. Why fix a problem when you can obliterate the chance of ever having one? 7.) I’m thankful for the chance that I get to express myself. Not everyone hears me, but God listens and remains, even in all of my chaotic rampage when it comes. 8.) I’m thankful for riding lawn mowers. Cut grass? Sure, give me 5 minutes. 😜 9.) I’m thankful for flowers. They are so incredibly lovely, and easily change an atmosphere for the better (both seen and unseen atmospheres). 10.) I’m thankful for the blended way the leaves line the footpath in the yard. It’s as if nature was drawing a picture and wanted that line to be special somehow. 11.) I’m thankful that two of the three deciduous trees on the property shed their leaves as the deepest red, almost purple/burgundy color. My hair was more than once this color, and it’s a radiant color in my opinion. 12.) I’m thankful for salt and pepper. They are some of my most faithful meal companions, and they bring my food to life. 13.) I’m thankful that time and time again, in my unsuccess, I find success. Ex: I clogged the riding mower today, again, for the umpteenth time, but equally I unclogged the mower, again, for the umpteenth time. #success cont. in comments:

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Absolutely incredibly that a place like this exists 😍 #protecttheearth because it is amazing 💚

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Trees Help Us Heal ~ This weekend Alexandra and I met to plan 2019 programs under the ancient thousand year old Douglas Firs. Many of you know that we created Howl Often after both experiencing trauma, and both going into the wild to lift our spirits and reclaim who we once were. Back then there wasn’t science supporting what we felt. Now, studies by Harvard are showing how time with trees decreases stress, anxiety and depression. How? The chemicals emitted by trees regulate the neurotransmitters that cause these afflictions. Lately, life has seemed overwhelming juggling work, family, Xmas expectations and a start-up. Touching these trees, I once again (thankfully) feel grounded and alive again. So, hug a tree. It’ll help you heal. 🌲💕 #howloften

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Don stands at 6’5”, so it goes without saying that this is a giant, once in a lifetime caliber tom! After turning the hounds loose at first light, this brute was finally caught 5 miles from the nearest road, turning an already long day even longer. But that’s exactly how a lot of the best memories are made! A 13 hour day in cat country isn’t easy, so way to get it done Don! And thanks for letting us take part in several of your hunts throughout this year, it’s been a pleasure! A huge thanks to Austin and Robert for your help. We couldn’t have done it without you. #BTO #LetsHunt #UAHunt #Swarovski #SwarovskiOptiks #TrophyRock #BrowningTrailCameras #PhoneSkope #MuleDeer #iHeartMuleDeer #Hunting #Hunters #HuntingIsConservation #LiveWild #DeerLivesMatter #Houndsmen #Hounds

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You make me laugh every single day and you put up with my shenanigans. Everyday with you is an adventure #LiveWild

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It’s time to Stepp Up Our Game! Beginning this Tuesday Wild Edge Inc is launching Tactical Tuesday’s! We’ve been getting a LOT of questions about the Steppladder, our go to Run and Gun set up, saddle hunting and everything in between. We are committed to getting those questions answered! We want you to join us on Instagram live every Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST. We’ll announce the topic of focus beforehand and encourage you to come join in the conversation with WEI president and resident saddle hunting expert, Andrew Walter. Stay tuned! . . . . #saddlehunting #publiclands #publicland #bowhunting #saddlehunting #saddlehunter #seeyounexttuesday #hunting #ihunt #archery #livewild #wild #sickforit #steppladder #wildedgeinc #runandgun

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🍃" Eu sou a terra, eu sou a vida. Do meu barro primeiro veio o homem. De mim veio a mulher e veio o amor. Veio a árvore, veio a fonte. Vem o fruto e vem a flor." Cora Coralina

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Shape of emptiness.

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@lebb_ writes, "This buck was crossing the creek mid day. I so happen to be standing in the middle of the creek in some thick cover looking out and seen him hung up in some veins. I didn’t hear him at all cause the creek was flowing good that day. He was tearing tree limbs down and knew it was a monster." Thanks for sending in Kaleb! #WildBuck . #wilddeer #pasturedeer #pastureborn #lowfence #freerange #fairchase #lowfencehunting #freerangehunting #fairchasehunting #virginia #huntingvirginia #virginiahunting #virginiabuck #virginiahunt #hunting #cornrolls #deerhunting #huntingdeer #whitetailhunting #whitetaildeerhunting #whitetailhunter #whitetail #whitetailbuck #wildbuckmedia #livewild #huntwild #wearwild #wildbuck

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Head above the clouds in the Himalayas. Just kidding. This is actually at Mt. Rose, close to home, about 8,000 feet in the Sierras where a rare phenomenon called inversion brings warmer temps in higher altitudes than in the valley.

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last stop: nyc, next stop: ?

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!VALLE DEL LUNAREJO!⛰🌄🏞 Esta es una muestra muy pequeña de lo que es este ecosistema y puedo asegurar que no es nada al lado de lo que es animarse a recorrerlo y vivir su aventura. Si te gusta la naturaleza, puedo decirte que vas a sentirte como en tu casa. Sus plantas están en todas partes y si vienes de noche es un lugar excelente para avistar luciérnagas. Todos los días que estuve allí los disfrute al máximo, no hay mayor deseo que volver y seguir conociendo en su modo más profundo este lugar. 🤗🤗🤗 . . #Somosdeuruguay   #postalesdeluruguay #descubreuruguayfotos   #Uruguay   #photography_uy #uruguaypost   #audiovisualesuruguay #fotosdeuruguay   #chancholuminoso #retratandouruguay #traveladdicted   #travelpassion #travelaroundtheworld   #travelaround   #travelinsta #traveltime   #travelislife   #travelpicsdaily #globetrotting   #wanderlife   #adventuring #adventureislife   #seekadventure   #livewild #forgeyourownpath   #explorecreate   #visualcreators #acreativevisual   #houseoftones   #electric_shotz

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Wow, this weekend was interesting! Eight folks, +120 miles of trails, 1 big *** gator 🐊 and lots of laughter. I'm glad to say that I only busted my *** once at night and didn't cry 🙌 that loop was the toughest, and was my absolute favorite! Winding trail with hills and rocks, rickety bridges over green lagoons- I felt like I was on another planet. 👽 This race definitely gave me a ton of confidence about night time trail running, something I thought I'd never be able to do. The trails are an entirely different place at night. #ragnartrailalafia #runallthetrails #distancerunner #outdooradventures #livewild

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ᚷᛟᛞ᛫ᛃᚢᛚ Tradition harks to an ancient identity; a calling to our ancestors letting them know "we see you; and we don't forget you." To pass tradition, and thus to pass identity, to our children is part of the great mission of raising up the future. . . . Plus having your daughter help you set up the tree is cute as fuck. #yule #godjul #livewild #heathenry #heathens #heathenheart #paganpride #canadianheathens #heathensofcanada #cascadia #helluland #vinland #markland #fornsed #fornsiðr #aesir #vanir #gods #anscestors #norse #pagan #oldways #oldcustoms #opww #xcii #starttheworld