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Dulu waktu kecil suka berangan angan , pengen punya suami kaya bapak sifatnya. Dan alhamdulillah sekarang punya suami yang sesuai ekspektasi. Dia yang selalu ada, selalu siap siaga, menyayangi , mengasihi sepenuh hati . Terbukti disaat aku terpuruk, disaat aku sedih , disaat bahagiapun dia menemani. Kado terindah yang kupunya. Memang , jodoh kita cerminan dari kita sendiri namun menurutku dia lebih dari cerminanku. Bersyukur , semua atas kehendak Allah sehingga kirmta dipersatukan sampai sekarang. #lelakihebat #lelakitangguh #lelakiidaman #myhusband #livelovelaugh

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💛💚💙💜💛💚💙💛💜💛💚💙❤💜💖💜💛💚💛💚💛💙💚💛💖💛💚💙💖💜💛💚 #LiveLoveLaugh

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👭🍃 Faviana Styles 8018 and 10000

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Went out for dinner to our favourite Argentinian steak house. When we were walking there we saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen! It was like a cartoon, but we just had to stop and watch it cause the light was just amazing.... oh yeah and the food was scrumptious 😉👏🏻☀️😎🤩🤩🤩 #enjoythemoment #makememories #makeeverydaycount #makethemostofeveryday #mybrothers #mygranny #mymum #mygrandparents #familytime #summerholiday #amazingtime #beautifulday #beautifulsunset #stopandstare #somethingsareworthwaitingfor #loveithere #myhappyplace #happyhealthylife #happygirl #happygymnast #livelovelaugh

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What’s everyone having for breakfast?! How about this bowl of deliciousness from the lovely @cleaneats_breakfasttreats 😍😍👅👅💦💦 ➖ #Repost @cleaneats_breakfasttreats ➖ PB ‘n J Protein Rice Flakes 🙌🏼 Done my way 😉 Made possible by @macr0mike and his Original Peanut Butter Protein! #sogood Topped with my homemade strawberry purée and a slathering of PB+ Chocolate Caramel Sauce from #macr0mike and as always love to add berries 😋 With a nice crunch of Honey Coconut Chips from @jtscoconutessence 💫 #happytime #livelife ✨Happy Hump Day✨ ********************************* #postworkout #refuel #feelgood #plantbased #vegan #glutenfree #delicious #nutrition #pb #peanutbutterandjelly #livewell #dowhatyoulove #lifestyle #lovewhatyoudo #healthy #breakfast #breakfastlover #vegetarian #easyrecipes #livelovelaugh #loveit 💕 #poweredbyplants #plantprotein #coconutessence

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когда решили всех обхитрить и выложить фото тюльпашек на день раньше всех 💐 . 181 день с того момента, как встретилась лицом к курносому лицу со своим счастьем полгода как начала топить этот мир в розовых сопельках 🌟 #фотоглазами #розовыйМир #жеМатьЯ #люблю #весна #love #happy #flowers #light #livelovelaugh #miracle #llap

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“Be the captain of your own journey.” — @gypsyminimalist 🙌💕✨ The best part of life is that we get to decide how it goes. Of course, unexpected things will be thrown our way. This is okay if we realize that we get to determine how we react in any situation. No matter what comes your way, keep pushing for your dreams and goals. 💞

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Close enough to a perfect shot (good thing we don't have more children lol) Just look at that view, Kal lake magic! 🏖🌞💙 #livelovelaugh #allweneedislove

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The side-lying leg press with the Pilates magic circle is a great thigh exercise that focuses the workout on the inner thighs. It also tones the glutes (butt muscles) quite well. Of course, this is Pilates, so we are engaging the whole Pilates powerhouse for length and stability. Observe how the rib cages is lifted away from the reformer, not sagging . 1. Lie on your side and place the magic circle just above your ankles. 2. Your shoulders and hips should be in a line and stacked vertically. 3. Move your legs slightly in front of the line of your body. The legs will remain straight for this exercise. 4. You can do this exercise with your head down and the bottom arm extended overhead, or you can do it supported on your forearm with your elbow under your shoulder as seen. 5. Be sure to press away from the mat, lifting your ribs so that your spine is in a long line. 6. You can place your top hand on the mat in front of you for extra stability, or you can extend it shoulder height 7. Pull up through your midline to press the magic circle down, slowly, with control. Your abs and back are stabilizing you, and your glutes and thighs—especially your inner thighs—are working to control the circle. 8.Inhale: Slowly, with control, release the circle. 9. Repeat: 8-10 times. Change sides 10. You can ad a series of side lying crunches to complete your flow. #pilatesbody #pilatesteacher #progressnotperfection #bethebestofyou #mindandbody #livelovelaugh #sidelyingseries

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PB ‘n J Protein Rice Flakes 🙌🏼 Done my way 😉 Made possible by @macr0mike and his Original Peanut Butter Protein! #sogood Topped with my homemade strawberry purée and a slathering of PB+ Chocolate Caramel Sauce from #macr0mike and as always love to add berries 😋 With a nice crunch of Honey Coconut Chips from @jtscoconutessence 💫 #happytime #livelife ✨Happy Hump Day✨ ********************************* #postworkout #refuel #feelgood #plantbased #vegan #glutenfree #delicious #nutrition #pb #peanutbutterandjelly #livewell #dowhatyoulove #lifestyle #lovewhatyoudo #healthy #breakfast #breakfastlover #vegetarian #easyrecipes #livelovelaugh #loveit 💕 #poweredbyplants #plantprotein #coconutessence

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Mourning a loved one isn't easy.. RIP grandma give my dad a big hug and kiss for me please.. You lived a good long life.. When my father passed away i regretted not talking to him when he tried reaching out to me.. The pain was just to much.. My grandma also tried reaching out and yet again i just couldn't find the strength to have a relationship with her.. And yet again im in pain and regretting not talking to her.. Just shows life really is short and you can be taken away young or old at any time.. Live your life to the fullest and love as hard as you can and never miss a moment with your loved ones.. Ill deal with all this on my own as i did with my fathers passing.. If you think its gonna bother you in the long run make a different decision that's what i keep telling myself now.. I wish i would've just picked up the phone and called her but i let me pride get in the way.. #liveyourlife #loveyourlife #livelovelaugh #RIPgrandma

37 minutes ago

A serious #stepoutofyourcomfortzone moment for me a few months back. Volunteered to be in a corporate safety video, just expecting to play ‘customer in the background’. Hmmm well didn’t turn out quite like that and I ended up playing ‘shocked customer at the ATM’ 😳Great day with the crew and other employees and fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of a video production. Now, if you had asked me to do this a couple of years ago it would have met with a big #nope but it was fun and I’m so glad that I did this. Thank you @isagenix for giving me the self confidence to be bold and to enjoy life to the fullest. And the amazing @kelst086 for my hair. #transformyourlife #yesyoucan #lightscameraaction #hollywoodhereicome #videoproduction #livelovelaugh #bebold #inspiration

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"Tudo tem seu tempo certo." (Eclesiastes 3:1) 🦋 A paciência é o intervalo entre a semente e a flor. Assim também acontece com as borboletas. É necessário um tempo de espera entre a lagarta e a borboleta. E esse tempo chamamos de METAMORFOSE. A metamorfose é o período de transformação que a lagarta sofre até se transformar numa linda borboleta. Assim também acontece com cada um de nós. É necessário um tempo de preparação para que possamos alcançar a promessa e nos tornar tudo aquilo que Deus planejou pra nós. Há um tempo de ficarmos no casulo, quietinhos, nos fortalecendo e crescendo; e há um tempo para sairmos dele. Davi foi ungido rei de Israel , mas entre a unção e a coroação houve um tempo de preparação em que Deus estava forjando o caráter dele e desenvolvendo nele virtudes que seriam essenciais em sua formação como rei. Fique atento ao movimento que você está passando. Deus está fortalecendo suas asas para que você possa alcançar voos maiores. E lembre-se: Borboletas não nascem prontas. Todas as borbotaras um dia foram lagartas. Começaram rastejando e depois, voaram. Não pule o processo! A beleza da vitória está no caminho que fazemos até chegar lá. 🌾🍃 . . #blessed #love #ocean #silence #sun #livelovelaugh #flowers #nature #liveyourdream #god #life #goodvibes #night #determination #motivation #instagood #instalike #like4like #boanoite #flores #pedras #amor #gratidão #grateful #jesus #deusnocomando #hope #live #metarmofose #sejagrato

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Growing up, your environment is just the air you breathe right? So for whatever reason, I never noticed that Seattle is ALL water activities. Boats, water skiiing, sea planes, kayaking, fishing. We did and saw all those things, I just never noticed it I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But FERRY BOATS! that is a whole nother thing. We used to take the ferry to the family cabin on Whidbey Island and it was SO exciting. Once there was a pod of orca racing our boat. But ALWAYS there was the running to the front of the boat to find wind WHIPPING through our hair. Such GREAT childhood memories. 😍🙌🏼 Today we’re on our way to beautiful Orcas Island. The San Juan’s are so gorgeous and the ferry ride is incredible. So happy for my kids to have these memories too! Yay vacation. 🙏🏼🤩 Um... also, I still have one more spot open for my next group. And I want to fill it so I can just focus on these gorgeous islands! Where are you my ONE LAST PERSON?! Pull the trigger please! 😘😘😘

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I don’t like to post pictures of my personal life on my IG. I’ve dedicated my account to my #fitness #health #wellness #ketolifestyle & my business: Oak + Ivy....but health and wellness is not just physical and nutrition related. Overall health and wellness is more than that. It’s laughing, going on adventures, spending time doing hobbies and things your passionate about. It’s trying new things, making new friends, and enjoying old friends and loved ones. - I’ve made a lot of new amazing friends in California, and I’m so grateful to have found them...or for them to have found me 💁🏼‍♀️ California has never really felt like home to me, but my new friends have really changed that for me. - I just want to say thank you and let you know how blessed I feel to have all of you in my life now 🤗 - This is also a special shoutout to one of my new beautiful friends @morgankay17 because today is her BIRTHDAY!! 🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS! - #newfriends #oldfriends #friends #wellness #blessed #healthylifestyle #livelovelaugh #cali #calilife #caliliving #happiness #kweenofketo #instalike #instafollow #tuesdayvibes

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I admittedly feel happier than normal because I'm still riding the high from my girls trip to Wakanda aka @essencefest but I'm also HAPPY to be going home to Toronto in two weeks🇨🇦 I haven't been home in a year so I will likely look like this🤸🏾‍♀️cartweeling off the plane! I mention all of this to say that I hope your happiness & overall #wellness is of the utmost priority to YOU. ADD more in to your life that makes you feel like you are LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE (it doesn't have to be dramatic, just something important to you) I'm rooting for yah👌🏾and I'd love to hear what your happiness regiment is looking like these days😁 P.S #fitfam if you like easy, breezy athleisure wear go check out @carbon38 I promise you will feel like a Rockstar🕺🏾And my 20% off discount code is in my bio!

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If you’ve ever wondered what my profile picture is, there you go! It’s crazy how much money one can make by charging people to take pictures with their animals (might be going somewhere with this 🤔🤔🤔). These two beauties were found in the heart of New Orleans. Once again, don’t let that stunning pose and smile fool you (Bird claws on me creep me tf out 😝) but so picture worthy. And I killed two birds with one stone (ok bad analogy!!! Lol instead of getting a pic with just one bird, I got two!!!) I don’t quite remember if these two had anything much to say but by the looks of it, they were about ready to be done with it already. • • • #parrots #neworleans • • #travel #travelblog #travelblogger #lifestyle #blackgirlstraveltoo #blackgirlstravel #inspiration #worldwide #traveladdict #travelaholic #traveljunkie #travelnoire #travelphotography #livingmybestlife #getaways #livelovelaugh #beyourbestyou #beyourbestself

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Here's a shout out to my best mate and climbing buddy @_nolongting_monkeying_around who's ALWAYS there for me! Many have reminded me of what a good friend he is, especially when making sure I got to A&E when I sprained my ankle last Sunday...and when I fractured my wrist a few years ago 😂😂😂! #yengyeh to that! 21 years of friendship strong!! #Throwback to chilling and climbing a few months ago 💪 . . . . . . . #bouldering #climbing #fitness #health #fun #exercise #indoorclimbing #londonclimbing #livelovelaugh #workout #funclimbing #mumsclimbing #livelife #bridging #climbingbuddy #vauxwall

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Life is too short and impermanent; figure out what makes you happy and do it, tell those closest to you that you love them, enjoy the moment you are in, stop wishing away time, and remember to laugh. #livelovelaugh #smile #keepitpositive

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Wanting to start on a different day than what we are offering? That’s absolutely fine! Just send us a direct message and we will pre order for you and add your selected detox date to the diary!!

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"She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.” – Beauty and the Beast 🌷

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Our first temple stop dedicated to the patron god of metal working, craftmanship, and fire. Sadly, they have bordered all temples in Athens to preserve them from meandering tourists. So we had to gawk at it from the outside and further. 😳

1 day ago

My path to success. I’m not entirely there yet. But I’m working my way to it. 💪🏼 I’m happy and contented as well where I am at the moment. Life’s not over. We need to stop and be thankful for every step we had gained. 💋💋💋

1 day ago

Standing beside my statue they have preserved for a thousand years. Hello Athens, Aphrodite’s come back. 👸🏻