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7 minutes ago

Ein weiteres Bild aus dem Styled Wedding Shooting mit dem tollen Boho Kleid von @labudekoeln 💕 Für mich gehts morgen ab nach Mallorca mit einem wundervollen Team! 🍾📸✨❤️ Gute Nacht 🤗

16 minutes ago

Always be gentle with yourself. Even after being sexually assaulted. Even after being physically or verbally abused. Even after being bullied and taunted by those who are probably dealing with things at home so they take their anger and pain out on others to make their souls feel good. What happened wasn’t your fault so please don’t blame yourself for what somebody else did to you. You are strong. You are bright. You are a warrior who’s been hurt to the point of wanting to give up but here you are fighting the bad days and living life to the fullest, even if you have tears in your eyes and pain in your heart. #abuseisnotokay #livelovelaugh #growthroughwhatyougothrough #positivityiskey

22 minutes ago

Had a great time celebrating the soon arrival of baby Ari and meeting baby Valentina. 🥰 ✨💕 p.s. Find a partner that doesn’t mind rocking into a baby shower as twins. 😆😘 My guapo rocked those shorts!🧔🏻 This will be our ongoing spring/summer baby shower outfit. 🤭 lol. We compliment each other’s craziness; we’re so similar... but different. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 😭 #TBT #PIC #hisandhers #colorfulshorts #whoworeitbest #chapina #boricua #werockedit #babyshower #love #sillycouple #coupleofdorks 😂 #wecutetho #livelovelaugh #itwasabighit #noJuneGloom #happiness #coloryourworld #neveradullmoment #makelifefun

32 minutes ago

Assiette du soir bonsoir 😋😋😋 poireaux moutarde, pouvrons oignons & céréales 🥰 Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée, n'oubliez pas de prendre soin de vous ☮ le but est d'être joen dans sa peau 👙 mangez mieux pas moins 🤗 zéro frustration juste une alimentation saine 🙌 la bouffe c'est la vie😘 #love #loveyourbody #healthy #lifestyle #positivité #loveyourself #wellness #beauty #santé #bienetre #priorité #livelovelaugh #woman #mum #wife #boss #summer #2k19

36 minutes ago

Happy Healthy Hump Day Vervies. Wether it be a 1 hump 🐪 or a 2 hump 🐫 day, expect marvellous things to happen 😊🍓☀️ #livelovelaugh #positivevibes

42 minutes ago

Feeling #wedding bells in the air 😉! So #waybackwednesday to another wedding with some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for

43 minutes ago

Essayer de prendre une photo cute quand t’es amis c’est des clowns c’est quasi mission impossible, mais bon je préfère être entouré de gens avec qui on a du bon temps plutôt que l’inverse 🤪😂

43 minutes ago

Il giorno del proprio compleanno è sempre un concentrato di nostalgia, felicità, malinconia, euforia e ci si sente sempre apparentemente più maturi... Un pò è vero ma per il resto credo che quell'aria sognante di bambina e la sensazione di sentirsi un centimetro più alta, non svanisca mai... Grazie per ogni singolo pensiero, io continuo ancora per un pò a cullarmi nella mia bolla fatta di consapevolezze e serenità... #happybirthday #happybirthdaytome #hbd #happiness #positivity #goodvibes #mybirthday #thanks #obrigada #letàèsolounnumero #instagram #instalove #instagood #livelovelaugh #enjoy #❤

48 minutes ago

If you’ve ever lost a loved one you know that just the smallest thing will make you think of them. Whether it be a song, a restaurant, a word/phrase or even just a sound. You’ll cry and laugh, and you’ll continue to remember the memories you’ve shared with them. You’ll have good days. You’ll have bad days. Losing my brother has been one of the hardest things my family and I have ever been through. Each day is a struggle, but we continue to learn that we have to keep living life, as hard as it is. Just remember life is too short, so tell your family and friends you love them, be grateful and never stop being kind. 😇💚

55 minutes ago

Ser Feliz. . Ser feliz ahora. En este instante. . Sentir la felicidad en tu pecho. . Hacer de la felicidad tu filosofía de vida. . Tenerla por bandera ante cualquier batalla. . ¿Como? . Haz cosas que te hagan feliz. . Ten un hobby permanente que te cree felicidad. . Comparte la felicidad. . Rodeate de personas felices. . Sé tu mismo esa persona feliz que te gustaria encontrar. #bethechange

56 minutes ago

My language exchange buddy, his doggie & I splurging on chocolates 🍫 and talking all things Chinese.

2 months ago

“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.” - Winnie the Pooh Coco, Skylar and me adventured all the time (sometimes, it was just enjoying sitting outside in our backyard listening to the frogs and cricket sounds). And, the black sky glistening with billions of light makes the night delightfully enchanting. Star gazing does this. We also experienced the Malibu beach. Listening to wave after wave run up and down the sand puts you in a beautiful peace of heart. Sun gazing does this. Pictured here is CoCo (in her own chair) enjoying the mild breeze wafting about that day. She is happy. Skylar, right below her is happy. I am happy. Living in gratitude does this. I’d like to challenge you to live your best life. I take this challenge too!!! I “catch” myself starting to complain or getting impatient. It’s normal, right? No, actually not. It can be normal (and for the majority of us, it unfortunately is). And, it doesn’t have to be. Today (for me), complaining is not my normal. Not because I’m better than you, but because I am a better person than me! My me yesterday! Picture yourself sitting right where I was when I took this photo of CoCo. Take in the the beauty because it is yours as well. Hear the birds, the wild air and listen to your heart. Live your best life today! ❤️🐾❤️🦋🌈 #creatingdigitallife #gentlelife #authentic #chocolatelab #malibu #surf #winniethepooh #marguritelalonde #entrepreneurship #drjoedispenza #livelovelaugh #be #seniordogs

2 months ago

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. - Maya Angelou I took this photo is of my dog Coco and a surfer during a beautiful Malibu sunset. Coco always bonded with everyone and everything every time! Typical Lab, right??? I learned so much from her awesome demeanor. The above quote from Maya Angelou is something I challenge you to take to heart. Seriously! Be your best self and when you have more experience, next time make an even better choice. Make it this simple! This means ... do not keep beating yourself up for a decision you made in the past. When I suggest (as I do often) to be gentle with yourself, this is what I mean! Be your best fan! Give yourself a pat on the back! It works! If you made a poor decision, make a better decision next time. If you literally "hate" yourself for doing something not so great in the past, stop this hurtful thought pattern immediately and know you can change your mind from here on out. You are only hurting yourself if you choose to stay paralyzed in time by not giving yourself a break. We are all in this together. Each day, I do the best I possibly can. Perhaps, later on in life, I'll make even better decisions and it's all a part of the process. I don't mind at all. I've learned to absolutely love the process. The best way to begin to live a harmonious life is to concentrate on all that is currently going right in your life. You have many great things happening. You do! Choose to find the good. Don't give any "bad" or "negative" thoughts the time of day! I do this constantly and love it. Let's keep each other accountable!!! ❤️🐾❤️🦋🌈 #creatingdigitallife #marguritelalonde #entrepreneur #livelovelaugh #authentic #surf #malibu #digitalnomad #dogsofinstagram #givingback #love

2 months ago

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle I took this photo of Coco and Skylar during (yet another magnificent Malibu sunset). Sometimes, we would have to literally "run" down to the beach to catch the last of the day. After the sun went beyond the horizon, the Malibu sunset would fill the sky with a fantastical glow and we would enjoy several hours more along the beach, listening to the ocean, enjoying each other and everything around us. This routine became one of our BEST habits!!! I cannot express how important it is to develop GOOD habits. Realize that habits are skills, not wishes. It was easier to get Coco and Skylar to the beach because of the magical wonder, however, sometimes (after a long day), it wasn't so easy. I'm sure you can relate. But, I made it a "habit" of taking Coco and Skylar out on an adventure every single day AND, because I did, this act became a very active habit of ours. Other habits in my life were not so easy. I spent the majority of my life "wishing" I could change certain things about myself and actually do the things I really wanted to do in life. I had the best of intentions but always fell short. I tried so many times but fell back to my same routine over and over again. I just felt worse and eventually helpless. It wasn't until I joined my digital academy and was mentored to help me find my true passion in life. I learned the skills to implement my greatest wishes into my lifestyle that I still maintain today. I believe in what I do and I no longer wake up "wishing". I go to sleep each night, knowing I made a difference that particular day. I'm not perfect by any means, I just go to bed feeling pretty damn good. For a habit to become something you do without thinking about it, find people (for me it was my digital academy) and learn skills where mentors keep you accountable until you've GOT IT! Once you have it down, you will never go back. You just won't! Good habits replace wasted time. ❤️🐾❤️🦋🌈 #creatingdigitallife #marguritelalonde #malibu #dogsofinstagram #authentic #ocean #surf #sunset #livelovelaugh #grateful #entrepreneur #aristotle #givingback #love #surf